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  1. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    It's okay, we'll just play our new backup striker we bought in Janua... Oh.
  2. I really don't think it will be at least a 2 year wait. They have all game elements and mechanics finished, and these will not change per episode, unlike these sorts of things would in a sequal. They'll be working on episode 2 now, I'm thinking we'll be playing it in around 18months....or less.
  3. What chapter do you get these? I'm on chapter 3, and looking forward to more ways to dealing with BT bastards.
  4. One more question... Am I at risk of messing up if I donate most of my metals, crystals, ceramics etc to other players creations like roads and bridges? I sunk a load of metal and crystal into someone's road, and then realised I'd donated about a sixth of what was needed. Did I waste a load of collected resources or is this fine? Chapter 3.
  5. That's what I mean yeah, I was just surprised to see it, and thought it may be aiding my easy play through. A bit like the Chicken Hat in MGSV.
  6. Ah cool, thank you. Lovley touch.
  7. Question about Chapter 3 orde (Craftman toolkit)
  8. Football Manager Touch 2020 for Switch. My jaw was on the floor with how bad and awkward the controls are. Some parts of the UI are touch, some are not. Loads of lag in the UI, and all feels like it's about to crash. Tried playing a second time but I was about to throw throw the Switch at the wall, so stopped. Granted it's a PC game that should clearly only be used with a mouse, but that's £22 down the drain, and that was sale price!
  9. Stroud always have them. I get a Omlette, sausage, and bacon roll and its delightful and cheap. I sometimes carry Franks Red Hot to add, delicious.
  10. The true champion of Salt & Vinegar crisps are these...
  11. Been dilly dallying on buying this, but the last few pages have got me hyped and I'm purchasing this tomorrow!
  12. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Really enjoyed that game, we were the underdogs for most of the match and when things started to go our way it felt great. We were lucky at times, but this result will do wonders for the team confidence. Hopefully this is a start of a good run, we need it.
  13. Anyone played 198x?
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