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  1. Warning Spoilers......... 2 reviews from people over at aintitcool http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=19567 Man this really is looking bad, i'm really hoping this isn't as bad as i'm reading cos most of this is like i say "unacceptable with todays audience". I really want this to be something really cool but if there sticking with FX from the 60's and 70's this just isn't gonna be taken seriously at all.
  2. So is it true daleks can fly, if so how can carpet stop a dalek. Carpet rules, fuck hardwood floors
  3. interesting but can it be true
  4. Easily the best SciFi on TV atm (apart from eastenders ), Kudos to Sky for putting up the money and taking a chance.
  5. After the murder of his parents, Jango Fett was adopted and raised by the legendary Mandalorian warrior army, a mercenary group who earned the reputation as the most formidable supercommandoes in the galaxy. The Jedi destroyed this dangerous force, but Fett survived and continues to wear the armoured, weapon filled uniform that helped make the Mandalorians a dreaded name.
  6. Well i truly hope that's true my friend. And episode 3 will rock, no matter what you say i have faith in Lucas.
  7. I would say ace, but opinions are like arseholes, everyone has got one.
  8. The mini was redesigned and for the better i think you'll notice, or did those updated mini looking cars driving around escape your attention. I'm not saying there not iconic, but come on honestly they will just not stand up today, and even the people currently involved with the good doctor will admit as they themselves knew they should have been redesigned and would have been if not stopped by Terry Nations family. Kids these days will laugh and shout throw your jacket on the floor or run up the stairs and don't give me the rubbish about hovering that just doesn't cut it. At the end of the Dr Who caught your attention as a child more than likely, and if the daleks these days can't stand up to a childs wonder, amazement or ridicule then something needs to be done. Now as jonny storm would say "flame on"
  9. And if you read the background of the republic commandos (awesome game btw but i'll leave that for another thread) Jango had a veteran mandalorian to come in a train the in special tactics.
  10. The Camo system sorta got on my nerves to be honest to much chopping and changing stopping and starting for my liking, but i cleared it on normal with an average rating but haven't gone back for anymore. The fact i haven't returned for more sorta says to me that it just didn't sit right as i finished 1 and 2 at least 4/5 times.
  11. One thing i still profusely believe in is that the daleks should have been redesigned or left out altogether cos in my humble oppinion they just aint gonna cut it today.
  12. Actually in the books Jango Fett isn't the last mandalorian. Towards the end of the Vong wars (which is about 30 years after a new hope) han solo runs into Boba and a group of mandalorians killing and taking the scalps off of some Vong. And considering KOTOR is part of the EU i suppose you'd have to take the books into account.
  13. You mean like "Doing a Bindo" Edit:was i the only one who noticed that quote in Kotor 2
  14. I'm not reading great things about it at the moment. The SciFi channel in american passed it up saying it was rather lacking. The Scifi channel is currently showing BSG over there which is easily the best scifi on TV and if the doctor isn't up to that standard considering how much they've spent on it i'll be rather disappointed.
  15. Electro i have 3 words Nail and Head.
  16. Someone needs to give them guys a job. Thats some awesome FX from a couple of fans.
  17. If you're really missing tomorrows world go watch look around you on BBC2.
  18. Let's just leave it down to the force and keep it a mystery, after all i am a jedi reverand, only one i know of as a matter of fact. The internet is a great and wonderous thing you can be ordained into anything.
  19. www.gamestester.com or just keep your eye out for up coming games such as the new matrix MMO which is in beta. I started by going to game sites such as gamespy, ign, gamespot and look for recently announced games and then going to said games site looking for Alpha/Beta info. That's all you can pretty much do to be honest.
  20. I agree Shirley Ghostman is god aweful, ideal on the other hand is excellent dark desperate british humor. Ideal is another classic british BBC comedy.
  21. Funnily enough, i have 2 oil paintings from a gallery in swansea. One of Vader and one of Boba Fett, but somehow i get the feeling you already knew that.
  22. My beard isn't big enough to get into all that yet.
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