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  1. Just wrapping up a Kairos IE campaign on legendary/VH, Jesus Christ it's a rough first 100 turns, it took me that long just to get out of the southern wastes. I took out Teclis in the first 10 turns but then it turned to shit, I had Oxy and Tehen sending 4 stacks from the west and Tiq and Kroq Gar sending 4 stacks from the North while trying to deal with Slaneesh from the east. Kairos economy is so bad at the start that even trying to have 2 stacks of chaffe is difficult then once you've cleared the southern wastes and have a couple of regions in the southland and Lustria your economy explodes and you're running 6 armies. It's a really difficult start and then piss easy from there. My tips would be to transfer the nurgle settlement to Sathoreal at the start and form an alliance with him and transfer one of Oxys settlements to the All seeing eye Tzeentch faction from the chaos wastes and use the AI as help and a buffer to give you a little extra time to work.
  2. It's a complete mess from the ground up, regions should never have happened the way they did, it was a massive mistake that's finally come home to roost. Making 5 regions, leaving all the power in the clubs and expecting it to all come together somehow was never going to work, it was insane for them to think the valleys would travel to Cardiff to support a Cardiff team. The WRU has to do something soon to sort out this mess not just for the international level or the finances, they have to do it to save Rugby in Wales, my local club no longer has a youth team ffs.
  3. That's the end of Pivac, next 6 nations and world Cup is gonna be rough.
  4. Throwing this away, could be the end of Pivac.
  5. Much better from Wales against Australia 2nds.
  6. I'm not a football fan but Roy Keane putting Ian Wright in his place during the 2016s Euro semi final talking about England is still one of my favourite bits of tv. I'd never normally support England but if they go through I'd love for them to win, they seem like a genuinely good bunch of blokes.
  7. Could see that coming a mile away.
  8. And that Wales is how you play rugby. Edit sorry for the stream of consciousness
  9. I think Pivac will survive this but I'm expecting Stephen Jones to be gone by Monday.
  10. That was pretty fucking awesome.
  11. I don't think Wales will beat NZ in my lifetime.
  12. Seriously Merc WTF your drivers know better than you? Shitshow from everyone apart from RB.
  13. Surely the RB have to pit right?
  14. I loved it short episodes that pack a punch and my god it looks stunning.
  15. Hasn't Bill Murray being a bit of a nightmare to work with been known since the 80s, that's nothing new, didn't he once KO Chevy Chase on SNL, another known for being extremely difficult to work with.
  16. Wow Kevin Smith made a really good movie.
  17. So glad you're enjoying it, the last book is wonderful as well.
  18. Playing a clan Eshin playthrough and on turn 126 the ultimate thing kicks in and the Greenskins spawn about 40 full stacks, I'm in the mountains of mourn so I have a buffer zone between me and them with the Chaos Dwarfs area but 5 turns later and Skarsnik has confederated all the other Greensking factions into his. I let them rampage their way over to me and the turn they attack my settlerment I use the Eshin mechanic and delete the entire faction from existence. half the world is now just random rebel factions, it's toally broken the game.
  19. It's because the actors in those roles are first languge Welsh speakers and we roll our Rs a lot more, my daughters way of saying her brothers name Corran is immense the amount she rolls those Rs. Pretty sure Tolkien based the way Elvish stuff is pronounced on olde welsh anyways so it's probably what they're supposed to sound like.
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