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  1. That's an interesting way of describing rewinding and cross-referencing, both of which Telling Lies had.
  2. It's the exact same formula as the dev's last two games.
  3. I've been using the original Kishi since it came out (think there's a new updated model now). It's solid enough, obviously not going to be as good to use as the official console controller but it gets the job done. Personally speaking it's not ideal that it obstructs my phone's headphone jack, but appreciate most phone manufacturers have already done this themselves anyway. The biggest complaint is probably how 'squishy' all the buttons feel, especially the triggers which are pretty awful to be honest. However I mainly use xCloud for slower-paced indie stuff or the Yakuza games so it functions well enough - trying to play a Forza or something might be a different story.
  4. Congrats you have invented the 2002 PC game Hooligans: Storm Over Europe.
  5. Have you played The Medium? Silent Hill fans should be popping open the champagne.
  6. Nintendo games are usually the Wednesday before release.
  7. Brave to reply to a RubberJohnny post with this.
  8. Well, on DAZN we had Jonathan Woodgate repeatedly saying "it's clearly offside, no idea why VAR is taking so long to make such an obvious call" over slo-mo replays of a goal that looked very much onside.
  9. At 70 mins Man City looked properly panicked - botched passes, wild shots, hysteria in the stands. Then Gerrard subbed Coutinho.
  10. After watching that I'm wondering what Palace's worst is.
  11. First I'm hearing of this. Beloved February 2022 release Grid Legends is already getting a remake?
  12. No idea, don't think this forum has ever mentioned it.
  13. It looks like one of those YouTube 'Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine 4!' videos but applied to those crap PS1 Harry Potter games.
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