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  1. Jut finished the final 3 and what a fucking show. Painful, funny, depressing, Insightful, joyful... I could go on. Just so much emotion and so amazing. I’ll miss them all until I start it all over again.
  2. It’s getting a release at the Picture House near me in Exeter so there should a few options nationwide
  3. I'll miss him when he's gone...
  4. Robsk1

    Nintendo Switch

    I got a carry case as part of the 2nd hand bundle. Games wise over the last few years, some that i've enjoyed RDR2, Last of Us, GTA5, yoku's Island Express, Rocket League. The PS4 will be used for some exclusives as i'm hoping to use the Switch as the main console. Splatoon and Arms look good fun. I'm guessing demo's are available for some of the titles you mention? Skyrim and Witcher3 have been played on the PS4
  5. Robsk1

    Nintendo Switch

    Fair comment. They will take me well into the new year, i've not gamed much this year due to stuff happening on a personal level so i'm very much looking forward to getting stuck into BOTW and hopefully finding love for Mario. The Joycons seem fine so far and i've only played a couple of hours so i will see how they go. I'll take a look at that grip but not sure how much i'll have it hand-held mode over the next few months. Cheers for the info.
  6. Robsk1

    Nintendo Switch

    Point taken on Mario folks
  7. Robsk1

    Nintendo Switch

    Hi. I’ve just picked up a Switch and It’s my first Nintendo console since the 64. Are there any must have’s ? BOTW and Mario came with it. I may trade Mario as it’s not generally my thing but I will give it a go first. possibly for Luigi 3. From the hardware point, memory card, pro controller and a screen protector. Anything else recommend ? Many thanks for any replies.
  8. Heaton yellow for time wasting, 32 minutes. WTF? Why bother?
  9. Guys, we’re currently beating Spain by 3 away from home. Who gives a fuck.
  10. Sorry, I meant to post a week ago. Please add me. Team name AttackTheRightWing cheers.
  11. They’ve got Cockles and Crusoe on the front. They’re not really stupid cunts
  12. Probably called him 'Woy' off camera like a cunt
  13. It's your opinion and all that but Seven Psycopaths is half the film that this or In Bruges is. Funny, sad, profanity, grotesque characters and well acted. There's so much to like.
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