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  1. My mistake, they were RCs rather than CCs, i know all the shit I know about commandos and ARCd is legends but I assume some of it still holds
  2. It wasn't good in that second half at all, Biggar missing touch with that penalty, the absolute shitshow that was the aerial battle and the forwards getting bossed at everything, those driving Mauls the South Africans put together looked like they'd never stop.
  3. I think hogg, Van De Merwe and maybe Watson will be out next week.
  4. Hogg is having a shocker, Liam Williams at full back next week i reckon.
  5. Absolutely brutal game again, south Africa are lucky not to get a red in that half.
  6. One thing I noticed and never thought about before is Sorry if that's a bit nerdy I can't help it.
  7. Great episode this week, probably my favourite so far, lots going on and pushes the story and what we know on quite a bit.
  8. Squidge knocking it out the park again, I still have no idea how he hasn't been picked up as a pundit, he's by far the best analyst out there.
  9. I had to turn it off about 20 mins into back to the future episode because the new guy was so bad.
  10. Really, I thought the story was about what happens to the people around him after he's gone.
  11. It's been a a hard 18 months/2 years but that is genuinely one of my best days out ever with my friends in my life. The pic I took of them in front of the mural that they didn't even know was there until after the pic was done is bringing tears to my eyes.
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