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  1. Yswraig for the Republic Yswr for the Sith 4 mil isn't really that much.
  2. I'll log in later and throw you a couple of mil each.
  3. What's your character's name? @ThorI've never bothered but I'm pretty sure you can.
  4. Also I'm on Darth Malgus server i believe and I have 100s of millions and more than happy to donate SMS help new players from here.
  5. JK is the typical hero going against the entire empire thing, the consular is the jedi diplomat mending the galaxies political differences. JK all the way for me. I'd say the JK is the canon story for the entire thing personally, SW is the most fun and has the biggest crossover with the JK.
  6. Swtorista on youtube is brilliant for new players, since going onto Steam it's become really busy and EA just annouced SWTOR has made them a billion in profit. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkpJlq8u0mOBSAKv1KmTTfQ
  7. Imperial Agent for Vanilla, Sith Warrior or Jedi Knight for the story as a whole through all expansions, the SW and JK stories have literally concluded a 9 year long story just last month and boy was it as goodie.
  8. I'll group up when I've run thorugh all the story stuff, really enjoying it.
  9. I'm playing horde, protection pally.
  10. I hit 60, guess i just finish up the story then start with end game gear grind and do lots of the stuff I've missed between vanilla and now.
  11. There's been 100s of comics and roughly 20-40 new books that are all part of the canon.
  12. The problem with that is there have been books and comics set between ROTJ and TFA so we know what's going on around this period in terms of Jedi and what characters are up to and the Lucas story group are really on point with keeping everything without contradictions. If you're a fan of the larger universe from other media then you'll know that was the only option that makes sense.
  13. But it can't be someone new, there are literally only 4 Jedi around at that point in canon.
  14. Ahsoka said no, which leaves Ezra who's off in the unknown regions and Cal Kestis but we have no idea where he is or what he's doing at this point so that leaves only one person.
  15. I don't get these people who don't understand who turns up in the final episode, who else could it be, there's literally 4 possible people and 1 of them is attemting to rebuild so is actively searching for others, it's the only person that makes sense and the only choice to go with, it might be fanservice but it makes perfect sense in the story.
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