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  1. Twinbee

    Pokemon Go

    Just to check, all your Pokemon Go progress is saved with your online profile, isn’t it? My son’s phone is playing up, and I can’t bear the idea of him losing everything if we have to change phones…
  2. Thank you, @dreamylittledream - I’m sure knowing Nintendo that this will be a seamless and non-painful experience.
  3. Pokemon help please, gang. I don’t play it, but my son is obsessed. He wants to connect Pokemon Home to his other games (he has Sword on the Switch, and has just picked up Ultra Sun for his DS). On Pokemon Home, it said to enter his Nintendo Account details. He doesn’t have one (he’s 12), but I’m guessing this is the same account I used to set up my Switch, and use the Eshop etc? Anyway, a scary warning comes up to say that if you connect the wrong Nintendo account, you’ll never be able to do lots of things, all of which my son will want to do. Do I have to set him up with his own Nintendo account? He’s 12. Apparently I have 3 days to sort this out as there’s some time-limited opportunity to catch a shiny version of something or other so I need to sort this now. If anyone can share any light I’d be very grateful!
  4. After some COVID related delays, the first batch of Escape the Dark Sector are shipping to people who backed it on Kickstarter (literally - they’ve posted some pictures of ships leaving China). I’m not a KS backer, and messaged them about retail. They’re taking preorders in July for the retail release in September. Can’t wait!
  5. What about something like Escape the Dark Castle? Short games, story-led, you can do most of the driving and keep track of your characters' health, etc.
  6. I’ve just restarted on easy mode after getting thrashed repeatedly by the first boss I encountered. I don’t have the reactions or patience I did as a teenager. I just want to pootle around a weird, dead world and listen to woozy synth music. Actually, I could just put the soundtrack on my headphones and go for a walk if I wanted that…
  7. Yeah he’s absolutely loving Undertale. It’s the humour that really makes it for him. He’s trying to do the ‘pacifist’ play through, and some of the characters’ reactions to battles where you don’t fight (like the dog guardian whose neck gets longer every time you let him) is right up his surreal street.
  8. Barely have any time or energy for video games at the moment (I work for the NHS and things are a bit busy right now), but I bought Hyper Light Drifter and gave it an hour this morning. Gosh it’s beautiful, and the atmosphere is tip top. Love it so far.
  9. He's 12 and a half. He's fairly well-versed in older games, as we still have SNES, Gamecube, Xbox, Spectrum, GBA, etc in the house. He also likes games that are just a bit mad. He got surprisingly good at Trap Adventure 2.
  10. Does Undertale ever go on sale? My son is keen to spend some pocket money on it, after some of his mates have raves about it. Fine by me but if it drops regularly I’ll tell him to hold fire.
  11. Woohoo! Looking forward to this. Got to love that cover.
  12. Just ordered Horrified, really looking forward to playing with the family. In other news, Spell Smashers has some money off at the moment at Zatu. I mentioned it a few pages back (around Xmas time). Very recommended if you have kids who are good at writing/spelling. Can be challenging, but my son and I like it a lot. We sometimes play against each other, or we play the solo game together. https://www.board-game.co.uk/product/spell-smasher/
  13. The lovely guy who owns Travelling Man sent me my order of Unmatched. It really is a lot of fun. Really quick, not ‘deep’, but with enough to it to mean you need your wits about you, as well as luck. Chasing each other around the board, choosing when to attack, and the balance of the different characters (Sinbad vs Medusa vs Alice vs King Arthur), is great. But it’s the sheer quality of the materials that makes it a pleasure to play. The card design is exceptional. I really want the Bruce Lee and Jurassic Park expansions now. Clever girls…
  14. Episode 3 is a 15, due to sexual content. Depending on the age and maturity of your kids, you might want to screen that one. Each episode is a self-contained story so you could easily skip it. Not sure if there’s stuff later that would make less sense though. Tbh I think kids would find it a bit dull, as the episodes are deliberately quiet, and slow paced. I’m bloody loving it. Can’t wait for the next one.
  15. Yeah, the only thing that Dark Castle really loses is the immediacy of the dice rolling – having to ask each household what they've rolled is a bit like the Eurovision scoring, but other than that it was some silly fun.
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