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  1. Why is it dodgy? Did you wink at him in a weird kind of way or something?
  2. Does anybody know how you throw a grenade on the Xbox One version?
  3. Does anyone know if this uses the impule triggers on xbox one? Size of the patch is 9Gb on the one is the ps4 patch as big?
  4. Seems to be Xbox one version aswell, only listed by a third party. I thought there had been a pricing error, thus that is why they removed the listing, seems strange to affected by the movie since the game doesn't contain any spoilers.
  5. Does anyone know why it is no longer listed in Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.fr?
  6. Does anybody know how the Wii U version is like? Is it the best version?
  7. I'm thinking of cancelling my pre-order on this, just wandering if anyone is enjoying it at all? I liked: Need for Speed (Xbox) Hot Pursuit (Gamecube) Most Wanted (Xbox & Xbox 360) Hot Pursuit (Xbox 360) All the rest were a bit MEH.
  8. I'm looking to get it on PS3 or 360 but can't decide does anyone now whether there are any significant differences? My friend list is the same on both and I have no real preference for the pads on one system or the other.
  9. Who runs them now? Are they any better? Just asking since I placed an pre-order with Tesco for Split Second for 24 pounds and it was mysteriously cancelled.
  10. No one is backing out of anything here, I have tried to answer everybody comments but prefer to try and ignore those that don't add anything to the discussions. However, I don't feel a need to insult someone that I do not know just because there is a sense of anonymity when posting in a forum. I didn't add the extra information in the opening post because the post was originally in the bargains forum thus I felt it unnecessary. If your opinion did an impact on my life I assure you I would not continue posting. Since the thread was moved to discussion I was willing to discuss it as I thought that is was what people wanted when it was pointed out by some and moved by a moderator. Your entitle to think I'm taking sealed/unsealed to seriously but I simply disagree, because it was intended for a birthday present. That is not to say that I don't respect your opinion even if I do not know who you are.
  11. What does unopened mean? Does it imply sealed or for the case to be closed! A lot shops state this but it doesn't mean it's enforced but the store. Furthermore, since people are arguing here that sealed does not mean it has been used. Remember it is your right to have 7 days to return item under the law (bought from the internet), so there isn't much the store can do as you have a right to do so.
  12. I bet you love penises full stop! Amusing isn't it!
  13. My we are a little upset, "spastic" I'm so hurt! Sticks and stones... You must be really proud of yourself so many achievements, you can add spastic to them!
  14. I hope you shut up nice and tight when you receive things!
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