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  1. I got Gotham Central books 1-4 for £3.79 each on ComiXology, if anyone is interested.
  2. When was the DLC announced? I could swear I bought it, drunk, from Shopto, but I cannot find any evidence of that now. I am drunk again, though. Mid Feb. I have no record of it. I’m losing it.
  3. I’d potentially be interested in this if you do.
  4. If I get this on PS4 and get a PS5 before the world ends, but sometime in the future, will it upgrade for free? Is there a difference between getting disc or digital in this regard?
  5. DF seem to not even talk about last gen in that article above, so I’m assuming it might be quite the compromise. I love these games.
  6. If I wanted to get a current gen machine for this, 5 or Series X, that’s laughable, yeah? A quick Google suggested it wasn’t on the cards.
  7. Is this going to be anus on last gen if it’s struggling on PC. I assume digital foundary stuff will come later? I’d discounted getting it but my wife is going out tomorrow…
  8. I got another one which I think had Dredd collections 1-5. How does this sit with that? Do you know? Humble Bundles comics have been some of the best value entertainment for me.
  9. Humble Bundles and and ComiXology are the places to buy digital comics, yeah? I’m not missing something obvious elsewhere?
  10. The big fuckers? If you have the ninja rope upgrade, they can’t handle the slash. You can even get a standard hit in after. Rinse and repeat.
  11. TF can you do in phase 2 of theFrog fight? EDIT: I think I’ve figured it out. EDITEDIT: No. This is shit.
  12. I’ve just done it. Flame spell was useful but learning to dodge was more crucial, for me.
  13. I’d like to say thanks for this. It pushed me into buying the bundle and having read all but one of the runs, it’s some of the best things I’ve ever read.
  14. James’ quick fire ‘buzz titles’ for things on TCGS are always superb.
  15. CFC is one of my all time greats.
  16. The cursed timeline continues.
  17. DC

    Disco Elysium

    The style of narration is intentional and incredible, in my opinion.
  18. Is Ed Brubaker’s Criminal good? I’m a bit obsessed with the value in Humble Bundles. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/ed-brubaker-image-comics-books?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_7_layout_index_5_layout_type_twos_tile_index_2_c_edbrubakerimagecomics_bookbundle
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