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  1. Yeah, I was gonna say, it's definitely A-Team rules in the Marvel universe. They would have been wearing seatbelts/ had airbags and would have just walked away from the crash in a daze. I was surprised they didn't add a moment like that honestly.
  2. https://www.swarovski.com/en_GB-GB/s-halo-swarovski/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=halo_infinite_%28gaming%29_cgb_-_organic_social_post_20211201140000_&utm_content=100002720035981&utm_custom=sprinklr_organic Xmas Evolved?
  3. Thanks for the thoughts folks! Sounds like something worth trying at least.
  4. Has anyone played Generation Zero? I love the look of it, like 'Tales from the Loop: The Game' but reviews aren't great
  5. I just came here to complain about the final one! 5 killing sprees is tough in a gametype that random. Yes you have power weapons, but so do they! I have had an annoying number of 4 kill runs only to catch a rocket in the face seconds later
  6. I really quite enjoyed that. Will definitely be up for watching more!
  7. There is a separate option for inverting flight controls in the settings menu, which seems insane to me. Surely the default they have it set to will confuse the vast majority of players, even those who don't normally invert their controllers.
  8. Will anyone be about later on tonight for a few games? I should be on after 9!
  9. I also really quite enjoyed this. All the characters were under-served, which is not surprising considering the size of the cast, but the core story felt pretty fresh despite having a typical Marvel ending. I think it's hard to fault the ambition here a least. They're really swinging for the fences and dipping right into big epic comic book weirdness and I love it.
  10. For those of you on Series X who stopped due to performance issues- this had a patch during the week that has been transformative. Still a few drops here and there but so much better. And the bike recall seems to be working properly now too! Sadly, this came just as I was nearing the end, but it made me finish out a few missions I would have left otherwise.
  11. Has anyone tried Into The Pit on Series X as yet? It has crashed on me multiple times now and when I tried to re-map the controller to change the jump button (it was set as Y) it completely messed up my entire control scheme and only a total game restart sorted it. It seems great when it’s working, but I may wait for a patch
  12. I don't think you can, no. Even after the final boss!
  13. It's pretty short, which works in its favour. I've done about ten hours and am now on the final boss. If you thought the rest of the game was tough wait until you meet this arsehole. I've decided to go back and power myself up for it a bit more!
  14. We have been chatting about this in the Gamepass thread, but it deserves a thread of it's own as it's totally rad. It's a 16 bit Zelda-esque metroidvania with excellent combat mechanics. It's unforgiving, but also extremely rewarding and well worth a look, especially if you have Gamepass. Another great addition to the service as I would never have seen it otherwise. It's also available on Switch and Playstation and I would honestly recommend paying for it if you like the sound of it.
  15. I've played it at the default, but I'm not sure if that's the one I'd recommend to others. The time limit is stressful. But I adore the game either way. The combat feels SO good. It's tough, but very satisfying when you get past a difficult collection of bad dudes or a tricky boss. I may even NG+ it, which I rarely do
  16. Yeah, this is fantastic. Thanks for the thread @ZOK! I don't think I would given it a chance otherwise.
  17. Wow, Unsighted is exceptional. It is tough, but the mechanics are great. Well worth a look.
  18. Can anyone explain how the repulsor works or has a good guide for it? I know the basic concept, but I'm not sure about the range or what it works on exactly. Loving the gear in this so far though. It's clear that they've taken lessons from the previous games and only put in the good shit. All of them have value.
  19. Was really looking forward to playing this last night then jumped on and realized my download hadn't completed, so only got in about 45 minutes. However, what a wonderful 45 minutes. It feels different, but also just like a Halo game. Everything feels so weighty and substantial in a way that other multiplayer FPS's just don't seem to be able to replicate. Looking forward to more over the weekend!
  20. No, but you can play one of the smaller maps against bots in the Academy. There will be another session at 6pm tonight too
  21. Yep, just download the Xbox Insider App and you'll find the Halo Infinite Flight under the Previews section in there.
  22. Super excited to try this at the weekend after missing out last weekend. Quick question for those of you who played it - outside of the matchmaking hours, I can still set up a game with online friends against bots, correct?
  23. S Someone recommended Eneloops to me on here years ago. They are really great and worth the extra money.
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