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  1. I found it - 'global volume' (OSD button then 'left') had been turned down to nowt. Thanks again, folks. Sorry for all my daft questions!
  2. Thanks, both! Hmm, I didn't hook up a keyboard (since I have the OSD/menu set to the 'PS' button on my stick, I don't really need one most of the time), but is it possible I've muted it some other way? I'll have to look into this!
  3. No sound via HDMI either! Hope I haven't blown something on the I/O and DE-10 boards by messing around with DDP's refresh rate, or by plugging in both analogue and digital display cables...
  4. I hooked up the Mister to my PC monitor to see if the Cave cores would sync there, and they seemed to start up perfectly well, though the roms aren't working since my last update (previously I could see DoDonPachi and Esprade zipping by in desynchronised form). After changing the refresh rate to 60hz in the cores' options, though, I found they were still were still desynchronised / scrolling wildly on the CRT. Does this suggest it was never a refresh rate issue at all? Is there anything else I could try? (I hope it's not one of those "throw your RAM module out and buy another" issues I keep hearing about...) Thanks! Edit: since hooking it up to both the HDTV and the CRT I'm now getting no sound when playing on the CRT. This is after being switched off for an hour, having all wires secured, etc.
  5. If they're being thrown out at work or something, give me an address. I will knock them the fuck off.
  6. Yeah, I'm having the same problem as Swainy with Jackal and Iron Horse. I don't know where Update_All pulls its roms from, but sourcing our own might be worth a try...
  7. You'll also need to make a few minor changes to your mister .ini file to get it to display well on a CRT. I just copied the ones posted by 'retrorepair' in the third post down, here: https://misterfpga.org/viewtopic.php?t=2428
  8. Yeah, it's slow and sluggish, with really bland, whack-a-mole, euroshmuppy enemy formations, and the hitbox is twice the size of the sprite.
  9. I wanted to see if the VSHG would look nicer with some more colourful buttons, so I decided to attempt a tribute to the Namco stick. (Internally it has a Brook UFB, and the JLF has been modded with a 1mm oversize delrin actuator and a 1.6 gauge spring, supposedly making it 60% stiffer than a stock JLF. Feels amazin', almost like a Seimitsu.)
  10. Thanks! Yeah, all of these worked really well. Moon Patrol had a slightly narrower aspect ratio (which didn't change when toggling between 'original' and 'full screen'), but I didn't see anything to suggest the TV wouldn't get on with odd refresh rates...
  11. Thanks, @shiffy - I haven't had time to tinker much over the last few days but I'm going to try that soon. Someone on the Jotego discord suggested (re: Cave cores not synchronising properly on my screen) that my CRT might not support the funny refresh rate (57.4, I think) of DoDonPachi and other games. The TV supports both 50hz and 60hz perfectly well, and few cores I've used so far actually seem to run at exactly 60hz (most are 59.something, which the TV is fine with), but could this be correct? Is 57 just slightly too far out? Edit: It also handles Section Z nicely at 55hz, if that tells us anything. Is it possible that a TV could do 59 and 55, but not 57, for some reason?
  12. Yeah, and you can definitely get an LS-32 in there if you really want one. You need to get the older kind, without the 5-pin harness (so not the LS-32-01) and wire up the microswitches manually, and make a little dent in the bottom plate to create a few mm of clearance for the joystick shaft to move around. With a flat mounting plate, though, it should bolt straight in without any additional work.
  13. Blazing Star is the crowning jewel of the Neo Geo shooting library, imo - definitely get that if you only get one. Pulstar is a fantastic R-Type clone, as is Last Resort, and Zed Blade is an exhilarating and unusually manic horizontal shmup from NMK, featuring a lot of early-career Manabu Namiki bangers. It's probably my fave. I also really like Strikers 1945 Plus, which is a slightly slower, more bullet-dense take on the series' gameplay, which is usually full of sparse but incredibly fast patterns. Prehistoric Isle 2 is a good laugh, but as I haven't spent that much time with it I couldn't say much about its longevity. It has a pretty interesting scoring system, involving rescuing as many humans as you can (by literally catching them with your helicopter as they fly through the air, in many cases) and dropping them off with a rescue chopper. (As in Metal Slug, dying means losing all your rescued people.) Edit: actually, calling Last Resort an R-Type clone is selling it short. It has a lot of aesthetic similarities, obviously, but its moment-to-moment action is quite different, if only because the drone behaves so differently - it takes quite a while to get used to manoeuvring it and firing it off in the direction you want, although if you've played Rolling Gunner it won't feel totally alien.
  14. They're great, if you temper your expectations slightly. Since the HRAP and Madcatz lines kind of standardised things and made 'arcade-quality' parts a baseline expectation, a lot of people have basically written off anything from before the mid-2000s as junk, but Hori's home-market stuff has always been perfectly playable. If you've ever used any other Hori-branded stick from the period* you know what you're getting with the lever itself, as it's the same one they used for everything. It certainly feels slightly cheaper than a Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick, but it's still of a respectable quality - it has a pretty light action without feeling loose and floppy, the engage and return-to-neutral are decent and you won't have any problems with missed/eaten inputs. I find the buttons on the SS a lot more clunky than on the PS version, for some reason, but I can't imagine they used wildly different parts. They're still plenty responsive enough to play shmups and fighting games with, anyway. *a very roughly-defined period going from the PC Engine to the PS2 - their Fighting Stick PC uses the same lever as their Virtua Fighter 4 stick as far as I can tell.
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