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  1. I don't think I'm a fanboy, I just think it's clear Fury was clearly the better fighter in the previous 2 fights by some margin. I'd say you'd have to be a far bigger Wilder fanboy to think he was in anyway the favourite for last nights fight. AJ seems to be the fanboy favourite, I really don't think he's quite at the level of all time greats people seem to think he is.
  2. This didn't age well
  3. Fury in round 5 I reckon, Usyk and Fury are the only real game out there at the moment I think and then everybody else is a step below. I don't think AJ will beat Fury, Usyk or Wilder going forward. Fury wins this, beats Whyte as mandatory then fights Usyk after he's dealt with AJ for the second time and one of those becomes undisputed, if it's Fury he'll wipe the floor with AJ and then retire leaving Usyk to clean up the division.
  4. Isn't a Grey force user just someone that uses the force for personal gain, I always thought light was selfless, grey is selfish and dark was dominating. It's all been wiped away now anyway.
  5. The Jedi are the morally dubious ones when it comes to Ahsoka, that entire arc shows just how far they've fallen.
  6. Fury would destroy Joshua in around 5 rounds and I've always said I don't think AJ would last a round against Wilder, he'd knock his head clean off.
  7. Absolute massive boxing masterclass.
  8. Usyk wins that by a mile.
  9. Joshua needs the KO or he should rightly lose.
  10. I got usyck 7 rounds, joshua 2 at round 9
  11. Well scratch that, Usyk looked amazing that round.
  12. Joshua finally taking control.
  13. Usyk front foot is leading all the time.
  14. That decision in the Hatton fight was simply 2 words, fucking wrong.
  15. They won't be going post the "Skywalker saga" everything points to them going about 400 years before that, I'm still crossing my fingers for a Bane or Revan trilogy.
  16. Alarielle with 2 nobles for tanking and the rest are sisters in a checkerboard works well but it's the same as every HE campaign.
  17. Thrott next then Kroq Gar for jurassic Park shenanigans. Only campaigns I've given up on so far is Tyrion, it was boring as fuck and generally any of the HE campaigns that start on Ulthaun are shite, it's just an exercise in keeping the constant dark elf forces coming off the island. It's exhausting and a nightmare to expand until the eventide come in and help.
  18. I can't believe how easy the taurox campaign was on legendary, finished the long by turn 125, the guy is mental powerful with minotaurs.
  19. Yeah actually 2 PWM and a warlock engineer.
  20. I play ikit, 2 plague priest for more menace below, 6 ratling guns, 4 jezzails, 3 poison wind motars and 4 catapults, and use the priests and menace to tar everything down in front of my guns. last playthrough i took down 3 brettonnian armies on legendary in one go, I was well proud of myself.
  21. 1000+ hours I've put into these games, currently finishing up a Taurox campaign who is so OP it's silly, he can take down an entire province in a single turn. I pretty much play a Skaven campaign every other with Ikit Claw and his awesome weapon teams being my number one choice in the game but I'm doing a Thrott campaign after this Taurox run. I'm mostly looking forward to playing Tzeentch, Kairos Fateweaver and a whole load of magical ranged monsters is right up my street.
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