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  1. West Ham wasting good possession in the first half and forgetting how to play in the second. Palace much better in the second though and Moyes should have reacted quicker. Palace nearly getting a winner late on too. Top still, just. Hoping for a draw in the Chelsea v Liverpool game.
  2. Limbo This was my first visit to the cinema since before Covid and what a great film. Tragedy, quirky characters, joy, comedy and some lovely shots of a barren Scotland. I wasn’t sure what to expect after the opening scene as I’d not read anything about it beforehand. Recommended. 4/5 In Search of a Midnight Kiss Never heard of this before, watched it round a friends on the smallest TV I’ve seen a film in since my teens. Suited the style quite well in reality, it’s an off kilter acerbic rom com in B&W. A good slice of that era and very enjoyable. Scoot McNairy is fab in it too. 3.5/5
  3. Amazon Originals I've seen, in a rough order of how much I rate them. The top 2 are by far my favourite and I'm looking forward to re-watching on my 55CX. There's not much between the rest as i enjoyed them all. The Boys (motherfucking cunting great) Tales From The Loop (not for those that want pace to their storytelling but one of my series of 2020, it also looks great and the soundtrack is fab) American Gods (S1) Undone Bosch Goliath American Gods (S2) Homecoming Good Omens Invincible New Amsterdam I gave up on - Sneaky pete Aiming to also watch The Underground Railroad I think all / most of the Original stuff is available in 4k
  4. Does anyone know when Disco Elysium is getting released? All I can find is 'Summer'.
  5. I’ve watched this incident a few times and Sterling does a Vardy and moves his leg to make it look like a foul. Not a penalty. He should have just tried to cross the ball and, maybe, get a corner or more.
  6. Thanks. That’s recent enough for me.
  7. My Gamepass lapsed yesterday. Before I jump in again, Does anyone know if the Xbox live gold trick / exchange still works?
  8. Great in Homicide: Life On The Street too
  9. Ok, cheers. I know it got lots of love following release.
  10. Ok, thanks. I’d like to give one of them a go, haven’t played a Fallout since 3. So, 4 or New Vegas?
  11. Is Fallout 76 worth a 90gig punt?
  12. I'm presuming that The Curry Guy Bible is an essential purchase? I've got Rick Stein's India book which has served me well but i'd like another set of recipes
  13. In the last few Months I've finished (amongst others): The Shield. Really enjoyed it but I thought some of the middle series could have been tighter. Some excellent characters (i thought the friendship between Dutch and Wyms was great) and episodes and I like how Vic ended up. By the end of it though I was a tad bored Vic's schtick, a little too much Jack Bauer without the hair. Love A really enjoyable Netflix series, 3 and done. Lots of good writing, a nightmare of a main character and some excellent situations and characters. Thought provoking, cringey and funny. Was excited to see Mark Everett in there too. House Bashed through the whole lot very quickly. One of my favourite 'easy going' series, lots to laugh, cry and gasp at. Laurie is just superb and had lots of good support. Struggled a little bit as it went on due to it's formula but Greg House is an addictive bastard. The Serpent Great production values, some nice acting and tense situations. A fab looking and interesting looking story about a cunt. About to start re-watching The Wire and listen to Down in The Hole pod cast after each episode. Others on the go. Mandalorian S1, Succession S1, a re-start of The Deuce S1.
  14. Ok. Thanks. I must of missed it in the first page of the thread. I’ll let it expire in April and try again.
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