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  1. Myself and my kids (with no clone wars cartoon knowledge) will dive straight into this, I think. My kids haven't seen the prequel movies either. My son tried watching Phantom Menace and gave up about half an hour in ("it was so booooring! It was just these two frog guys talking for like forever"). Me <Emperor voice> "Goooood". So we'll see how far we get. Hopefully with this, they'll be as smart as they were with Mandalorian, in that you could watch with zero knowledge of Star Wars, and still really enjoy it.
  2. Twinbee


    Shows how good a film it is that he still liked it :-D
  3. Twinbee


    Introduced my son to Akira (the movie) yesterday, as he’s big on anime right now. His admission fee was me going full Kermode throughout, reminding him how influential it was, pointing out scenes that have influenced other films, banging on about the quality of the hand-drawn animation, and trying to get him to understand what it felt like as a 16-year-old in the early 90s, having no idea ‘adult’ cartoons existed, and seeing an advert for this in Empire magazine and buying it on VHS and have my mind blown. Despite that, he still really liked it.
  4. We all loved this, and echo the praise here. Feels like the whacky humour and gags of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, with the sheer visual wizardry of Spider-verse. For all the hilarious scripting, and visual humour, I think my biggest laughs though were the dinosaur models at the dino park. But there was just so much to love about this film.
  5. First charity shop mooch since last year. Struck gold at the nexus of Yacht Rock and old school Norwegian Black Metal.
  6. You really do need to watch each episode twice. So many tiny details. What’s that tooth lapel badge Alan has on?
  7. Stranded Deep doesn’t look like my cup of tea, but I’ve sold it to my son (who absolutely loves Minecraft survival mode), as Minecraft, but realistic. He’s now pretty excited about giving it a go.
  8. The making-of doc on Netflix goes into this a bit more, of envisioning a future where it’s not an issue. Worth a watch, though you may get a little dust in your eye.
  9. I know. We filed it under “it was a different time”, and the kids still enjoyed it, but it was a bit squirmy at parts. I’d like a sequel that just focuses on Susan, and how this whole episode damaged her future relationships. From her reaction in the movie (“oh jeez, I can really pick em!”), to “oh my god I took a 12-year-old’s virginity”
  10. Yeah well we’ve watched the likes of Big, and Super-8. The kids know not to repeat that and we know they hear it at school, so it’s all good.
  11. Thinking of watching Vampires vs The Bronx tonight with the kids (11 & 13). Looks fun, the reviews say it’s fun and funny, and it has an underlying message of gentrification, which the kids will respond to. Looks like it’ll have a Batteries Not Included / Goonies vibe, with a few extra swears. Anyone seen it?
  12. Yeah it was a good listen, agree with everyone’s comments about how he’s still entertaining/annoying in equal measure. Was shocked when he said about his own mother, whom he gave a job to (working class lad done good), but he was so coked up that, when his mom told him to lay off the coke, he fired her! I mean you could see now he’s pretty appalled with hisself and makes no attempt to excuse the act, but still, jeez…
  13. I mean, who wouldn’t want an instrumental concept album about post-war town planning, and the subsequent neglect in Thatcher’s Britain? (there’s a reason why I don’t work in marketing for record labels)
  14. Only got a PS4 this Christmas, which came with a copy of Titanfall 2. My son has been trying out the multiplayer, and it seems like there’s no problem getting a game. I’ve never played online shooters, but it looks really fun, so I might have a go myself.
  15. No, I don’t subscribe, I’m too sporadic a purchaser with not enough regular disposable income. I do like the look of the new Warminster UFO Club album they’ve just announced, though. https://drewmulholland-cis.bandcamp.com/album/warminster-ufo-club
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