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  1. agreed i think it looks like one of those vtech peices of shit they make retarded kids learn with.
  2. both would be fucking brill if announced but they are mild rumours at the mo, like the second paris hilton video...
  3. pity qotsa and muse aint been announced yet !!
  4. agreed, the only "retro" wrestling game worth ago, is no mrecy, but thats still pretty week.
  5. biglime, i must say, you are a mother fucking god. please feature me on the next consolevania... please a retro one will be brill, the resi evil one was ok, i loved the resi evil 4 review, but it did have a lot of holes in it, filled with porn ! if she looked nice it would be brill. but lie chris rock says. "40 year old tittie thats your man's tittie. now 20 year old tittie is the community tittie." get what i am saying !!!
  6. it looks like an overpriced kiddies potty !! teh fakez !
  7. i checked the website, and apparently iron maiden, the killers and foo fighters have been confirmed. any one else coming, currently me and the unknown are considering.
  8. are the multi angled scenes any good ?
  9. I am 101% behind you, i really do not like warioware, for me you play it, and the first 10mins is absolutly brilliant, your like wow, how can all these crap games be so cool, but then it wares off really quicky, i have had more fun pleasuring myself with a cheese greater.
  10. cheers mr spew ! i will be surprised if by the end of this week dead or alive, aint number 1.
  11. that video was so great !!! that would have shitted me up, whilst playing it.
  12. i think if i am not mistaken, she was doing the skit at the begining, where she gets told to play resi evil, then she rung up her mates, caling him a loser.
  13. i thought the resi evil 4 review, was great, right at the end, when he was talking his head got cut off with the chainsaw, top stuff dawg !! but i must admit, if your going to add porn in it, next time could the gilr be at least hot, not from the middle ages.
  14. i have been keeping gamesmaster ever since i was like 8, i am not throwing them away, i tend to keep all magazines for like a few years, then i get rid of them. but usually i keep everything.
  15. interested in selling the md ? i am currently lookin for one. what games did you get with it anyway ?
  16. anyone else get the email ? go to xbox.com and order your free new cable
  17. wtf, they are so loud and rude. they are always yelling about shit like "i'm getting this," "i'm having the warthog." i am really getting pissed by it, then when they lose, if someone dropped on their team, they blame that. but when they are in a group, they are so abusive, people call me scottish kid.
  18. i think the colour is really nice, its much better than the tacky silver one, currently available, i must admit, i will open my wallet to a black one.
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