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  1. Ok thanks for reply and no worries, I'll keep an eye on my Inbox in case I get an invite to the Xbox tests...
  2. Ummm, Is that PS4 code still available Blunted? Also, has anyone who applied for the Xbox One tests received their codes yet? Google says this... WHEN DO YOU GET THE ELDEN RING NETWORK TEST CONFIRMATION EMAIL? The date for when you may get your Elden Ring network test confirmation email is November 9th. FromSoftware’s website says that codes will start being sent out on the above date. However, it doesn’t clarify if all keys will be sent out on November 9th or if more will be delivered between November 10th and 12th.
  3. I actually don't own a PC or laptop at the moment so that pretty much rules out those options. Oh well, never mind, first world problems etc.
  4. Hey folks, sorry if this has been asked before but can you 'broadcast' (if that's the right term?) Xbox One X remote play to Google Chromecast? I got remote play working fine on my phone (I even bought a cool little bracket thing to attach my phone to my controller) but the screen is still a bit too small for my liking. I have Chromecast hooked up to my bedroom TV and can watch YouTube, Netflix etc. Thanks
  5. I see this is on Gamepass now which is great news as I was VERY close to buying it from the store for full price recently I'm surprised this thread is so quiet as I thought this would be quite popular around these parts. I'm aware it's from the makers of Tales of Vesperia (which I'm currently plodding through when I can be bothered) but it looks more akin to Code Vein (which I really enjoyed) so I'll be curious to see how I get on with it when I get stuck in soon, just wrapping up the collectibles in Psychonauts 2 for the final few achievements first (great game by the way) Sorry about using so many brackets!
  6. tDR meaning the Designers' Republic? I've never played a proper flight simulator but loved things like Pilotwings and Crimson Skies. I'll give this a go because its on gamepass but will probably get bored pretty quickly.
  7. I'm normally an Xbox man but a friend has just loaned me his PS4 for an indefinite period, Woohoo! I had a fat PS3 back in the day, before it's fans clogged and it died of heat exhaustion, and made a point of playing through as many PS exclusives as I could. Standouts for me were Ico and Shadow of the Colossus so I've just ordered The Last Guardian for £11 so pretty psyched about that I've also nabbed Spiderman for £8 as, even though they can be VERY repetitive, I've played ALL the games released since wayback and feel like I've missed out this generation... I'm thinking of God of War and Uncharted 3 next as I've played all previous installments over PS2 & 3 and they feel like unfinished business. So, any other exclusives folks would recommend if youse aren't bored being asked that question? ps. I was quite chuffed to see PSN remembered my old ID, after a password change, so it really feels like I'm picking up a few loose threads from ages ago to see if I can get them tied up! Anyone can add me if they like PSN ID: dungavin I can't believe I forgot about Bloodborne (huge SOULS fan) *drops everything and sprints to the nearest online shop in a panic*
  8. A HAT IN TIME - I picked this up for £12 (50% off in Xbox store) as I'd read good reviews of it and I enjoy 3D platformers. So far it's got some charming characters and enemies while the gameplay is quite varied and unpredictable. Looking forward to getting back at it as it makes for a nice contrast to my other current games...
  9. DOOM (2016) - good craic with satisfying combat. ASSASSIN'S CREED: ODYSSEY - enjoying it but I have to play in short bursts or I find the gameplay loop a bit tiresome. Looks real nice on One X 4K too. PREY - Loving this when I'm in the zone. DARK SOULS II: SOTFS - This is my go to online game I usually only play when I'm having a few beers, currently having trouble with the Fume Knight but I'll beat him eventually. I'm also trying to max out all achievements like I did with the vanilla version so I'll be playing this for sometime.
  10. Gavin

    Oculus Quest

    Forgive me if I'm being naive but, considering Oculus has some connections with Microsoft (bundled early versions with an xbox controller), why the hell is this not fully integrated into the xbox infrastructure (gamepass, friends list, achievements etc.) and sold as the equivalent of PSVR? I'd buy it tomorrow if that was the case...
  11. Assassin's Creed Odyssey IS LIKE a nice colourful comic or graphic novel (or actual novel) I can drop into and out of at my leisure, and feel good about... Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin IS LIKE putting my hand back into a lit fire, but there's no pain because I can help others and vice versa... I'm currently drunk but I will enjoy any feedback if any ok? Love you rllmuk I might even start giving you money
  12. This thread will disappear into the archives no doubt, probably been done a few times before as well, but, complete the half sentence in the title...
  13. This is currently 50% off on the xbox store. Just picked it up for £12.50 and the positive comments in this thread have been quite encouraging so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in...
  14. Gavin

    Narita Boy

    I finished this the other day and thought it was pretty great. I even managed to get all the achievements after using a spoiler free guide to pinpoint the 3 or so hidden rooms with floppy disk fragments. Some proper hardcore bosses in there too that required a lot of skill. Recommended for sure
  15. Where should I be looking for my free gift? Will they just send an email or what?
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