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  1. My Deer Hunter disc won’t display after the initial language selection of United Kingdom on my One. The audio is fine but I just have a black screen. Is my disc defective? Apocalypse Now, bought at the same time, appears fine but I also had some playback difficulties with Spiderverse the other day, which I put down to an obviously dirty disc after closer inspection. Theres no reason the blu ray part of my drive would be broken and the bit that reads games unaffected, is there? I’d have thought if it was broken, it would be across the board... Thanks
  2. I have a nice Futurepress Vanquish guide. I will try and style through the rerelease with it.
  3. No, sorry I didn’t realise you were there. Thought you hadn’t started the DLC at all. You can’t go back there after completing the main game.
  4. Yes with a password under Network settings.
  5. You’re ready. Obvs you’re not ACTUALLY ready but your level is fine for it, I think. If you need a summon, shout up in here. Always happy to get back in.
  6. I cleared them because it was ‘more’ but they are no doubt the weakest bit of this STRAIGHT BANGER.
  7. I had to google CW and I hate the feel of all of those shows, so will skip this. I’ve heard the source material is great so will check that out instead.
  8. Not seen this or Enemy, so will check them out.
  9. Prisoners, Sicario, Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival are all fucking bangers, so I am really looking forward to this.
  10. I watched The Stranger from start to finish and enjoyed it but didn’t feel it delivered on its initial intrigue. Uncut Gems was amazing, Sandler amazing and Julia Fox was AMAZING, for all the reasons.
  11. I’m really enjoying this, it’s great.
  12. Hesitation is defeat.
  13. DC


    https://youtu.be/ShPPbT3svAw https://youtu.be/KH77HKvuKms
  14. What difficulty is recommended please? I’ve played lots of Souls games, which I understand is similar combat to this. Thanks.
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