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  1. It’s game of the generation for me, easy. I’m not far into BotW though.
  2. I might have to get this, for the memories. 1 and 2 were my favourites by quite some way. The school level in 2 was incredible.
  3. I’d pay £100 for them to just put all the tracks into the Switch version. ALL of them. Just get it done. Ive no interest in this.
  4. I think was watching the non UHD one, the quality, as it was was this show when I watched it last, was fluctuating between crisp and terrible. That’s why I think this app is shit.
  5. I thought they were good but yeah, the show is much better. No separate UHD version of this, like S1? The quality of my stream fluctuates on this, so I can’t tell if it’s 4k. Amazon is such fucking shite.
  6. Does anyone have a 4k streaming thing like the Apple Tv? Thinking of getting one for cheap 4k films but didn’t know the various pros and cons vs disc, aside from the obvious price / actual object owned stuff. Is there a reason you don’t have one? Anyone happy to sing it’s praises?
  7. I would pay lots of money for all the tracks on Mario Kart. Give me the definitive edition, put it to bed.
  8. It really got me at the end of the last one too. Mike is such a lovely guy, but yeah, everyone is watchable.
  9. I’m just there myself, with Lv40 ARC. It’s been great fun so far.
  10. The claymore is a me of my favourite weapons in these games. Two hand that fucker.
  11. Hmm saw spear rather than rifle, eh? I’ve not used either that much.
  12. How many playthroughs now? I think I might try an Arcane one...
  13. I think 3 is seen as unbalanced. I fucking love 3 though. Rolexing Thunder
  14. This was absolutely incredible tv.
  15. I thought it was good, loved the shorter(?) eps too.
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