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  1. Lara does indeed look amazing in that pic.

    I really have my hopes up for this, what with Galleon being so atmospherically brilliant and having a feel so similar to TR1, and with Toby Gard now working on this.

    But is he producing, directing or what? Is he just a consultant?

    remember its only a computer character !

  2. Casino is good but it has no plot to speak of.  Although it has more plot than the book it's based on.

    Goodfellas is one the best films ever made.  Just brilliant.

    agreed, goodfellas, was simple and straight to a point, which was uh, dont do drugs... and get caught :)

    anyone read the books they are much better !

  3. Oh shit! Sold out!

    I hope Leeds is still available... runs off to book ticket...

    i found that out a few days ago, whilst trying to get 2 tickets, so instead of paying extortionate ebay prices i am going leeds instead.

    anyone up for a rllmuk music meet ?


    Players must sell all their retro consoles and games by filling in various paypal forms, to claim the aforementioned holy grail.

    ha ha ha

    that will keep me smiling all night !

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