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  1. Are Fighter Coins really only purchasable with real money? I'm after some of the alternate costumes, and had been led to believe that you could play through World Tour mode to accrue whatever you needed to buy them. Is this false?
  2. @Goemon Yeah, deffo. The most fun I've had so far has been in casual matches. Finding someone who is up for sticking around for several goes and who is clearly also enjoying themselves and learning a few things is great. The abrupt stop after two ranked matches is often a shame, really...
  3. In case you were wondering how Winnie the Pooh being in the public domain was going: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2319730/Winnies_Hole/
  4. The wheels fell off my Siberian Express when I encountered a JP player online. They were a 'new challenger' and seemed to be just testing out the moves, but I still couldn't get anywhere near 'em most of the time. Feels like a 1/10 matchup! 😄
  5. I'm after a Retro Fighters pad for some of the 3D, console-oriented games (I use a modded Green Goblin for all the arcade stuff), but I notice they've recently started using Hall effect sensors in their newer Xbox controllers, so I'm hanging on to see if they revise the StrikerDC one...
  6. I emailed them about changing my flag (I didn't want the butcher's apron but kind of like it for matchup purposes now), and they responded within a couple of days having sorted it. Hopefully they'll help you out soon!
  7. I'm not sure about Xbox either, but I can say that lag is negligible on PC and PS4. However, when the first collection was released there were a lot of rumblings about the latency being terrible when using an arcade stick on PS4. I don't know if this was ever patched out, or if the issue carried over to the second volume, but I play on stick exclusively and haven't encountered any games that felt bad. I'm pretty sensitive to anything over 4f, too. @Skull Commander The coins indicate that a 'Bonus Campaign' is in progress for that game. As far as I recall, these just award double the amount of CASPO points (which you use to spend on wallpapers, cabinet types, etc) per credit.
  8. Oh, I enjoy taking this one-trick, single-minded, learn-nothing approach. Grab, grab, grab!
  9. Yeah, it's my 50/50 gamble for a bit of knockabout fun. It's so satisfying when you do scoop 'em.
  10. You can also EX Siberian Express through everything and hope for the best, which is my winning* strategy. *absolutely braindead, useless
  11. Is there a way to make sure it is recording when you want it to (assuming there are no restrictions against it)? I was hoping to capture some more G-Darius clears, but now I'm not sure if it will only capture a certain amount of the run. (The game has its own replays, but I'll need the PS4's recording system to actually upload them.)
  12. Yeah, recording seems to start every time I boot it up on PS4, turning off again depending on where I am in the game. I thought it might be a problem with the share button on my arcade stick, but I guess it's always on...
  13. I loved it on the 360 and still play it occasionally, but it's not very similar to the original Galaga. You're basically memorising a bunch of enemy waves so that you can pre-emptively wipe them out, detonating certain ones to remove larger groups, etc. Playing it well involves a lot more rote learning than the original, but it always feels fun and it's a really compelling score-chaser, imo. One great feature is that you now have 'options' you can control manually and lock in place, so that you can have one set up to destroy a wave coming from the right and another waiting to handle a wave from the left, and so on. Edit: I can't see for myself as I already own it, but is there no option to buy it here? https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/store/galaga-legions-dx/C2733SDTF1BJ
  14. Thanks so much for this, JLM. I didn't even realise I was doing the wrong input for the level 3 super - it's hard to remember what's available and when. I'll definitely practice the 'level 2 into level 1' set-up!
  15. BTW, am I missing a trick with gief's level 3 Super Art? The slow whirlwind thing. It does about as much damage as a normal throw for me, but I'm sure I've seen someone else turn it into a grapple...
  16. If you want an easy win against a very dumb Zangief who won't stop going for EX command grabs: PC: Klatrymadon User code: 3263832621 PS4: Klatrymadon User code: 3545170641
  17. The Rumble Fish 2 looks pretty rough on PS4, regardless of the graphical filter chosen. It seems to be running in a fairly low resolution, too. I noticed a similar thing with Akai Katana - the PC port seemingly had a higher default resolution than the PS4 version and looked a lot sharper. Is this a deliberate choice to get things running well on the PS4? (I can't see why it would struggle with either game...)
  18. Part of me wishes you still chose a character before a match rather than locking in 'your character' before going online at all. It'd lead to a lot more experimentation and spontaneity on my part if I could be like "fuck it, I'll switch to Dhalsim for the next go" when I'm playing a few matches against one person...
  19. Just got to Bronze. You'd think repeatedly doing a fullscreen "I'm coming to get you" command grab would get me in trouble, but a lot of people keep coming in for a Edit: I can live with it, but I still get a pretty high amount of screen-tearing with my current settings (1920x1080 res, low graphics preset, vsync off, 120fps limit). The monitor's max is 60fps. Do you think upgrading to a monitor with a higher or variable refresh rate would fix this on its own? Weirdly, turning vsync on in SF6 itself does nothing at all...
  20. People in the Battle Hub are all very nice and supportive. Feels like a big cultural shift has occurred since I was receiving direct messages on Xbox Live from incredibly irate SF4 players insistent on starting a debate...
  21. Just cleared the 12-stage arcade mode and won 3 (casual) matches in a row with gief. He's so much fun in this version, if only because he has a grapple for every eventuality now. And they're so powerful! Three solid command grabs and yer dead.
  22. One daft thing is the way it separates out control schemes across the modes and characters. I can see useful applications for this, but why assume I suddenly want 'modern' when I play online if I've been using 'classic' and haven't indicated any displeasure with it? (I got my clock cleaned is what I'm saying.)
  23. Bought the PC version on a whim, having planned to go with the PS4 one, and I notice the min GPU requirement is a Radeon RX 580. Mine's a 570 - will I get away with the 10 on a low graphics preset? Edit: the benchmark tool says I'm "ready for optimal play" and gives a score of "100/100" without suggesting any changes, but it looked stuttery / screen-teary as fuck during the test, and this is somehow worse with the game's own vsync on...
  24. Was there ever a control-mapping solution for the Atomiswave Dreamcast ports? In the cases where GDIs with 'arcade stick' mappings exist they aren't great, and feel as if they're still for pads, and the standard pad mappings can be weird mixtures of face and shoulder buttons (as in MS6, where the bomb button is L). I understand you can get to the dip switches/system menus in an emulator, but I'm on GDEmu, and I think a lot of them lack control options anyway...
  25. Yeah I went with the modded one. I couldn't see a GDEmu clone on its own for any less, so it seemed like a bargain! It wasn't booting to the GDMenu at all at first, but it turned out that the SD extension card/cable for the 3D printed part had loosened off in transit, so definitely open it up and have a look if you run into a similar issue.
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