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  1. I forgot to say I read Immortal Hulk Apocrypha the other week @Mr. Gerbik and it was absolutely brilliant as you promised. #0 in particular was a massive piece of the jigsaw for someone like me who only had a very casual understanding of Hulk lore before starting this run. The way it integrated and built on those two key past issues was just genius.
  2. I suspect that rumour is wrong given that Carrie died before they even started filming it. Unless they were going to shoehorn in a few more of her unused shots from the previous films. "It's not too late, Ben. I failed you but you don't have to fail yourself. Come back to the light." "Luke's right, son. This is your chance to put everything right." "Has anyone seen Gary?"
  3. It worked better with Han, showing how Ben had changed and how he now wished that conversation had gone.
  4. Yeah, he was just in Ben’s imagination, a fantasy of how that conversation would have gone if he’d been Ben rather than Kylo back then.
  5. I had a quick go of Floppy Knights at lunchtime as it's new out today - from the first few levels it seems like a fun cross between SRPG type gameplay with card draws and deck building. Slay the Spire Emblem?
  6. He’s going to say it several times per episode.
  7. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.
  8. I'd be surprised if RJ ever wants to touch Star Wars with a bargepole after the monstering he got last time round.
  9. Hypothetically speaking, if one were to allow one’s Game Pass sub to lapse, could one still play the Games With Gold games they’d accumulated, or do they only work with an active Gold membership?
  10. Go for it, I can’t believe the nerve of someone to say that with a straight face to a black person. Was “not you, you’re one of the good ones” on the bingo card by any chance?
  11. That was even better than the previous one. One of the best ever for creepiness, and a bit reminiscent of 12 Days of Christine in the tone.
  12. The new Sunflower Bean album.
  13. This series has definitely got the highest (expectations based on the contestants):(how good it is in reality) ratio. Tonight’s was another cracker, and the final task was a thing of insane genius.
  14. Yes, that was an all time classic, there's usually one every series isn't there? Steve was properly creepy this week, he was channeling a bit of Pops I think with some of his expressions.
  15. There’s absolutely nothing that interests me this year, and judging by how quickly previous years’ releases end up in Rough Trade’s discount section, not much of it is of much interest to anyone any more. I can see the whole event being wound up soon, there’s a shortage of pressing plants making a backlog for the records that people do want to buy, without clogging them up churning out overpriced landfill picture discs and reissues. Surely it’s mission accomplished anyway - record stores and sales are in rude health compared to twenty years ago.
  16. And me, although I've "only" played about 36 hours. I must be rushing it.
  17. This was exactly it. It turns out there's something I need to do on another planet that will unlock a character here. It's just one of many things that could be clearer about the map & menus but at least I know it's working properly.
  18. Had a quick go at lunchtime and I've either hit a bug or there's still something I don't understand about how this game works. I've been trying to 100% Kashyyk in free play (the hub not the story mode) and I've got everything apart from one character (Lego head icon on the pause screen). The trouble is the map doesn't show me where this character is. It DOES tell me there's a person on the beach I still haven't had a chat with (light blue dot on the map directly in front of the mini scout walker next to your ship) but there's nobody there. So is this missing person the mystery missing character, or is the character somewhere else in the level, and if the latter, how do you find them?
  19. There are loads of little nods and winks to all the Star Wars memes and fan theories. I also like all the little running jokes, like Luke being obsessed with milk. I finished rattling through the story yesterday so now I'm taking my time, going planet by planet finding all the things I ran straight past first time. I think I've finally got the hang of the map and menus but they're ludicrously cumbersome. But it's all just so much fun.
  20. I’m currently playing theHunter as a walking simulator, in that I’m making a vague attempt to complete the quests it’s set me but I’m mainly just doing a big virtual hike through beautiful scenery and finding points of interest on the map.
  21. A good start to the series I thought. Chris is the competitive bloke in the Russell Howard mould and Ardal is the befuddled middle aged bloke who’s not annoying like Baddiel (yet) but a bit dull. I think I like Sophie best so far but I couldn’t tell you why. All the tasks were good too, a nice mix of pure challenge (find the ducks) and creativity/lateral thinking (duel).
  22. Also "Don't worry, she'll hold together!" (Then under his breath) "You hear me baby? Hold together!"
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