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  1. Videos from this YouTube channel have been popping up in my recommendations over the last few months. They are good explanations of the odd quirks and obscure nuances of the original two Doom games' mechanics:
  2. I thought that 2012 was a strong year, but as fun as Bane was, I wouldn't use TDKR as an example of one of its best films!
  3. Yes, that bug - being successful in Championship events despite not achieving the target number of points - was the one that the Official DC Magazine highlighted, when Sega announced the recall. Just checked my copy of issue 15: However the blog post you linked to doesn't mention that particular bug, only this similar one:
  4. Hugo Weaving's not going to be in it: https://www.timeout.com/london/news/hugo-weaving-explains-why-he-wasnt-in-avengers-endgame-and-wont-be-appearing-in-the-new-matrix-012020
  5. Also speaking of MSR's unbeatable Alfa Romeo mission, that reminds me... didn't the first Project Gotham Racing have some time trial targets that were unbeatable if you were playing a PAL copy in 50Hz mode instead of 60Hz? That's another thing we no longer have to worry about: the difference between PAL and NTSC frame rates, gameplay speeds, and borders. Surprised no-one's already mentioned that in this thread!
  6. The fact that you could complete certain levels even if you didn't have the target number of Kudos was definitely noticeable. Well, I'm not sure I noticed it in the month or so that I had the initial copy of the game, but once I saw a list of the bugs and tested it out for myself (it was one of the easiest bugs to reproduce on demand, along with the missing Quick Race menu) I couldn't live with it so sent off to Sega for the replacement disc as soon as I could! I got the game for Christmas 2000, and I sent it back at some time in January. I'm not sure whether the copy I got back was the second or third PAL version.
  7. Kieran Gillen wrote a one-page comic about Super-Man (not Superman; this is a 100% original and legally distinct character) and a lot of artists drew it. It's a good illustration of how panel size and layout can affect how well a joke lands in the final panel!
  8. There was a demo disc version of Viewtiful Joe 2 that did that.
  9. Discs were sometimes recalled and replaced weren't they? (e.g. Metropolis Street Racer) I don't know if any cartridge games were ever recalled on that scale. But I remember the Edge Making Of article on Micro Machines talking about how the NES version of the game was about to ship with an unacceptable bug, so they went through every cartridge and soldered on a bit of circuitry to change the single offending bit.
  10. That Casino Royale scene is (for once) not presented in a sexualised way though; he's genuinely attempting to comfort and reassure Vesper after she was traumatised. Of course it's not a realistic thing for any normal person to do, and it definitely infantilises her (metaphor of a parent kissing their injured child better!). But in the context of "movie reality" if not real life, I think it comes across as genuinely affectionate and tender, especially compared to most other things Bond does - not a weird shower fetish at all! (Unlike the Skyfall shower scene, which is creepy as it's purely there as part of his Bond Girl seduction.) The Casino Royale scene again, for context:
  11. From the title I thought this thread might be about the way films have looked and felt subtly different since the introduction of digital shooting, colour grading and non-linear editing, and the way that the pace and style of editing has changed over the years. Can we have that discussion too? This is much further back than the examples you're looking for, but one scene that I rewatched recently that comes across as dubious nowadays is the original Rocky. There's the scene where Adrian and Rocky's courtship is first beginning, and she visits his home for the first time, and she's shy and uncomfortable and wants to leave... and he locks the door and blocks her way. Even with the knowledge that they go on to be one of the solid long-term couples in any popular film series, it still comes across as more threatening than romantic! We could fill the thread with hundreds of movie examples (not just from Bond films!) of women seeming resistant to a man's advances but melting in his arms as soon as he embraces and kisses her. Most of those examples would be from decades ago, but there are probably lots to be found in more recent movies too.
  12. Nick R

    Adult Swim

    For those of us in the UK, Primal is now streaming on All 4: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/primal Only watched the first episode so far but it's very good! It's just disappointing that it's been relegated to All 4 instead of getting a TV broadcast in the Friday night Adult Swim block on E4. I'm sure they could find room for it, either by temporarily swapping it for one of their two Rick and Morty repeats, or maybe by ditching that ugly and crap and unfunny Mr Pickles series.
  13. Nick R


    He has a lot of production/engineering credits, few of which are bands I've heard of, but no Blur connections that I can see: https://www.allmusic.com/artist/warren-huart-mn0000672845/credits
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