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  1. Sure, it's the best if you like watching lots and lots of scenes of people swimming veeeeerrrrryy slllllooooowwlllyyy underwater, plus one scene of speeded-up footage of Bond on an exercise rack, and another scene of speeded-up rear projection footage during the final fight. (The music is very good though. And it has one of the series' best SPECTRE meetings.)
  2. Don't be silly! How would he fit those gadgets inside AK-47 bullets?
  3. Fair point; Killzone was a shit game.
  4. The last time @Wiper sang the praises of Beyond Good and Evil's text entry system (almost exactly a year ago!), I replied that the one that Killzone used was also a good one, and I'm going to do so again: It probably took a bit of getting used to before you could do it as fast as in that video. (I never played online so I only ever used it for entering my save file name.) But it seemed a good way of solving the problem of using a joypad to move between letters at opposite ends of an on-screen keyboard. If you've got an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, and you want to type the word "lap", you've got to move the cursor from far right to far left and back again. That means either lots of repeated tapping of the D-pad; or you've got to press and hold and wait for the cursor to move, and then slow down before it arrives on the letter you want and do taps to move it the rest of the way. With KZ's system, you press right+Square to get "L", up+Triangle to get "A", then down-right+Square to get "P". Three separate actions to get three different letters. No repeated tapping to move the cursor required! Did any other games use a similar system?
  5. The Mega Drive version had even fewer buttons available, and did a pretty impressive job of cramming everything in. Although there were some counter-intuitive compromises: you had two methods available to place rides, the quick menu with small ride icons accessed by one of the buttons, and the more thorough menu that came up when pressing Start. When placing rollercoasters, you had to use one version of the ride menu to place the ride entrance, and the other version for designing the layout of the coaster. My friend didn't have a manual with his copy of the game, so it took us ages to figure that out!
  6. I have a completely warped sense of what is a reasonable price to spend on a game. It's rooted in the mentality that I drummed into myself when I was going to GameStation in the early 2000s, buying second-hand Saturn/DC/N64 games for £5 each, and then PS2 games in 4-for-£20 offers. And then my judgement about game prices was further distorted over the years by Steam and XBLA sales. Consequently, the most I have ever spent on a new game is... £30, for Sonic Adventure 2 on launch day 20 years ago. (The Bank of England website's inflation calculator tells me that's equivalent to £50 today.) So I freely admit I'm a Scrooge and my sense of value for money is completely fucked up. Just don't ask me what I think is a reasonable price to spend on a graphics card...
  7. @Boozy The Clown You know what you need to listen to next, don't you?
  8. Hmm, that fan-made poster looks familiar... http://ollymoss.com/star-wars-trilogy
  9. The Yellow Submarine album has four songs unique to it. But since you mentioned remembering the "one minute is a long time..." bit from the Yellow Submarine movie, you should listen to the whole album, because the excepts from George Martin's film score that are on there will bring back lots of memories. (Those instrumentals are also great in their own right write. ) (Ignore the Yellow Submarine Songtrack, though: that's just a compilation album with all the tracks featured in the movie, without any of the instrumentals.)
  10. You missed a perfect opportunity to say "never could be any other way".
  11. There's a few ways they could take the series from here:
  12. The website/Twitter account This Is Not Porn had a lot of photos that would fit in this thread, but it was mostly behind the scenes shots of actors. There were some of musicians though. Scrolling back through the timeline, the first ones I found were the Christmas ones...
  13. This Super Metroid FAQ from 2001 recently got some attention on Twitter, praising how much effort the author put into creating hundreds and hundreds of lines of manually justified monospaced text, with very little cheating though use of double spaces: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/snes/588741-super-metroid/faqs/10114 Example: Now return to the rock formation that resembles Ridley and head north. At the top, walk to the left through a fake wall. Go west, north, then east to find some MISSLES (215). Use a power bomb to reveal a path through the maze of metal just east of the missles. Grab the last POWER BOMBS (50). Again go through the fake wall. This time head west, north, and then west again. You will eventually pass a few metal gates. When you cannot travel west, hop on the platform above the ebb of lava. Bomb it and crawl inside this platform. There are some MISSLES (220) just under the room with the wave beam. In the bubble room, grapple over to the green door. Grab the MISSLES (225) perched on the platform in the middle of the room. Hop down to the bottom left (the lava won't do any damage) and shoot the floor. A metal pipe will rise. Bomb the left wall and crawl through. Drop into the lava and run left. Shoot the last green rock above the lava to reveal the last set of MISSLES (230), and then grab the last RESERVE TANK (4). Return to the bubble room. Use a power bomb near the southwestern corner and take the door on the left side. Speed through the speed tunnel. Leave Norfair using a path through Maridia. It is a simple trek up to the grappling room in Maridia. Space jump to the middle and take the blue door in the ceiling. Continue up and left until you crawl into Brinstar. Take the elevator up and return to your ship. Beautiful bricktext. (Even if they did spell it "missles" throughout.)
  14. The only thing I really watched on their YouTube channel was Late to the Party. (Du-du-du-du-duuuh! *Smiley faced party hat*) But they stopped that in March 2020 because of COVID, and did a one-off in September 2020. They've done two more in the last few weeks - but those both have "Sponsored Content" messages in the title (sponsored by THQ Nordic).
  15. In GamesRadar's case, you can blame Future for putting Total Film and Newsarama under the GamesRadar+ brand. I suppose we should be thankful that they didn't merge MusicRadar into it too.
  16. I've never really looked at individual pages' ad block stats. Is 15 blocked items, 20% of the page total, a particularly high proportion? Or is the focus of the screenshot meant to be the 784,471 since install? (Doesn't seem unusually high, for a long-running, frequently-visited site.)
  17. Totally serious answers: 1. Futurama 10. Don't you open that Trap Door! ('Cause there's something down there!) 16. The Muppet Christmas Carol
  18. Your spelling of "Saffin" (it's one F in the film) has just made me realise how similar it is to Pierce Bronhom's Taffin! All together now, everyone say the line... On your Major Spoilers:
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