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  1. Adam West went for 120 episodes and a movie without needing to show his (or Robin's) origin story!
  2. I honestly really don't think it's going to show their murder, even if it shows other aspects of Batman's origin we've seen before, like building the Batcave and suit... I think it's more likely do something similar to how the MCU Spider-Man films treated Uncle Ben: "OK, we know you know all that backstory stuff, let's just treat that as a given and get on with telling a new story."
  3. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/wallace-gromit-new-film-chicken-run-2-cast-title-aardman-netflix-1235077972/ Jane Horrocks, Imelda Staunton, and Lynn Ferguson returning. But other characters have been recast: Zachary Levi replacing Mel Gibson Thandiwe Newton replacing Julia Sawalha Romesh Ranganathan replacing Timothy Spall Daniel Mays replacing Phil Daniels David Bradley replacing Benjamin Whitrow (who died in 2017)
  4. The running time has been confirmed... 175 minutes. That's almost two and a quarter Mask of the Phantasms! (But it's only 2hrs48 if you don't stay for the end credits.)
  5. The Honest Trailer on this is a particularly good one. (SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY)
  6. A megathread should acquire this thread, so that it can be merged into it.
  7. I saw a couple of ZSJL fans on Twitter (here and here) claiming that since the person who did the Vulture/NY Mag interview has written about Buffy before, recently deleted all her tweets, and described Snyder's style as combining "the artificiality of a video game with the fascist aesthetic of a Leni Riefenstahl production", that means that this is a biased puff piece intended to rehabilitate Whedon's reputation. Which to me is a really bizarre way of reading it. Yes, the interview presents his side of the story, and the side of people like the Buffy writer Rebecca X/Rebecca Rand Kirshner (who is quoted semi-defending him, as she questions herself on whether Whedon's behaviour was really toxic/abusive). But to me the whole thing is a clear example of giving him enough rope to hang himself. From the admission that he'll excuse himself to go to the toilet if he's asked an awkward question onwards. If anyone can't get past the Vulture reading limit paywall on the article itself and wants a really awkward way to to read it, this Twitter user screenshotted the whole thing in this thread:
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