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  1. This is free on gamepass now and it's pretty great. Also damn funny, especially the codex/kindex description of all the stuff you scan. I'm not far from the end now but would happily play through again with a co-op buddy although, I'd feel as if I'm detracting from their sense of discovery and overall experience somewhat...
  2. Finished this the other day, really enjoyed myself and would definitely recommend it. I agree with most of the previous compliments and criticisms but the loot box thing didn't affect me at all, maybe because of a previous patch? They haven't patched out the loot boxes completely but they certainly don't force them on you. They must've heavily edited the epilogue called Shadow Wars, it's now basically 4 rounds of defend your base instead of 10 as far as I can gather so it's easily possible. I got the true ending and still had about 40,000 Mirian left. I was about level 50 and had completed every other available activity, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. In short, if you enjoyed the first one or are a fan of any of the Creed or Batman games definitely give this a try and ignore any of the warnings about loot boxes or a secret ending hidden behind a grind as they're just not true
  3. Glad you're enjoying it davejm and I wholly agree about the immersion levels being high As Rubber Johnny says its a good idea to do all the weapons training at Rattay, that clinch perk you mentioned is really useful and you can spam win a lot of 1v1 fights with it, just rush them to initiate a clinch, spam the button then, when they're stunned, get in a few free stabs/bashes or a combo. I'd also recommend doing the little archery contest there under an archway every now and again as it will slowly raise your archery skill even if you lose, which will help in hunting quests and camp raids later on. As for getting decent weapons, shields and armour you could always go exploring woods at night (especially near the little billows of smoke on the map) and try stealth attacking bandit camps to get all their gear, or, steal from Rattay barracks when everyone is sleeping I'm glad to see it getting a bit of appreciation and keep us updated on your adventures sure, good luck out there
  4. Just finished this, via gamepass, on Apocalyptic difficulty and generally agree with issues raised by HarryBizzle and others. It's way better than some of the reviews made out and if you enjoy God of War/Dark Souls/Zelda type of games you really shouldn't let this pass you by Didn't think I'd bother with NG+ but, after lowering the difficulty to easy, I actually think I'll rip through it again not least to nail a few accumulative achievements I'm SO close to getting. I'll definitely play a part 4 if they make it so will keep an eye on that and I'm gonna Google genesis now... Anyway, I'd say it's a solid 8/10 from me, bit of a hidden gem
  5. Dude, deffo play for more than a few hours before sacking this one! I'm about 50 hours in, getting lost loads but always making little chinks of progress here or there (literally!) I've a few AAA games ready to start/continue but this keeps drawing me back, kinda like when first EVER playing Super Metroid or when first discovered/understood Dark Souls. Sorry fer txt speak but using Xbox interface n also bit drunk... Just learned/remembered dreamnail refills soul without killing which is helpin me progress a good bit i think... Total risk vs. reward type stuff, but yer always kinda rewarded, beautiful game design all round n the music is class
  6. Yea everyone sucks at sword fighting in the early game mainly because (like Oblivion) you have to use/practise abilities to get better at them. There are blocks, parries & ripostes and various combos for all weapons tucked away in there but you have to play as far as Rattay town/Castle where you can train with captain Bernard in all weapon types unlocking all of the above with no danger of dying or wasting hours of gameplay time. Give it another shot to see what I mean...
  7. I see this is on games with gold if anyone is interested... I adored the first two games but, according to the comments above, this is quite a departure for the franchise. Sort of sounds like they've gone a bit into Ninja Blade territory, what with all the QTEs and cerraazy bombastic action sequences, which I wouldn't really mind at all (Sekiro has absolutely sated my desire for any and all 'authentic' oriental sword based action) Has anyone any fond memories of this then? At all?
  8. I just finished the whole Monastery series of quests as part of the main storyline and wow, that has got to be one of the biggest game design missteps I've ever experienced. I managed to complete all the side quests but only after a few reloads and what seemed like hours of watching loading screens for either sleeping or waiting. This totally killed the momentum of the story and I wouldn't be surprised if many players gave up at this point. Anyway, onwards to what appears to be the final quest, carrying the hope that it ends on a high after that whole debacle
  9. I've still been playing away at this and think the main story arc is coming to an end. It hasn't outstayed it's welcome yet and I've been doing every side quest I can find while ignoring most of the 'Activities' unless I need to use them to level up a certain stat. I can now safely say that I highly recommend this, as long as you are willing to put in a little bit of effort and have a lot of patience (for levelling up basic skills/loading screens/glitches) for the first couple of hours. One personal gripe though: A lot of the Xbox Achievements aren't unlocking for stuff that I have plainly done, this is particularly annoying as I'm a bit of a cheevo whore and some of the quest/story related ones sent me hours out of my way just to hunt the achievement when I could have completed the quest in minutes using other methods but, hey-ho, it's still a great game and any self respecting RPG fan would be a fool to let it pass by unplayed...
  10. I'm currently enjoying Trackmania Turbo, despite my initial reluctance, It's the first game in ages (maybe ever actually) that has made me tilt and roll my head in funny ways as I navigate the crazy wallrides and loop the loop type things. It's basic as all hell but I think that's the compelling thing about it and it has the 'just one more go' thing going on big time. I usually put it on when I'm waiting on my lift to work in the mornings as if he turns up and I'm mid race it's no big deal just to shut the xbox off. I never try the Multi Laps in the morning though (that would be utter madness)
  11. When I registered a few days ago the website seemed to hang on a blank page, with no 'Registration Complete' confirmation or anything, which made me assume I hadn't registered properly so I just forgot about it. Then, a day or so later, I received the confirmation email. So... check your email maybe? EDIT: Oh sorry, you couldn't even access the sign up page? Oh well, probably just a temporary glitch, I'd try again later...
  12. I ended up registering for this and got a reply saying they'll get back to me in a couple of months. It's probably an automated response from them but, just to chance my arm, I responded saying... 'OK thanks and, can I just add that, I feel I should be invited to this because I've been a loyal and avid xbox fan since the first console. I play loads of diverse games and thoroughly experience and enjoy them (my gamerscore is currently 173292 and I'm also an xbox ambassador) and I'd be able to give you excellent and coherent feedback. Also I think it's a great idea and would love to be a part of it! Thanks for your consideration.' Just because I'm a sucker for experiencing new tech Although, that reply probably isn't gonna be seen by anyone.
  13. I see there's a public beta for this service you can register for now. I wonder has anyone managed to get invited and could give us some impressions? Sorry if there are other threads about this but a quick Google search brought me here...
  14. That's brilliant advice BUT the first thing everyone should do is... Go to OPTIONS>GAME SETTINGS and scroll down to change Lockpicking from Original to Simplified. This let's you use LB (playing on xbox one) instead of left stick to turn the lock. You then just gotta keep the ball gold as it turns around, fucking shit loads easier... By the way this game is quietly blowing my mind in almost every aspect. I'm totally immersed in it, reminding me of Morrowind and Oblivion with a little of Witcher 3 mixed in. Sure, it's a bit rough around the edges but it's still doing loads of things brilliantly EDIT: Also when cheesing the chest at the mill that relocks itself remember to stay crouched as it will level up stealth as well as lock picking
  15. Gavin

    Outer Wilds

    Mmmmm, really must get back into this and finish it. That advice about sticking strictly to one area of investigation at a time might help me out...
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