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  1. I, for one, question that assertion! Although I agree with what you said in your other post about it: it would have been better if Rebecca Hall's role had remained as originally planned. I'm sure they got a lot of toy sales out of it.
  2. @Broker So what you're saying is... Bioware got it wrong?
  3. Posted this in the Discussion thread too: DF Retro just published this video:
  4. DF Retro just published this video:
  5. Jenna Coleman of Doctor Who fame is in it for a similarly short length of time. I don't think she has a line, either.
  6. Off the top of my head, I could think of three DC villains (Mr Freeze, Killer Frost, Captain Cold) but only one hero (Ice). Turns out there are a few more than that: https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Cryokinesis
  7. Here's what you've been waiting for... ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE 2A! This could of course, still all turn out to be just fanfic. But Superman blogger DavidMann95 seems convinced: he sums it up by saying:
  8. It sounds like some sort of... museum exhibit?... of Zack Snyder's Justice League has popped up in Dallas. People on r/dc_cinematic speculating that it was organised by AT&T without the permission of WB? Apparently it includes storyboards and whiteboards containing the story that Snyder and Terrio planned back in in 2016 for a potential Justice League 2 and 3. WB has been taking down all photos of the storyboards on Twitter, but supposedly this is a transcript of the story that was on the whiteboards: CONTINUED NEXT POST because of t
  9. From wikis, Youtube videos, and "Ending EXPLAINED" articles by people who have read the comics.
  10. Yes, the gap was originally going to be very short: WandaVision was originally announced for Spring 2021 - then it was moved forward to December 2020, then back again due to the pandemic. Dr Strange 2 was originally announced for May 2021, then put back to November 2021 due to Covid; now it's due out March 2022. WandaVision's production schedule, from Wikipedia: There was one bit in the episode that seemed like Covid had affected how it was shot:
  11. Now I could go through all those guesses and tally up how accurate they were. But instead I'll just sum them up by saying:
  12. OK, here's my speculation and guesses! Not all are my own ideas; I can thank the Cinematic Universe podcast and others for persuading me of some of them... Also, on the speculation about a cameo in the finale:
  13. We're approaching ten years since Attack the Block was released! Here is a good retrospective article on it: https://www.horrifiedmagazine.co.uk/film/attack-the-block-2011/
  14. I got myself a Chromecast and a Disney+ subscription before the price went up. I've been watching an episode or two a day, and reading through this thread with a VERY cautious eye on post dates (thanks, everyone, for being good with your spoiler tags!), as well as reading the recaps by Andrew Ellard and the more critical ones by Film Crit Hulk, and listening to Cinematic Universe's weekly Patreon podcasts. I managed to avoid most spoilers over the last few weeks before I started watching: Now I'm all caught up in time for the finale! This was
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