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  1. As a fellow beginner, I have to stress the importance of tidying up your item pouch (and crafting whatever you might need) before starting a quest. There's nothing worse than getting lost cycling through a bunch of junk to find the trap or potion you need in the heat of battle. Edit: I'd encourage experimenting with all the weapons, too, since each one represents a different character class, essentially. I started with a gunlance and found the game awkward and almost unplayable, but after switching to the hammer and getting the hang of things, I feel like I could adapt to any of the weapons, and will certainly give the gunlance a proper go at some point.
  2. Yeah, that's a good idea. Whenever I get into a new series I tend to devour everything at once, taking an interest in what was introduced and lost over the years etc, but it can definitely lead to a quick burnout. The online game sounds great and I imagine it's where a lot of the challenge lies (I haven't actually died yet!), as well as more interesting 'emergent' encounters...
  3. Thanks, both! I have World on my Steam account somewhere, and am going to dig into Tri and a couple of the 3DS games soon. Glad to hear I'm not just ignoring half the game, and that certain aspects are de-emphasised here... Yeah, there's definitely plenty of fun to be had just playing it at the level I'm managing. I like that every weapon type presents a very unique playstyle, so that even if I start finding the hammer or the longsword a bit one-note, I'll essentially have several other games to experiment with. I'm thinking of going online via the hub quests just to make farming (i.e. fighting the monsters I've already defeated) a bit more interesting. I imagine there's a lot of fun in joining up with other people and using weapons and items that synergise well, etc.
  4. I've been playing this on PC since it was released recently, and I'm really loving it! I've been meaning to check out the series since the original on PS2, but never got around to it for whatever reason, so this is my first one. After an hour or so of being baffled as to how to use the longsword and gunlance* effectively (they felt too slow to even keep up with the first medium-sized monster), I switched to the hammer, found it to have a familiar-feeling heft, moveset and speed, and immediately proceeded to flatten a Giant Izuchi. It felt incredibly satisfying to have things click into place - the early hours are such an overwhelming info-dump I was worried I might never settle into things. Currently I'm going through the four-star village quests and have just switched back to a longsword (some poisonous Wroggi thing) for a change of pace. It has a really addictive gameloop on the whole, but I wanted to ask if I'm missing something major, because I've always heard that it's incredibly important to carefully plan a hunt, and to really 'study' the monsters as much as possible, and understand things such as their habitat, what they desire, and so on. But I've literally just been accepting quests, running over to the target monster, lamping it until it runs away, chasing it down on my Palamute and lamping it again until dead (or, less frequently, capturing it for alternate rewards). If it were not for the bits of foraging and skinning smaller animals I need to do, this would be a fairly straightforward boss rush game. Am I missing half the fun? *I really like the idea of the gunlance, but I'm not sure I'll gel with that very defensive crouch-walk you do when you unsheathe your weapon. Maybe I just need to get used to putting it away again to dash, etc...
  5. https://www.gematsu.com/2022/01/pocky-rocky-reshrined-launches-april-21-in-japan
  6. That's huge news. Get on it if you can! (I bought it on the 360 years ago - it's basically a perfect port and, Saturn-worshipping aside, probably the best way to play the game. Nice 'Ikaruga' mode with a different approach to scoring, too.)
  7. Only shmup-adjacent news, this, but the game that influenced Bangaioh was finally re-released on Steam. It has a new arrange mode that looks superb, too: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1392150/Hover_Attack/
  8. (The Japanese version has an excellent original soundtrack, so this is purely a localisation choice.)
  9. Was it the one where the ship's AI puts on a mock voice and introduces themselves as "General Granzella" or whatever? That's the secret one I'm on about. The usual 'hyperspace' launch that you get on custom courses is the same but without that one gag. If there's another for the Lady Love ship I'll check it out!
  10. Yeah, that dialogue switch is completely random and only possible on courses not starting with stage 1.0. There's an achievement for seeing it, too - "Dantalion's Flute". Looking forward to seeing how the next DLC handles Delta's cube maze. Could be one of the best stages in the game if they get the pacing right!
