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  1. I just borrowed the long way round off my girl friends dad who is a biker. Amazing stuff i thought, the road of bones really was amazing. Thought alaska looked amazing when they were there wish they had spent a bit more time there.
  2. Did you see the red female contender last night lose her rag and kick out at one of the gladiators on the floor, fucking amazing.
  3. Yeah thought that Nph was fucking amazing again, the KKK were funny as well "well what have we got here, mexicans"
  4. Jesus christ this is going to scare some kids shitless and adults!
  5. Krombacher is a fantastic lager beer if you can find it.
  6. I think it could be good maybe even great. Love Tom Jane and Big Ron
  7. Well that song james did at the end was a bit shit.
  8. I totally understand where you're coming from, when ever i go out for food in a pub now i always try to go for something which shouldnt be microwaved. I cant remember the last time i eat at a pub and truly enjoyed the food.
  9. just picked this up from gamestation went to play it disc didnt work no amused
  10. Tom C.

    Peep Show

    " Cheers for that Jeff you dick pull"
  11. That bit had me crying. The audience with harry hill a few years back was amazing. One of his gags was how he asked his mum for a casio 900 calculator for christmas, but he got a 810 organ instead. Him demonstrating his maths exam was the funniest thing ive seen.
  12. Was looking at the madras paste but opted for the sharwoods as they were on offer in tesco's. Hot currys can be awesome.
  13. Just bought myself The devils backbone off play. Heard very positive things from this movies.
  14. I used the Gamestation in york, fingers crossed at the moment. Quietly confident about my chances though.
  15. Pre-ordered mine from gamestation the other day, Zelda and red steel will be my games of choice i think.
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