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  1. Rewatched it recently with the other half as she hadn't seen it, she commented on how much she fancies Hood, I then pointed out he's Homelander and she wouldn't believe me.
  2. I'm a little disappointed on how safe Macron have played it and at £96 a shirt i don't think I'll bother, I much preferred the one some guy on Facebook mocked up a few days ago.
  3. It was a shit and disjointed mess like the rest of it since episode 1, I think this show has to be the most disappointing thing I've seen after that amazing pilot episode.
  4. Lots of it is filmed at the botanical gardens in carmarthen, around the hills of Bridgend and Pembrey beach is used a lot as well.
  5. I'm really enjoying it but the bits with canary wharf don't take me out if it but the heavier use of bits around south Wales do.
  6. I'm mostly playing support, quite enjoying it.
  7. Great, loaded it up again today and none of my progress has been saved again.
  8. Isn't it just a cult reference, don't drink the Fresca/koolaide
  9. For anyone that played SWTOR something will look really familiar in the story
  10. PC master race 4 life yo! Yswr on origin if anyone wants to add me for some multiplayer shenanigans.
  11. Played about 5 missions in the single player campaign last night, loaded it up this morning and it hasn't saved any of my progress.
  12. Actually I changed what you spoilered so it didn't take up the entire thing.
  13. But for me "that" episode would have been For the proper feels .
  14. I've nothing to justify, how long have you got to wait before you stop using spoiler tags, it used to be like a week on this forum never mind 4 years later.
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