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  1. on a newsarticle on gamesradar, it said it may not be out till june.
  2. take away the birds, and you are left with an ugly version of the sims ! beyond good and evil, i really wanted to hate it, but i am fcking loving it, its a real gem.
  3. i dont remember seeing the seual, or even playing the origanal on the internet.. hmm... halo 2 is perfect darks god.
  4. i am surprised its not changed to burnout 2k5 yet ? can anyone say what xbm, gave as bad points to jade empire please ?
  5. it could be fucking brilliant if all americans had to take a literatry test as well.
  6. thanks buddie. you have saved me the trip to ask the forum. cheers !!!
  7. nothing will ever beat whats the story morning glory, or even their first album, its been so long i forgot what it is called !!
  8. its been a while but i am back on live. anyone up for a match over the weekend. i am in the clan btw. look closely and you will find me !!!
  9. i was just about to mention it, it really was a bad game though, and incredably hard !
  10. mintish condision and you are looking about £40
  11. dont now, the damage has been done, and the spoiler tags are down atm ?
  12. he he sorry mr spew, chavs aint allowed in, you must have known ! and iloverage its so brilliant, it all depends on what music you are into, i guess tea in the park is your forte !!
  13. you cunt !!! couldent you have put that poiler, in spoiler tags or something ? thats really pissed me off now.
  14. i dunno if this has been written already, because i am not reading back to far, case i read some spoilers... anyway, i must admit the first 4 hours are proper shit, i was so bored, i almost turned it off, then i got to telos, took out the exchange killed everyone there, then killed everyone at cherka, saved the leprachans now i have to go to the other part of telos to um... i dunno the plot has so many holes... its only just picked up, i am proper kicking ass, in regards to kotor has anyone noticed. a bit of deja vu ?? you start off on a ship, like you do on the first, spend ages getting pissed off by the shit learning curve, then when you meet that girl, you know who i mean, the old bird, she shares a bond with you, i am like wtf, batista on kotor 1 shared a bond with reven, like this. i am so pissed, because it seems like kotor 2 is just kotor 1 with different characters and different locations
  15. you dont have to pay !! ebay, just spend under £1 per account and they will leave you alone. but ebay tends to be a load of hassle atm.
  16. i would still be playing ps2 online, if sony sorted their servers out. just because we dont "pay" for the sevice as such, still we expect, to be looked after, as in rergards to cheaters, i was playing stuff like x111 and socom, and the cunts would have cheats on, like invinciblity and "god" mode. (using the first release of gameshark i think) and we used to get slaughtered. it was fucking upsetting, so about 2 months after selling my adapter and head set to that mug kris doe (just kidding mate.) i went to xbox live. had a few slip ups setting up, but i am there, its brilliant, much better than ps2 online, in every way except for the paying part
  17. i spent the good part of a year devoting myself to point and clicks from the likes of -monkey island 1-3 at the time -grim fandango -kuala lumpah journey to the edge - it was so bloody hard !! it was unbelievable. -day of the tenticle, took me ages first time round, now i can do it at the end, i love the ending. when they all think they are conjoined.... -sam and max hit the road. tbh i really disliked it, i have only recently given it another go, but i just cant seem to focus on the game, it just seems like there is too many objectives at once. -maniac mansion, the fan made version, i thought was great, but incredibly difficult, it took me like an hour to find the key under the door mat at the begining. is scummvm compatible with mac ? i am looking to get a mac mini v. soon, and just checking the compatability.
  18. i was thinking the exact game, i loved those when i was about 4, i had no idea what to do though, and i still find it a buggar completing it.
  19. fry i am interested in beta testing pmed.
  20. how dare you ! nah i am kidding, i must admit i found the game slow to begin with, but as soon as you had got to the second place (name slips me) it all starts to pick up. where are you on it anyway ?
  21. this week i ave been mostly playing. Anarchy online - brilliant free mmorpg. get in there you tight gits ! Gta 3 - on xbox, i cant believe this is the third format i am playing this on. i am currently doing donald loves missions. other than that the game has been brill, still loving chatterbox!!! KOTOR2 - i am borrowing this off a mate, whilst i buy my own. i have not started yet, but shall do tonight. Onimusha 3- i am hopefully getting this at the end of the week thanks to pootle uk, i still have beyond good and evil to start ! freedom force 1 to complete and riddick to finish off.
  22. awsome o was the best episode of the current series. it was just fuuny. "eric cartman thinks he can pull another prank on me, i will show everyone him dancing dressed up like britney and getting off with a justin timberlake cut out." "you saw that" "yeah, i got the tape right here." "maybe awsome o should look after the tape." he he.
  23. the first one, had some real bad acting, like the girl who later starred in kill bill (name slips me) when she says in chinese you scarred my face. i laughed at that for days. then she continues to hack his penis off!
  24. we would all love that biglime !! make an episode out of it.
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