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  1. Don't play GTA IV, it gets thrown around like nobodies business there.
  2. Not a single duff episode, that was a beautiful and heartfelt story, Seth McFarlane has surprised the fuck out of me.
  3. It's great and I loved it but it's also really weird, the scenes often feel like you've been dropped halfway into a conversation between friends and you have no context or backstory to what's going on or what the conversation is about. The way everything is written is just really odd and different.
  4. I'm away camping with the boy so missed quali but I've seen the order and I'm really looking forward to the race.
  5. I'm 41 and I really can't see me getting away with it, I've got some real problems starting psysically already, between being a plasterer and sport my shoulders are constantly painful even with cortisone shots in them every 6 months and my left knee is on the way out. Mentally I'm not to bad but the amount of knocks I've taken over the years has to start showing at some point in the not to distant future I would of thought, I hope for the best but I'd be really lucky if I make it to 60 without my brain turning to cheese.
  6. Wtf is wrong with Ferrari, absolute clown show.
  7. Charles hulking out there.
  8. The reason national anthems are sung at sporting events
  9. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-62197134 A great player and a wonderful servant of his country and I feel really bad for the guy, he came in when the stength and conditioning ramped up muscle mass and cardio but the safeguards against head injuries weren't there. Does make me wonder if I'll get away with it after playing until i was 31 and then boxing until i was 36.
  10. They'll fail at the quarters same as they always do.
  11. I really enjoyed that little piece of music we got.
  12. England are looking really good going forward not sure if they can sustain this pace they're playing at though.
  13. Wow fairplay Ireland, absolutely bossed it.
  14. Is that Nadine "spinal tap" Dorries on the podium?
  15. Well that's made my day.
  16. Fuck that was horrible.
  17. SA do not deserve that win in any shape or form.
  18. This SA V Wales game is starting to look tasty.
  19. I just watched it and fuck me that was a bit special.
  20. Yeah that is pretty much perfect, it's handled as "this is a new thing, we accept it and we've moved on" all within a few seconds.
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