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  1. Justin Fletcher pitched it to the Beeb, as The Fast Show for pre-schoolers. Brilliant idea. Maybe it was the sleep deprivation at the time but I found his terrible Geordie accent for Keith Fit hilarious. Also his West Country accent where he’d pronounce ‘sponge’ as ‘Spenge’.
  2. Another shout for Ben & Holly. It’s really smart, with lots of stuff going on about class (the fairies being the royalty, the elves being the servants). I’m a bit sad my kids are older and don’t watch it now, though they are starting to get nostalgic about shows so we may see a revival soon. i bet Nanny Plum is a scream on a night out on the gin, even though she’s quite racist about elves. Aside from that, I really like Sooty. There are usually episodes kicking around in ITV Player. They’ve done very well to preserve the tone of the Matthew Corbett era, and there are plenty of 80s celebs to amuse parents (The Krankees, Frank Bruno, that kinda thing). I’d never sit and watch it by myself, but occasionally I’ll convince my two (11 and 13) to grudgingly watch an episode, and they never regret it.
  3. I guess though, if you buy it, you won’t have any money left for drugs, so they’ve kinda won.
  4. Do you need to be online, like Journey, to play this, or can it be played offline? Will be on holiday in a caravan next week and this would be a nice thing to play.
  5. Apparently it’s on Disney+ from 30th July.
  6. Anthrax’s YouTube docs have been so good I’ve bought a ticket to their livestream concert on Friday night (midnight). I figure I owe them for the effort that’s gone into the oral histories. I’ll need a power nap after work tomorrow though…
  7. Watched The Dark (2018) as it popped up on Prime and looked interesting. After a very promising opening scene where a criminal on the run heads into a patch of woods no one ought to, and bumps into the reason no one goes up there, the rest of the film I found desperately tedious. I just didn’t really know what the film was trying to say. It was nicely shot and everything, but it was just dull.
  8. I’ve just finished watching ‘Forever’ on Amazon Prime, which was cancelled after one series. Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen as a married couple, where she is growing bored of her life, but then they both die young (separately) and find themselves back together again in the afterlife. It’s by the Master of None folks, and is really beautifully done. Tonally half way between The Good Place (for the humour) and Six Feet Under (for the quiet drama). Despite hinting at things that would come in the second series, it is wrapped up quite nicely, and I would highly recommend it. Rudolph’s performance is *fantastic* and whoever chose the soundtrack deserves a firm handshake. Also recommended if you’re a fan of mid-century modern home furnishings.
  9. I completed Spider-Man: Miles Morales in January (after the kids got it for Xmas), and am very much looking forward to playing it through again as soon as the Xmas decorations are up this year.
  10. Finally watched this with my two (11 and 13) after getting outvoted on a couple of occasions for more mature fare. We all thought it was great. I know some people always expect Toy Story 3 levels of amazingness and spiritual enlightenment from Pixar, but I’m happy when you can just watch a film, and at the end, say, “well that was lovely, wasn’t it?” It was lovely. And films like that which are a surrogate for a holiday in a warm climate are very welcome right now, too.
  11. Ah, right, cheers. Yeah I think for an album of this nature it’ll be fine with the combination of my equipment, my ears, and the nature of the music. It’s not like it’s a Tears for Fears album or something. I should probably just get the CD if I’m that bothered about fidelity, but where’s the fun in that?
  12. Do you need really good gear to notice the difference between a newly-released LP, and a special edition 2xLP “cut at 45rpm”? The forthcoming Wolves In The Throne Room album is available as both of the above, and I don’t think I could be arsed getting up to turn it over or swap discs every 10 minutes. I only have a cheap turntable and old Onkyo speakers. I’ve answers my own question in terms of what I’ll buy, but I’d be interested in knowing what improves with a 45rpm cut.
  13. For those interested, a couple of Matt Berry albums are being repressed and up for preorder (out 20th August). Kill the Wolf has been going for silly money in the past year, but I’ve just bagged a coke bottle green edition from Five Rise Records. https://www.fiveriserecords.co.uk/
  14. The Anthrax web series has been utterly fantastic. I’ve found myself checking YouTube every couple of days to see if the new one has turned up. I also was a massive Bush-era fan, and never really liked Joey’s vocals, but I’m much more open to them now, and I’ve been listening to Anthrax tonnes. I also have a WhatsApp group with a couple of other lads and all we’ve talked about is Anthrax for weeks. I’ve seen them live a few times and loved them, but I will be so utterly hyped next time they come around. Even considering paying to watch their 40th anniversary livestream (I think it means staying up until midnight or so in the UK). Would be amazing if they have Turbin and Bush come along to do some songs. As an aside, has everyone seen Bush singing with Metallica? Voice is still crack-a-lackin!
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