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  1. http://gamesradar.msn.co.uk/news/default.a...bsectionid=1585 i was just about to make a thread but saw this. its apparently ps2 exclusive. what have circle studios previously made.
  2. well i am off to watch the next episode !!!
  3. remember its only a computer character !
  4. agreed, goodfellas, was simple and straight to a point, which was uh, dont do drugs... and get caught anyone read the books they are much better !
  5. hell yeah ! the second one had a pretty good ending.
  6. driv3r - i cant believe they made me fork out £40 for this shit.
  7. what about me ? kris doe = crash bandicoot, - too many outings, too boring, unwanted and the scum of the fucking world.
  8. i have had it for an hour, its pretty catchy stuff, even though i dont tend to listen to it.
  9. i found that out a few days ago, whilst trying to get 2 tickets, so instead of paying extortionate ebay prices i am going leeds instead. anyone up for a rllmuk music meet ?
  10. ha ha ha that will keep me smiling all night !
  11. ha ha ha great, i think this belongs in offtopic or announceents ? i enjoyed viewing rllmuk on my p800. but the l337est version must be that guy who posted from his xbox, that was cool.
  12. ye thats the one i will be watching it tonight.
  13. well i picked this up today for £4 brand new, i chose it over dead or alive (the film) anyone seen it, is it any good ?
  14. "i sware on jesus christ last week we shoot hands" "well i am jewish so fuck off" greatest show eva !
  15. i did not mind the film but for some reason i found it too predictable.
  16. your not l337 if you dont yarr it !
  17. could not find it, but then again i werent really looking too hard.
  18. apparently we are getting them end of may ?
  19. cheers biglime, makesure i am included or i will hunt you down !! just kidding, any ideas on a release ?
  20. the opportunity for revenue.. over free. nope its gonna cost.
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