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  1. I give up this game has uninstalled itself about 4 times now on PC game pass, seems to be a pretty common problem on PC as well. I can't be arsed downloading it for a 5th time only for it to delete itself again.
  2. What that would put verstappen ahead of lewis.
  3. Max will have to give up that position surely.
  4. Still all to play for but fuck that shakes things up.
  5. Finished the Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy today, I really enjoyed it and it clearly leaves implications for the upcoming Ahsoka series if she chasing after Thrawn Ahsoka speculation
  6. The fact anyone thinks he's going to finish the books at all is mind boggling to me I've given up caring. I'm hoping on HBO first law series.
  7. Yeah GRRM can fuck off as well, when did A Dance with Dragons come out? Poor Dany is still stood in that field, imagine how loose her stools are now.
  8. This is a little daunting for someone that's not played a forza game before.
  9. So there are some huge changes coming, classes are basically going away and stories will now become your intial choice of how to play with classses becoming playstyles, meaning if you want to play through the Jedi Knight story line as one of the consular advance classes, a Jedi shadow or sage then go ahead light and dark side alingment will now also affect your abilities, there's to much for me to explain here so I'll let the lovely SWTORISTA explain it all.
  10. I'd imagine that's next on the list, the Warhammer series has been so successful there is no way they're not going to do a 40k version.
  11. It's either chaos Dwarves or they'll update Norsca which quite honestly is the faction most in need of fixing but that means essentially you have 7 chaos factions. I'm most looking forward to playing Tzeentch and what they do with the Skaven later down line in Cathay.
  12. The rosters look pretty barebones right now but I imagine it'll be much more filled out by the time a super duper mortal empires appears.
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