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  1. Anyone played Way of the Passive Fist?
  2. DC

    Nintendo Switch

    A guy at Tesco was buying a Switch when I was there and HotUKDeals said Smyths have them now, if anyone cares.
  3. I think done guy did a massive essay which might answer some of your questions.
  4. Oooooo the app on my tv updated. Is it not The Worst now?
  5. DC

    Dark Souls 3

    Fume Knight was in this!? A great fight in 2, the greatsword was amazing.
  6. DC

    Nintendo Switch

    There was a guy in ATF asking about selling his Switch recently. The Switch has been a REVELATION in my house. Stunning.
  7. DC

    Dark Souls 3

    Play more with the claymore. That and the Guts greatsword are two of my FAVES.
  8. It remains one of my favourite games, ever. The second one had even more beautiful art too. These two games that I could play online, against humans... Yes please, place it inside me.
  9. I’ve not seen the standard blu ray but the 4k disc looks amazing.
  10. That’s relatively quick.
  11. I think of the timing to fire as just before they bring their hand out of any wind up animation.
  12. We didn’t finish the ones in Japan but the latest Queer Eye continue to knock it out of the park. We will go back to them on the basis of this I think.
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