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  1. Drac XX has the same smeary filter from the Anniversary Collection. It's not great, but if you squint it might look like you're playing via RF or something. The previous collection had a superb dot-matrix filter for the two GB games, which was probably the stand-out feature of the entire pack, so it's a shame there's no approximation of the GBA screen's qualities here, but the games still look fantastic in 'pixel perfect' mode. I'm playing on Steam, but I bet they'd look great on the OLED Switch too. On the whole I'm really happy with the collection, and appreciate the addition of 'gadgets' for e.g. seeing which enemies drop DSS cards in CotM, or how many major items are left in a particular area in HoD. I'm a huge sucker for a good bestiary, too, so the encyclopedia content should be worth the price of admission alone. (I'd like to thank everyone for the fact that the thread didn't immediately descend into tier-listing and repeating every mouldy old take about HoD's music from 20 years ago. A cut above other forums on that score!)
  2. I won't have time to troubleshoot this properly until Wednesday night, but I thought I'd ask in the meantime: anyone had any issues with their USB hub not seeming to recognise controllers/keyboards? Earlier, I turned mine on for the first time in a month or so, and the blue lights next to the active USB ports were on, but no inputs were registering on-screen. My arcade stick's 'on'/'mode' light went off after a second or so, too. Any ideas? Thank you!
  3. Huge news, folks: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1556650/Castle_of_Shikigami2/
  4. Yeah it's one of my faves on the system! Be sure to try out the SNES mouse with it if you have one - it works really well in lieu of a spinner.
  5. Enjoy Triggerheart Exelica! I was umming and ahhing over that copy - it's a great game with a really fun, knockabout scoring mechanic (grab an enemy and Giant Swing them back into their pals) as well as lots of caravan-style secret bonuses, etc.
  6. Even when everything goes well, the cut taken by eBay themselves and PayPal increasingly sours the experience. The final fee is always more than the buyer pays in postage, so after paying the postage costs myself I'm usually at least £6-8 down from the sale price on a £20-25 item, often more...
  7. (In case it doesn't start in the right place, it's 17:13, Expert Stage 1.)
  8. Thanks! I wasn't sure where to mention it. I've logged it as a new issue, now.
  9. Ah, I've just discovered the Zed Blade sound issue (the title screen music playing at random during the stages) actually persists on that 'unstable' build. Bummer! Hopefully that one will be picked up at some point. I'm not even sure if it's currently a known issue - haven't seen anyone mention it online...
  10. NTSC-J Giga Wing doesn't do RGB. (PAL one does!)
  11. A game so infectiously ambitious that even the YouTube covers are great!
  12. Then there are games that don't support RGB but do support VGA (JP Giga Wing), or can only run in 480i unless you use VGA (Ikaruga, Under Defeat). Pain in the arse, but well worth sorting out!
  13. Yeah. I haven't got to this stage yet, but the arcade tracks can be unlocked legitimately if you clear all the other cups on Master difficulty. I can't remember if you need to also clear the story mode (itself a stiff challenge) but I don't think so.
  14. My Core Grafx II was in black and white over composite, despite my CRT being more than capable of handling NTSC signals. I've got an SSDS3 bolted onto it now but would love to see what a composite display looked like compared to my current RGB one (which is already gorgeous)...
  15. Yeah, it does! They're the arcade versions, so they don't have the additional content from the Playstation ones, but they're basically perfect ports and available right from the start.
  16. Most games suffered from weird rises and falls in pitch (particularly noticeable in Pulstar and Blazing Star), giving a distorted, warping effect to the tracks. Zed Blade / Operation Ragnarok had worse issues than that: the weapon select music was off-time and seemed to be tripping over itself, and the title screen music could burst in like the Kool-Aid Man during any stage. After a little testing, I can confirm that all of these issues have cleared up. I don't know if there's anything 'unstable' about the build at the user end, though. Might be worth waiting for the official release if the sound issues didn't bother you.
  17. I have two Dreamcasts (one Japanese, one European), and both of them have been asking me to set the time on startup for years. Since I mostly play arcade games, none of which use the date for anything important, I've always just skipped it. I've never had any issues with saving scores or anything. I suppose it depends on what you're saving. It might baffle a more time-sensitive game, for all I know...
  18. Apparently there is a sound fix for the Neo Geo core. This is amazing news, since the core was the main reason I bought a Mister, so the sound issues were devastating, especially as they affected my favourite games the worst. There was a lot of talk on Mister forums of a lack of interest in addressing the problem, so this comes as an incredibly pleasant surprise. You have to download a 'nightly' build now, but I'm sure there'll be a main release soon. https://github.com/MiSTer-unstable-nightlies/NeoGeo_MiSTer/releases/download/unstable-builds/NeoGeo_unstable_20210811_ba00.rbf
  19. Cheers! So, get as much out of the first phase as possible, then stop shooting and graze until you have enough to bullet-time the core? Sounds good!
  20. Well done! What gives the bigger score bonus, @ImmaculateClump, taking out all of a boss' armour in bullet time, or finishing off the core in bullet time? I haven't managed to do both in one go, if it's possible...
  21. The Zerodiv ports on PC are very bare-bones but basically decent budget releases. I haven't played the Switch versions, but I think the main issue there is relatively high input lag, somewhere around 6 frames IIRC. I don't think there have been patches to address this - it might even be something going on at hardware level.
  22. Yeah, the bombs seem to be there mainly to keep your 'bullet time' meter charged. Here's a primer based on what I understand so far, for anyone who hasn't played it: you destroy enemies and collect blue cubes which fill up a 'bullet time' meter, which allows you to slow down time and begin collecting gold cubes from the enemies, which are subject to a multiplier you can increase either by simply killing enemies or by grazing. You have three bombs, which don't do much in terms of clearing the screen (as spatular says), but exist largely to allow you to fill up your bullet-time meter more quickly, since they convert bullets within a certain radius into blue cubes. Where it gets exciting is that, by grazing bullets, you can fill up another meter which earns you your bombs back, so if you manage all these elements well, you can get into a nice loop whereby everything recharges everything else and you're rarely out of bullet time, and constantly hoovering in massive gold cubes. It's a lot of fun. I'm really enjoying this mad alternate reality in which European-made shooters aren't absolutely rancid. That's all in theory, of course - I've only spent about 10 mins with it and haven't cleared stage 3 yet. I agree the cat seems to be weaker for scoring and is maybe there just to net new players a survival clear. A shame, really - the game hypes it up quite a bit!
  23. Hmm, it's easier than most of NMK's games and easier than a lot of other Neo Geo shooters, but it's by no means a piece of piss. Still took me a good week or so to clear it, I think. Here's a DOJ Hibachi no-miss.
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