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  1. ok thanks for your replies, i shall leave it in hmv then.
  2. i was actually looking forward to XxX2 or whatever they are calling it, i really enjoyed the first one, it was let down alot, but it was fundimently an ok movie, i was looking forward to seeing the bad ass, vin diesle, kicking ass as usual, but they replaced him with that black guy who was in friday, i just thought. "fuck that." I hope the new star wars will be brill, i really enjoyed the others, but tbh, there cant be many surprizes we dont already know of, can there, the order they released the films were a bit stupid tbh. the new batman looks promising, just hope its nothing like the shocking batman v. robin!!! oh and KartoffelKopf you dont go movies much do you ? there were a load more great, possibly excellent films of last year. a few more. Man on fire - FUCKING BRILL. Collateral AvP - wasn't THAT bad. oldboy layer cake - great if you really loved snatch and lock stock. Ray house of flying daggers (26th december remember!) blade trinity - was not that bad again. (the ending fucking confused me though.) bourne supremecy i robot bad santa !
  3. i was thinking of picking it up, but it looks a little shit. i enjoyed the first, but i am weary about requrum or whatever its called. any thoughts?
  4. actually, i thought the song werent too bad. it was still that goofy twat from busted. but ye it was pretty catchy you could tell they must have been miming the video, or they would have all been electricuted (think about it!)
  5. i am up for a game when i get it. how about we make a ladder tournerment. i.e you fight the guy above you, to go above him in rankings >?
  6. strangely enough so does mine. if anyone can get hold of a cheap code, i can pay !
  7. its not that, when its up, it basically, makes you think that, your game is out of date.
  8. so much joy over a trailer !!! whats wierd is, we will go to the movie pretending we dont know whats going to happen, even though we do !! please Georgie ! do a fucking good job, or those trekies, will have your intestines removed, and placed on ebay.
  9. ye but, say for example 3 xtra mission packs for a game comes out, at £3 each. you brought the game for £40. £49 does not sound cheap does it ?
  10. i know i cant work out how to upgrade things, i am a level 14 now in 16 hours my friend thinks the game is all about spending as much time in the subway as possible, he dont do missions !
  11. agreed. i really cant justify paying more on top of what you have paid for, and for what ? a few extra weapons and maps which if they are worth the download should have been there for the retail game.
  12. in halo 2 did any one suffer from pop up graphics ? i did ! that sucked proper.
  13. agreed. i though halo was more inventive than halo 2, halo 2 used xbox live as its unique selling point, whilst convincinly the game worked, on the first time playing through, was very confused, the story had many plot holes.
  14. i thought the black one WOULD get me sold on the ds, but its a cruddy black, where is the jet black.
  15. when i first saw the lion king i was like 7 ish, seeing simbas dad fall to his death was upsetting as well.
  16. my dog skip, when that guy "kills" the dog. at the end aint he alive though ?
  17. i am considering it now, cheers buddie.
  18. theres a video in my local gamestation, it looked brill, untill it looked like the main guy removed his arm or something and a blade appeared.
  19. Burnout 3 won three awards in the categories for racing, technical direction and best PlayStation 2 game wtf ? best playstation game, my fat arse, its brilliant but its not a scratch on san andreas. its not a ps2 exclusive so why did it win best ps2 title ? retards.
  20. the idea looks so tediously crap, its unbelievable. come on they are basically trying to reserect the tamagochi, if it works i will eat my hat !
  21. i love it i am well addicted i am a neutral soldier, the massive guy i chose, and in 3 hours i am level 6 !!!
  22. all those finger marks on the screen could you really live with that ?
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