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  1. Boris has totally got a PS5 preordered.
  2. Get yourself to the New Canon thread where the wisdom of a very small crowd will help you find the pearls and avoid the bantha poodoo.
  3. @BarryL85 Have you had Game Pass before? If so what happened was as expected, the £1 offer is only for first time subscribers. But as you say, it’s still a good deal although quite confusingly presented.
  4. I thought that was really good actually, he only had the armour, not the clothes that went underneath, so he had to attach it to his own stuff in a slightly inept way that didn’t fit properly. It meant you did a proper double take when he appeared.
  5. I loved it. I liked all the obvious references like but I completely missed that the main guy was a minor character in Aftermath, despite reading all those books. To be fair I can’t remember much about the main characters in those books either. But still, it’s nice to know that they’re keeping all this stuff lined up properly.
  6. You must be joking, they can make their own!
  7. One of my all time favourite albums.
  8. Hades Into the Breach Slay the Spire
  9. I got that email too. SHIT JUST GOT REAL
  10. I’m in the same boat but went for an S anyway. I figure it will be years before my telly and AV receiver are replaced with 4K versions and by then there’ll probably be an X2 or whatever anyway. I’m thinking of it like iPhones, I don’t need the latest top of the range model, and by the time this one is showing its age there’ll be newer models to choose from. That said I realise that’s hardly a compelling argument. There’s no real reason not to buy an X if you won’t miss the extra cost.
  11. Be careful! One day you’re excitedly counting down the days until the new console arrives, the next you’re crudely editing number-related film posters and record covers you’ve found on Google Images. Heed this warning from someone further down the slippery slope...
  12. We really are in the darkest timeline.
  13. Nah, this is the most important number.
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