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  1. I thought that was a good show, loads of different styles of games and the fact 90%+ of it is on Game Pass is great. Those mega-budget sub-HBO MOR products Sony churns out are boring beyond belief. I'm happy Game Pass shows no interest in chasing that trend. The variety on display here (and all of it for 'free') is much more appealing.
  2. Who has ever given the slightest flying fuck about Ratchet and Clank? What on earth is going on?
  3. Hopefully the Xbox One version of Backbone will come to console Game Pass when it launches.
  4. Sometime around 2004 or 2005 Edge printed a letter from a reader asking where the Edge forum had gone. The reply referenced Rllmuk but that they couldn't endorse any of the content. I'm pretty sure this happened...
  5. Er, they definitely did not use the 'normal approach' in the second domestic league meeting. That was a bizarre line-up.
  6. Executive producer is a vanity credit.
  7. Yeah, Ethan is so on the nose it's great. So much better than the shite wisecracking like some Marvel imbecile that's in every other AAA game. Finished this and Capcom absolutely knocked it out the park with the final area and end game scenes. RE4 seems to be the common comparison for this game, but I'm going to say it's the atonement for 6. This is everything 6 tried and so spectacularly failed to pull off. An action rollercoaster that's like a greatest hits of every kind of horror trope. And it's reassuring to see a game this hilarious and bizarre get the kind of budg
  8. Its entire target audience is people in their 30s.
  9. The typewriters seem more there to indicate 'this is a safe room' than to function as an actual save system. Given, y'know, that the game is autosaving all the time. Strange complaint.
  10. "I'm not really sure what Resident Evil is anymore". *proceeds to describe exactly what Resident Evil has been since day one*
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