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  1. Playing a clan Eshin playthrough and on turn 126 the ultimate thing kicks in and the Greenskins spawn about 40 full stacks, I'm in the mountains of mourn so I have a buffer zone between me and them with the Chaos Dwarfs area but 5 turns later and Skarsnik has confederated all the other Greensking factions into his. I let them rampage their way over to me and the turn they attack my settlerment I use the Eshin mechanic and delete the entire faction from existence. half the world is now just random rebel factions, it's toally broken the game.
  2. It's because the actors in those roles are first languge Welsh speakers and we roll our Rs a lot more, my daughters way of saying her brothers name Corran is immense the amount she rolls those Rs. Pretty sure Tolkien based the way Elvish stuff is pronounced on olde welsh anyways so it's probably what they're supposed to sound like.
  3. No way Litifi comes back after this next year.
  4. That ship looks very much like an excelsior class.
  5. I think my steam account is Yswr, if that's how you do co-op.
  6. I would love to maybe organise a night for a Co-op game but I can't imagine how time consuming it'd be.
  7. Ok they've halved his HP from what i can see but his faction wide buffs and the healing is still the same. Battle healing cap zombies +500% faction wide is still the same.
  8. Just tried my Ghorst campaign and still nothing can touch these zombies.
  9. I saw the Kholek video where he took up an insane amount of the map and a single unit was the size of half his foot. I'm guessing Bel'akor will be my next campaign.
  10. Ikit is by far the best LL and faction in the game for me personally, nuclear bombs are just the best.
  11. Oh Jesus I've had a week n half ofs since immortal came out, I'd hate to think how much I've played. Doing a Helman Ghorst campaign since he had a ton of changes and fuck me, they've so massively overdone him it's insane, he boost Zombies so much they should be a tier 5 unit and loads of his buffs are faction wide, a Necromancer lord, 17 zombies with a Corpse cart Lodestone and Mortis engine make your 1.5k army nigh on unkillable. I took on 4 greenskin stacks with a new lord stack, blobbed up and killed the lot without losing a single entity. Has to be the best comp on the game right now but on a bad note wind of death has been nerfed hard.
  12. For ranged heavy factions checkerboard is almost always the way to go, the High Elves for example you'd want Lothern Seaguards with shields at the front then Sisters of Avelorn all behind with a lord and 2 heroes in support (if your lord is a melee fighter then 2 hero mages, usually life mage and Shadow/fire but if your lord is a mage then 1 melee hero and a mage. ) So your setup should be something like 1=lord 2=heroes 3=Seaguard 4= Sisters 1 3 3 3 4 4 4 2 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 Something like that, your lord is there to slow down and tarpit the enemy frontline while your archers tear then apart, it's usually then a good idea to have anti large melee or cav on your flanks defending your archers. Different factions play very differently but they usually fall into a certain category Ranged tarpits (Skaven, Vampirates) Ranged with frontline (Kislev, High Elves) Ranged artillery (Empire, Dwarves) Melee rush ( Khorne, Slaneesh) Melee blob sustain ( Nurgle, VC, Vilitch) Those are off the top of my head then you have to add magic in all that, it's a really versatile game.
  13. @Boothjan yes my favourite set of Star Wars novels, make sure you carry on through the trilogy because they're all absolutely fantastic and easily my top pick for a new trilogy of movies.
  14. Yeah man especially if you sit them outside a wall during a siege, they just start wiping out defenders.
  15. Skaven are by far my favourite race specifically Clan Skryer, Ikit Claw and pure weapon teams with a bunch of priests to tar pit everything in my sights is so much fun.
  16. Those Mercs look so slow going round.
  17. I'm loving immortal empires, just finished a campaign with Vilitch, wishing i went for Belakor though he looks great.
  18. Anyone got a decent stream mine keeps dying or a decent way to watch it legally
  19. Fair enough, that's something that entered my head somewhere along the line.
  20. I know a lot of people didn't like Gervais last special but the entire thing was a double subversion, he starts by talking about Kevin Hart being booted off the Oscars for a tweet made 10 years ago that he'd already apologised for and stated he'd changed his way of thinking in those 10 years but people ripped him even though he now thought the way they do. Ricky makes the argument that there's no point in going after people that have changed and are on your side because of something ignorant they said and no longer agree with 10 years ago. He then goes on and makes the same ignorant jokes he did years ago to prove a point that you'll just push people back into ignorance with these attacks. Love it or hate it it's pretty subversive in a i could be but I'm not way and pretty clever.
  21. Anyway like i said i enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to more.
  22. But he does have that backstory right? They showed Ang Lees Hulk in the intro of the Incredible Hulk and that Banner is the same Banner we have now, not arguing just making sure i have it right in my head.
  23. Can't see AJ winning this or against Wilder for that fact, he's the modern day Bruno, big puncher but he has little to no head movement and will get caught. Really looking forward to it though.
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