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  1. Are we talking more cut-scenes than gameplay if I just stick the main quests and avoid sideline deliveries? I'm fine with that, just want to make sure I pick the right time to play it.
  2. I've reached the (mid to late?) bit in the game where you Without spoiling anything, how long have I got to go until I finish? I want to wrap it up ideally.
  3. I'm actually thinking once this arrives I'll put it on the shelf out the way and save it for a particular rough day in the next few days/weeks.
  4. I was holding off buying this various reasons. Read few pages of this thread. Read the Covid thread. Bought the game.
  5. Considering the circumstances this would really suck if they didn't.
  6. I'm sure the major football pods will tick over once a week or so, but if you haven't already subscribe to some of your followed team's fan podcasts, I'm sure they'll stay regular.
  7. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Well, amid all the terrible season we've had so far, and the general doom surrounding Covid, the suspension of the Premier League could be good for us. Sissoko & Davies are back in training. Kane is in semi-training. Son just needs his arm to heal enough to play in a cast which could be soon A break could mean so much for Mourino and players... Time to take mentally take a breather and come up with a new mentality and set of tactics. Of course this could, and will likely mean nothing since the PL season is probably going to be voided or suspended. IF it gets voided, then we may still have the chance to play for the CL spots for the next season after whenever that happens, and we just forget the 2019/2020 season ever happened.
  8. You both are the bad guys... For stinking up this thread! Take it PM, no-one cares!
  9. The visuals and audio are so, so, so polished. Really loved the feeling of the battles, remember to go into Settings and customise your battle shortcuts. I switched it off after about 5mins of gameplay, I want this to be fresh for the full release.
  10. This game is marvellous. It's really got it's hooks into me. It really feels great when you finally get going, and the supporting equipment takes away the struggle from Chapter 1 & 2. Not that I didn't enjoy the 'struggle', but I'm glad that's not the whole game. I've come to the end of Chapter 3 now, think I'm going to plow on as fast as I can through the main plot now in anticipation of other AAA games coming up in the year... I have spent A LOT of time in Chapter 3.
  11. This has got it's hooks into me. Chapter 3 is seeming really long, are all the following chapters roughly the same length? I think I may have misunderstood the size and scale of the game if so, chapters 1 & 2 were fairly brief and thought 3 would be similar.
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