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  1. Interview with WarnerMedia's CEO. I think this is the first interview I've ever come across in which the interviewee actually says "I’ll answer the question I would have preferred you ask" out loud! https://www.vox.com/recode/22151073/warner-bros-hbo-max-movies-jason-kilar-warnermedia-interview
  2. I opened this thread intending to write "the earliest one I can name is a ZX Spectrum, but I remember before that I played some sort of Pong clone with a dial controller, but I'm not sure what it was called." But now I'm pretty sure it was the one you posted! I think my progression after that of what I played (not ownership) was in roughly this order, and the earliest games I remember playing on each: ZX Spectrum (Alpine Games, Uridium) Commodore 64 (Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Ghostbusters, Treasure Island Dizzy) BBC Micro (a version of Fr
  3. My wish was granted... but I missed it! Today I found out that for the past month, the second batch of Primal episodes (6-10) have been getting late night TV broadcasts on E4, with the last one on tonight. All 10 episodes now on All4: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/primal/episode-guide
  4. Trailer for Ghibli's first CG movie Earwig and the Witch, a TV movie that will air in Japan at the end of December: https://www6.nhk.or.jp/anime/special/special.html?i=10070 Like Howl's Moving Castle, it's based on a Diana Wynne Jones book; like Earthsea and From Up on Poppy Hill, it's directed by Goro Miyazaki. Apparently Hayao Miyazaki has a "planning" credit: https://www.cartoonbrew.com/feature-film/watch-the-first-trailer-for-earwig-and-the-witch-studio-ghiblis-first-cg-feature-199381.html Harshest comment I've seen so far: "Goro Miyazaki has finally made
  5. Peter Jackson talking about the new 4K versions:
  6. Lots of people! The warthog run used to get praised because it made an exciting ending by challenging the driving skills you'd learned through the game, instead of by introducing a boss fight like every other FPS. Yeah, for anyone with experience of FPSs, Heroic is normally a good difficulty to start on. Especially if you're playing with keyboard and mouse.
  7. What about examples of self-imposed rules that fans made up that were then officially adopted by the developers? For example, the Cat and Mouse multiplayer rules that fans made up for Project Gotham 2 (pairing up players into teams of fast racing car and slow Mini Cooper, the winning team being the one where both crossed the line first), which then became an official mode in PGR3. The same thing happened with Grifball in Halo.
  8. I wouldn't say they were more fun than the initial play through the game as intended, but for replay value, GoldenEye's cheats, customisable 007 difficulty, and end-of-level stats gave lots of scope for self-imposed challenges. Trying to complete every level with 100% headshots, or using the Magnum's ability to penetrate multiple enemies to try and finish a level with more kills than bullets (>100% accuracy!). I always liked activating the 2x Throwing Knives cheat and playing through the Facility level and trying to kill every enemy without missing any throws, and recovering eve
  9. *Sigh* I suppose it's up to me to say it this time... DID YOU KNOW? THE FUN FACT? ... That the Going for Gold theme was written by Hans Zimmer??? Little bit of little-known trivia for you to impress your friends with there.
  10. I think the only programme I occasionally watched on Channel 5 for its first few years was 100%: I always liked the way it was purely about QUESTIONS. No gimmicky formats! No conversations with the contestants! No visible presenter! No jokes! No audience! No applause! Just pure QUESTIONS filling the running time, as far as the eye can see!
  11. I remember watching that documentary, but didn't realise that it was 2006 - feels like it was more recent than that.
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