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  1. Really? I wouldn't say they're Perfect, but generally I think they're quite Marvellous. But now you've said that, my opinion might Change, to become less Pure. Well, I guess You Showed Me - oh, Lucky You!
  2. I wonder how many passes that was?
  3. There are at least three GoldenEye-inspired fan projects being worked on at the moment, and two of them have very confusingly similar names. The people working on the GoldenEye 25 remake (who, I think, did GoldenEye Source before that) got a cease and desist letter, and started working on a thing that's called either Spies Don't Die, S.P.I.E.S., or S.P.I.E.S Don't Die: https://twitter.com/spiesdontdie https://twitter.com/SpiesUpdates Meanwhile there's a different project called Agent 64: Spies Never Die which
  4. What do you all think about the speculation in this poll question? Will it turn out to be one of those four? Or something else?
  5. There's multi-dimensional stuff (Mirror Dimension, Dark Dimension), which is apparently a different thing from multiverses and multiple timelines.
  6. In true Peter Jackson tradition, this has been expanded to a trilogy of two-hour documentaries: https://www.thebeatles.com/news/“-beatles-get-back”-disney-original-documentary-series-directed-peter-jackson-debut-exclusively Bit disappointed that this extension and the Disney+ exclusivity means I won't be able to see it at the cinema.
  7. Star Trek Picard was the second-best sci fi TV series of 2020 in which Alison Pill played a scientist in a story involving predictions of the future and people walking around inside a big floating high-tech cube.
  8. Gonna make a prediction: within a year of release, the speedrunners will get Any% runs down below 1h30m. And within two years, it'll be below one hour.
  9. It turned out to be all about one game (House of Ashes), so it was probably for the best that it didn't get its own thread.
  10. An incredible author's bio: Wow, an author who never falls prey to any of those mistakes must be amazing! ... Right?
  11. Cartoon Saloon are based there, aren't they? Are they involved with this, or are there other studios in that area's animation community?
  12. Doesn't seem to be a thread for the Bandai Namco event starting soon. Anyone want to start one? Not me, I couldn't deal with the responsibility! @Robo_1? @gospvg?
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