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  1. I really wish they’d move the left stick. The Xbox pad is a lot more comfortable to me because of that.
  2. Hmm I don’t feel like the balance of difficulty is quite right based on what I’ve played so far of the first unlockable mode.
  3. So the mode after Hardcore is supposed to be the one to play. I’d not look anything up, if you’re bothered about spoilers. There is also a further mode after that, so it seems that’s where Capcom thought the value was here. I get the criticisms but I’ve loved this. I’m going to try the multiplayer a try before deciding if I’m going to keep it. EDIT: ok just got through the intro of this mode and can confirm it appears to be noticeably different. Looks like dodging will be crucial here. None of this is meant to be ‘oh the hardest difficulty is where it’s AT’, because I’m not like that, but it does seem to lean more towards survival.
  4. Just completed it, it’s short but it would have been a monster DLC, surely? I fucking love this IP and this engine is great. I’d advise Hardcore, I basically breezed through on Normal. Anyone tried the multiplayer?
  5. I wasn’t going to get this with the price, reviews and initial impressions but having gone back to the demo with it being updated, it seems to perform better and I’ve got the dodge timing down. They’ve changed the safe code too, not sure if anything else is different. Ill pick it up if I can find it for a good price.
  6. ShopTo have it for £38 but only on PS4. Xbox version is sold out.
  7. I have a hangover, please help. Am I able to stream the Xbox to my iPad, using it as a second screen? I’ve signed up for Insider but can’t seem to see the option anywhere. Am I being thick or is it not available? ah just found this https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxinsiders/wiki/xgspreview Hmm so am I right that I can’t do this on IOS at the minute?
  8. S2 of Car Masters: Rust to Riches is up. I love the 4k car programs. Can’t wait for S2 of Rust Valley Restorers!
  9. I went down the ladder you kick down and angled the camera up just in time to see him peace the fuck out into nowhere in the sky. It looked comical. Of course I will still get this but I felt a wee bit of anxiety with him following me...
  10. Does Nemesis follow you around constantly then?
  11. How you feeling about the game?
  12. DC

    Dark Souls 3

    Patience, if I had to sum it up in one word.
  13. https://youtu.be/NxJwLUziDjk
  14. His vocal performance my favourite thing about the film.
  15. Ludwigs was my weapon of choice for my first run. So good. Charged R2 DESTROYS.
  16. Its nice to have options though.
  17. Yeah don’t fight the spiders in Cainhurst.
  18. This is great, as expected.
  19. Possibly. Have you tried the NPC Henriett?
  20. So I was going to say summon me but I remember I don’t have PS+. Tips wise I stay locked on and focus on a limb at a time. Something serated ideally, using fire paper if you have it. If you time your roll / dash, most of the attacks should be avoidable. I tend to dodge forward when she does the big leap and twice quickly to the side when she is swiping IIRC. It has been sometime though, so forgive me if I’m way off with any of this. Different bosses pose different challenges for people, I wouldn’t let it tell you anything about your abilities or the remainder of the game. I can post the pic of the guide section for her, if you like. Might not offer anything more than a YTvid or any guide or wiki you’ve already consulted though.
  21. The magic and spiders can proper fuck you in my experience.
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