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  1. you are only going to attract the wrong type of attention by flashing it out !
  2. which one was that, the shit one or cripple fight, cripple fight is the best episode ever !
  3. my top ten futurama lion king south park simpsons monsters inc dexters lab spongebob !!! fairly odd parents hey arnold shrek
  4. but if you havent tuned on the chip for like a year, wouldent that mean you do need a new power cord ? anyway they wont ban you for that, it will be that they can detect the chip!?!
  5. 8 game gears ? would you want to sell one to me ? if it works ?
  6. i think they were in too much of a hurry bringing on the shelves rather than finishing it.
  7. i would love to go, but i am going to wolverhampton uni that day :S what i would love to do to someone famous, is to ask will you sign this, and its a "backup" of their album/film/game. the response would be priceless !!!
  8. i really like any of them which are free, here me out i feel its unjust spending £3 a download when we pay £40 for the fucking subscription. thats not on.
  9. i didn't mind the tv show punkd. that wa good on parts, when they really pissed off the celebs, like fankie muniz. but others were shit.
  10. i was well evil on kotor 1, stealing bounties, killing all good people, not listening to reason.... ha ha ha
  11. spoiler tags - no spaces in the [] [spoiler ] text [/spoiler ] there you go buddie. the end of the word spoiler is connected with no space bar if it helps
  12. dude wheres my car, was shocking, boring and shit all at once, i went and saw it in the cinema and slept through about half of it, it started at the "dude wheres my car skit began" and finished when there was some massive girl, bout 100ft tall the end. i was so confused
  13. if they do bring out an 50 gig hdd *cough* then they would wait till everyone who has intended to buy a psp has brought one, then they will bring this out and bam, more sales.
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