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  1. looks pretty nice, did the cheese idea work ?
  2. celebs giving away money ? dont be crazy cracker !
  3. its a great film, goat keeper, amy smart (the blonde) gets her lovely tits at for all to gouge at, and its really funny.
  4. ok, but i wasn't following the hype surrounding the ds, due to bias opinions favouring the psp !
  5. applewood smoked cheese is fucking lovely on a burger.
  6. i am referred to as microsoft customer. pretty worrying actually.
  7. "we'll all avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange." "oh... well door... hinge.." "no. no." the moment guybrush treepwood, fucked up the song on curse of monkey island brilliant moment. "i am not too big, the cars are too small" manny in grim fandango. hes only like 500 pounds ! the wwf attitude quotes really make me piss myself, i personlly cant remember them, but it was when you started a match and it wold show you who you were fighting and they would say something. gold !!!
  8. its not a good deal if you think about it, say everything is boxed gba sp, black mario v. luigi zelda link to the past zelda minish cap it dont seem like much of a bargain now. i would rather sell the lot on ebay, and put it like "gr8 birthday pressie idea" it will sel like the next paris hilton tape which i am in !!!
  9. the framerate was improved upon as well, it werent a bad title, hard to get hold of now though.
  10. snowboard kids on a ds, if it gets announced then thats me sold.
  11. mine has to be jade empire or conker live. both look absolutly stunning, i played the conker demo, it was mother fucking hard, jade empire looks brill and its made by the star wars knights of the old republic crew, so be ready people !
  12. our ds, is pretty grubby, but thats because no one washes their hands, but the gamecube donkey kong bongos have been ripped open with some sort of blade !!! fucking lot of them !!! oh and mr spew, try keying your ds, and tell me if it dont scratch !
  13. most foreing sites allow you to convert to pounds, and you can use any major credit/debit card (usually.) and you can get paypal, thats good too..
  14. the films stayed true too the matrix imo, but they just didnot contain the wow factor, that the matrix origanally had. see in the second and third films, there were some absolute fucking brilliant sequences, like on revolutions when those robots in zion were gearing up for war, and the fight with the senitals, was breathtaking. but it was filled with shit as well, like HOW THE FUCK DID NEO BECOME SUPERMAN, AND FLY ? that really put me off, and the party in the second one was shit, just a way of wasting 10 minutes. but in the second film, the twins appearence was brilliant, pity they did not last long, but that highway scene was breathtaking, the effects, and how well choriographied the fight scene was in the park. neo v. 1 million agent smiths. but the matrix finished very poorly, they leave it open, case they wanna come back and continue it, and the final fight scene was mega shit, i can pull better things from my arse. but i gotta hand it to the watchowski brothers, they took a fucking brilliant movie, and pissed all over it, and made shit loads of money from it. *claps* they ruined keanos career. sorry for the punctuation/spelling errors in this, blame it on the matrix.
  15. anyone else going to see thi film when its out ? i am looking to see what rllmuker's think about it before i go.
  16. i was pretty pissed when i saw that as well, i came back the next day to get and the offer had finished, i was so pissed.
  17. give it till amrch next year, and yes i would say about 1/2 - £60
  18. and they best work out a way to transfer burnout 3, if i lost all my data again, i will fucking rip bill gates balls off.
  19. i assume its the demo, but... i will get it anway.
  20. fuck i really should not of read that. i really feel pissed now !
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