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  1. Looks interesting. I've been getting the itch back recently to get back into fighters again, so will be checking him out tomorrow. This passed me by, so this may be my viewing for the day.
  2. Can I be added as well please? Jonster Thanks!
  3. Happy patch note day! Having a read through atm: https://www.guiltygear.com/ggst/en/news/post-1387/
  4. Jonster


    I might have to go back to Omega Five. I remember picking it up at launch and then have no memory of it. I got Espgaluda 2 a couple of days back and jumped straight into Black Label Novice. That was a lovely time, I do like a bullet cancel so a mode that gives you extra bullets to cancel was good fun. Also the thing that pushes away bullets if you've the meter for it, good idea! Had a small chuckle at the first thing in the credits being "Xbox 360 port". Ran through Omake mode after that and spent the entire time trying to work out what it meant by the bullets turning red when nearby, while also getting annoyed/confused by the gold counter resetting when I finally got it to 1,000. Somehow got through it, autobomb was generous! Did a couple more novice black label runs last night, after some research. Not sure what the benefit of the holding slowmo mode (can't remember what it's called right now) is so ended up ignoring that for the second run and scored much higher. I might brave a non-novice run later
  5. The Nago matchup feels bad. Every button of his seems to out range/prioritise Jack-O's. His 214S just cuts down minions, and she dies in like two openings. I did find round start 5K is like her safest option there (unless Nago does 6P) though, so some progress!
  6. Pretty sure I could spend 3 whole weeks in training mode and still have no idea what I'm doing with Jack-O, so for now the plan is to try and hit people and be annoying. So Xrd with different inputs
  7. I'm in a random game tournament tonight but may be around on PS after! Also my WiFi has decided to stop working in my laptop. Must be something going round.
  8. Argh. She's so fun and I feel like I know nothing.
  9. Just been watching streams while I'm working. Jack-O looks so much fun. Wonder how long it'll take to unlearn the muscle memory from Xrd though!
  10. Is that just cancelling the startup of HPB into PRC for a total of 50 meter? As a lot of characters can do that with their invincible supers.
  11. And Wild Throw. This is classic Arcsys tbh
  12. Looks fun! Very different, yet somewhat similar to her Xrd version. Can't wait. Patch notes are also up here: https://www.guiltygear.com/ggst/en/news/post-1342/
  13. I've been dipping in and out, but not really clicked with any character yet. If the leak is true I may be about to be on a lot more though
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