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  1. Ban request - sensible posting in the console wars thread.
  2. This is the first part of the Marvel Comics contribution to the High Republic stories and it's really good. It's set shortly after the events of Light of the Jedi (which I haven't read yet) but I didn't feel like I was missing anything by reading this first. The story centres around a young Jedi and her master who are sent to investigate a distress signal and get drawn into all kinds of trouble as a result. Because it's set 200 years before The Phantom Menace all the characters are brand new (apart from a fleeting cameo appearance by a certain Jedi Master) and the main ones are really well fleshed out, especially the central pair of protagonists. It's a very promising start and it's made me even keener to read Light of the Jedi and get properly immersed in this new era of Star Wars.
  3. Totally this. I didn't fast travel once on my first run through Horizon Zero Dawn. They built this wonderful, beautiful world, why would I want to miss out on exploring it?
  4. I am a similar muppet, except I only discovered this just now by reading your post...
  5. How did I miss this? That's this weekend sorted.
  6. If he’s not converted the gold yet, tell him to hang on until his £1 deal expires in a month’s time (he’ll have to cancel auto renew if he hasn’t already) and as soon as it’s expired he can convert it then for £10.99 instead. Of course, if he has already converted it… you just can’t help some people!
  7. Dear Norris, I recently completed level 4 of Sniper Elite 4 on Game Pass. Upon completion, with all main and optional objectives met, the game informed me the level had taken me five and a half hours to complete, longer than some entire games I've finished lately. Is this a record? And can I have Roy's autograph? Yours sincerely, Darren
  8. It's nothing complicated, just that Let It Be was recorded (and pretty much abandoned as not good enough to release) before Abbey Road, which they recorded basically knowing it was going to be their final album, but then John roped in Phil Spector to remix and overdub the Let It Be tracks after Paul had left the band (which is why he's always hated that version of the album), so this messy bodge job became their final released album. So although Let It Be came out after Abbey Road it was never intended to be their last album, unlike Abbey Road which totally was and even ends with a song called The End. So listen to Let It Be second to last and finish with Abbey Road as God and indeed The Beatles intended.
  9. Controversial! You're only setting yourself up for disappointment. Although I have always enjoyed the desperation of Let It Be's sleeve notes calling it a "new phase Beatles album," that being the phase where they already split up months ago.
  10. Chronological order, eh? Is that by release date or recording date? Because it's totally got to be the latter. Abbey Road is the end, and indeed The End. It can't be any other way.
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