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  1. Haha, that is incredible! I'm definitely going to try it - the mouse I use now is an old optical one. Looks like it works perfectly well. Thanks again for the tips, everyone - I'll check out the Retro Show stuff now.
  2. Yeah, the PS1 paddle I have has a limited range of movement too (according to some online, this is what separates 'paddles' from 'spinners', so I've been mixing up the terminology here), and works perfectly with Arkanoid R 2000, so I think the Atari ones would do the job. Thanks! Edit: the kind of thing I'm blathering about definitely exists! No idea how to go about finding one, though. There was an updated version of the one below on Amazon.jp for a whopping $280.
  3. Nice one, thanks! I've never actually used an Atari paddle but I assume they'd get me closer to the feel of arcade Arkanoid than a mouse. It still might be cheaper to pick up a paddle and adapter than to build my own dedicated spinner controller, too. Anyone had any joy using the NES Vaus with a USB adapter? That seems like a decent option too but I'm wary of it since my PS1 paddle isn't recognised by anything...
  4. Cheers! Those look decent but would still need to be mounted to a cabinet, I assume. I'd love to put together something about the size of the Namco Volume Controller / Puchi Carat spinner, which shouldn't be impossible - people do all kinds of awkward padhacks and this wouldn't be too dissimilar. This person has made a great DIY pad with a spinner on it for MSX, seemingly from a ready-made kit, but I can't find the kit itself or anything remotely similar for PC/USB. I could just use a d-pad, of course, but Arkanoid is much harder to play (and feels a lot less satisfying) that way...
  5. Klatrymadon


    Interestingly, it seems to be very different from the PC version. https://store.steampowered.com/app/860590/MissileDancer/ Both look fantastic! The same dev did a nice little Image Fight clone called Image Striker.
  6. Hi, I'm after a spinner for playing Arkanoid games, Puchi Carat et al in MAME, but the only ones I've seen online are for people who want to install them in arcade cabinets or sticks. I don't fancy drilling holes into my Qanba Obsidian to make room for a spinner, or sacrificing an existing button hole, and the spinners sold for these purposes are usually around £80-100. I notice some people use the scroll rings that feature on some PC trackballs to play Arkanoid - is this about the best I'm likely to get? As long as they're sensitive enough it seems like a decent solution, and I could use the trackball for Syvalion! I have the spinner that came with Puchi Carat for PS1, and a '3-in-1 PC Joybox' that lets me use PS1 controllers on PC, but I haven't managed to get anything to recognise it. I'm interested some sort of DIY spinner for the SNES Arkanoid, too, although I'm guessing that'd be trickier to make happen. Thanks!
  7. Klatrymadon


    @Stanshall Oh, I've just noticed in the pic that their stick doesn't have a 5-pin harness, but most PCBs I've seen will still accept one. When you get a chance, check that there's somewhere to connect a 5-pin near where the 4 directions currently plug into the PCB. If not, you don't want the "-01" version of the stick. Sorry if this is getting confusing now! Ed: You're very welcome - hope it all goes smoothly. Ed: if you went with a Brook UFB you could easily use an "-01". Brook also sell a 20-pin "fighting board cable" to make connecting your stick and buttons really simple. You need the pre-soldered UFB for this, though.
  8. Klatrymadon


    @Stanshall Hi, mate! Yeah, I think it would be a straight swap, if your stick looks like this when you open it up. It seems to support lots of different mounting plates - in that picture it looks like they're using an MS plate, but the SS-P-40 plate it comes with by default should fit too (though you may have to rotate the stick and/or flip the 5-pin harness over to make sure the directions are the right way around). I've never modded a RAP EX myself, though, so if you're unsure you could shoot Arcade World an email about which plate to use (they're usually really helpful in my experience)! Sometimes the screw holes on the joystick itself won't line up with those on a certain mounting plate, so it's worth double-checking. It's more important to get the right one with the LS-62 since the shaft height is lower than most to begin with, so if it's mounted badly you end up with hardly anything to hold onto. (If shaft height is an issue I recommend the LS-55-01, which is another great short-throw stick of the usual length.) The only other bit of kit I bought for it was the Kowal short throw mod, which costs a couple of quid and just screws in under the restrictor gate (there are two spacers to it but you can just use one if it feels too short or the lever seems to get stuck at times). I notice some people on that site say you don't really need this mod, though, and I'd tend to agree - the stick feels great either way. Hope this helps! From the pic it definitely seems like the RAP EX should be an easy stick to mod, but do give us a shout if you run into any problems.
  9. Klatrymadon


    MS1, 2 and X are all perfectly doable clears (I'd recommend starting with 1 - it has the breeziest pacing and is probably the 'easiest' overall). 3 is where they started becoming a chore, and is the most egregious example of that tendency, imo - the final stage is famously about the same length as the rest of the game put together, and if you choose a bad route in any stage you can end up facing wave after joyless wave of bullet-sponges. It's very stop-start in the most unsatisfying way, at times. Beautiful to look at, though!
  10. Klatrymadon


    Darius Cozmic Revelation announced! It will contain two entirely new ports: G-Darius HD and Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX+. Both of these are incredibly exciting, especially G-Darius, which hasn't seen a home port since the Taito Legends version on PS2, and their titles suggest some interesting changes. The + in 'EX+' could indicate the addition of some content from Chronicle Saviors to the arcade game (or some wholly new additions), maybe even another arrange mode, while the 'HD' could indicate changes to the aspect ratio and therefore the whole feel and flow of the game (personally, I'm hoping a 4:3 version is still included). https://darius.jp/revelation/ https://www.famitsu.com/news/202006/24200438.html Edit: Hearteningly, G-Darius looks largely unchanged here. (It hasn't been shoehorned into a different aspect ratio, at least.)
  11. Also, excellent Gradius references in the trailer: stage 3 Salamander flames and Moai statues!
  12. Looks excellent! Here's hoping it carries over the design sensibilities from the first one - the rich, dense stages and the clear influence of e.g. Mega Man Zero on the bosses. The new playable characters all look interesting and equally viable, and I love that Dominique's moves are partly based on Eric Lecarde's.
  13. Yeah, it's this kind of aesthetic inconsistency that turns me off rather than the abundance of pixel art itself. Something like Blazing Chrome, which has a very specific vision for its visuals and sticks to it 100% of the time, looks incredible, but there are so many 'retro' games that seem to lack this kind of belief in what they're doing, and have an unconvincing grab-bag of 8- or 16-bit sprites and backgrounds mixed with fully HD dialogue boxes and overlays or whatever. The overall effect (apart from the tweeness) is one of smug ironic distance or cynicism...
  14. All Netherrealm fighters are like that, imo - a really offputting combo of stiff, herky-jerky animations, mechanical mushiness and vile art direction.
  15. Klatrymadon


    Sorry, yeah, I'm getting them mixed up. In most of the arcade games (and it's been a while but I assume it's the same here), collecting a blue orb tops your shields up for 3 possible hits, unless you're already at 3, in which case it'll add 1. So if you collect 3 blue orbs in a row without being hit, your shield will be able to take 5 hits. Even though the shield powers up through silver and gold phases, I don't think this has ever affected how many shields you get per orb. (In some games the gold shield allows you to take some environmental bumps as well.) Congrats on getting through CGL! It's such a satisfying clear.
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