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  1. May I recommend a little game called Deadly Premonition 2.
  2. YMMV but I've been playing a fair amount of Warzone and ranked SWAT recently and get games pretty much straight away.
  3. 2 Anniversary is still a nightmare in solo Legendary though. 1, 3, and Reach remain really good games.
  4. I finished it. Overall it's a good game - but not on the same level as the 10/10 lightning in a bottle original. The script, dialogue, and story is excellent and I'm sure any fan of the original would really enjoy that side of things. The slightly stylised graphical aesthetic is also a good choice and fits the series well. Unfortunately, as is widely known, the framerate when outdoors is atrocious. The biggest issue for me with this is it made being in the outside world so unpleasant that I basically did no exploration or side quests and instead just mainlined the game. Obviously a big part of the appeal of the original was getting to know characters through their routines or side missions - the framerate issue basically took this off the agenda for the sequel completely (The game has been patched since I finished it so don't know if this side of things has improved). Gameplay can also be rote - combat is even more basic than in the first game and there's a succession of fetch quests about a third of the way in that kills any momentum stone dead. But overall, I enjoyed my time with it. The dialogue and storytelling is high-quality and there's some memorable characters here - York's sidekick Patti being a particularly strong addition to the series. If the original was a 10/10 I'd say the sequel is hovering around the 7/10 mark for me. DP fans will definitely get value out of the story at least.
  5. This kind of reaction is why we get meaningless CGI trailers instead of gameplay.
  6. Ten minutes long apparently.
  7. Streets of Rage 4 is currently sitting as 2020 GOTY so that one.
  8. The Xbox One launch disaster also has its background in MS seeing that the most used software on 360 was stuff like YouTube and Netflix - i.e. not games. They took this data at face value and just went all in on it for the Xbox One reveal - not realizing TVs in a few years would be coming with things like Netflix and YouTube built in, rendering spending $500 on a seperate box to run these platforms pointless. I wonder if the fact Sony actually make TVs meant they could see this coming and avoid a similar mistake.
  9. I'm about two hours in (there is an in-game clock but of course it includes when the Switch is in sleep mode so my save file is at like 38 hours or something lol) and the dialogue and voice acting has been great so far. Also no sign of any combat as of yet which was definitely the worst part of the original. The performance in the outdoor areas is almost physically painful to look at though. We'll see how the story develops but cautiously optimistic currently.
  10. Swery is the director of DP2. And really who cares about framerates in something like this. This review makes it sound very promising:
  11. Nintendo have had the handheld market completely to themselves plenty of times. It's no indication Sony will get involved.
  12. I think the biggest factor in the Dreamcast's failure is also why it's still loved so much - the games were just so weird and creative they were unlikely to capture a mainstream audience in the West. The Saturn catastrophe and Sony's (shall we say) 'optimistic' estimations of what the PS2 was going to be able to do also played significant roles, for sure. I still remember seeing the PS2's abject launch line up and just being amazed anyone could think that was better than the DC.
  13. Yes, Giant Bomb is the US spinoff of TCGS.
  14. No it isn't. Those were released a week ago.
  15. Maybe it's a celebration of 20 years of Microsoft buying Sega rumours.
  16. I thought it played really well. No gyro controls though which is a shame.
  17. Anyone defending CV presumably hasn't touched it for 10+ years. I played it last year and it's neck and neck with Zero for worst of the 'classic' Resis. Such a miserable experience.
  18. I'm currently replaying RE4 on Switch - just got to the island. It's still the GOAT and I have no idea what the point of a remake would be. Visually it's fine and the game is built around its claustrophobic controls. The only potential new feature I can think of is maybe having the ability to quick swap weapons. Not sure that justifies a multimillion dollar reskin though - especially one that would probably cut two-thirds of the content anyway. Still preferable to a CV remake though. Let's bury that abomination in concrete and never speak of it again.
  19. Virtua Striker 2 would have matches take place at day or night depending on the console clock IIRC.
  20. Tokyo Mirage Sessions could be another one.
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