  11. Arcade horse racing, somehow the most aesthetically thrilling genre of all.
  12. I used one of these RGB adapters for a little while, with a Mega Drive 2 RGB cable: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123883726129?hash=item1cd80ba531:g:FRoAAOSwflJdX6Sz It gave a beautiful display, but I can't vouch for its longevity at all, and obviously having an exposed board sticking out of the back of the console probably isn't ideal. As a cheap quick-fix solution it was great, though. I upgraded to a Terraonion SSDS3 soon after, which is superb and has RGB-out itself, but I've mostly been playing on a Mister since I bought it, so this was a fairly wasteful/needless trajectory. If you want to play on original hardware in the long run, I'd say a Core Grafx II and SSDS3 are your best bet, in terms of display quality, reliability and access to the full library. (This stuff costs a bomb up front, but will save you thousands on shmups alone...) Edit: sorry, Lyrical Donut's PCE CD might well be a good deal, too! BTW, any idea how much your friend wants for the SuperGrafx, Lyrical? It's unlikely I'd be able to take them up on it at the moment, but it'd be good to know!
  13. Yeah same here! It sounds like all of the SMT and SMT-adjacent stuff is on sale in other regions, but I'm glad people can get Soul Hackers, at least...
  14. Soul Hackers is £4-odd on 3DS at the moment. A steal for possibly the best game in the series, and a highlight of the genre, imo. Treat yourself - it's Christmas!
  15. Xexex is notable for being a really good R-Type-alike. It doesn't use its hybrid 'Force' device (incorporating some elements of the X-Multiply ship's tentacles) in especially interesting ways, IMO, but it's lots of fun regardless, and it looks and sounds incredible. Just make sure you play the Japanese ROM - the US version is missing all the fun weapons, and the healthbar that replaces your lives can be drained in an instant by contact with anything, making it a huge hindrance.
  16. ACA Xexex is on the way!
  17. Yeah, it's probably cheaper at this point to buy the ACA games individually than to buy the old anthology, which wasn't very well emulated (and was locked to 50hz if you bought a PAL copy). Playing the ACA versions is almost as good as playing on original hardware. If you have you heart set on playing the games on Xbox or PS2, though, the individual releases are honestly far better than the anthology. (Though they don't span the whole series, and 6 has no autofire option, if that's an issue.) Definitely check out the individual releases of 4 and 5 if you can. 4, while notably suffering from being a post-bankruptcy SNK game, is generally as breezy and fun as the original Metal Slug, which is a deeply underappreciated point, imo. 5 doesn't compare badly to the older games either, and has some really spectacular setpieces and bosses.
  18. The Steam release/update of Wizardry Gaiden: Itsutsu no Shiren is still on the way, and should be available as an early access title next week! https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1308700/view/3119303141141300520 (It's difficult to keep them all straight in my head but I believe this is the last Gaiden game, and that it comes with an editor for creating your own full-length campaigns.)
  19. I've only spent 2 mins with it but the port seems perfect so far. None of the weird framerate issues and disqualified scores, which were my main fear. Some of the UI is still in Japanese but you should be able to figure things out if you have any of the older versions. It's better than the Shikigami 2 port, which seems to be the old PC release in a new wrapper. It works fine for most people but I never had much luck with it - choppy framerates and tearing, control config woes, etc. Hopefully I'll be able to iron these issues out, though! Feveron was waiting for me after work, too. Spoilt rotten!
  20. The Shikigami no Shiro II Steam port lands next week! https://www.gematsu.com/2021/11/castle-of-shikigami-2-launches-december-6-for-pc-in-2022-for-switch
  21. Ace, haven't had the email about that - figured it'd be next year now!
  22. Haha, nice one! I really ought to get back to Blue Revolver. Despite enjoying it a lot I never really invested much time into it - I don't think I've cleared the Hyper and Parallel modes at all. The scoring is really brilliant, too!
  23. Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade (Steam) is now due on the 18th!
  24. For a ropey old mobile port it always looked surprisingly solid. I'm looking forward to it!
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