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  1. I was just saying to the wife how you can get a perfect life by watching the TV. Perfect except you're watching the fucking TV all the time and your eyes go square! We both laughed like drains.
  2. I've only seen one and a half episodes but what I've seen is pretty over the top. And not in a good way. It's still good but it's like a caricature of the first series.
  3. Hey, Rockface. The Larry Sanders Show is possibly the second greatest TV series ever made - just behind Trailer Park Boys. It's not like The Office, it's what Extras wanted to be.
  4. I fucking loved Nighty Night and it's coming back on to our televsions soon! What do you guys think of Nighty Night? I think it's the best British comedy of RECENT YEARS.
  5. You know, it's all very well you lot crying shits out of your eyes. But I don't think it's aimed at people who already have SPs. I don't remember anybody shitting themselves when Sony brought out a smaller PS2.
  6. Oh man! I hope they do gays next week. Awkward AIDS jokes a-hoy! Or Jews. Properly. Awkward holocaust jokes a-hoy! Or cancer patients. Awkward bald jokes a-hoy. Stupid girl: You're bald. Cancer Patient: I've got cancer. Stupid girl: Oh, so it'll grow back? Cancer Patient: Well, I might die. Stupid girl: But at least you're not a real baldy. Ricky Gervais is in the background pulling that hilarious face. Enter famous bald person. Fuck Off.
  7. I am TOTALLY getting me one of those. I haven't got an SP. And this little fucking gorgeous one is exactly the same price as the big one? Fucking awesome! I'll probably get a few.
  8. This is why I smashed up my TV some time ago. How hard would it be to put something in the boxes that actors pick up? Yes, you might be a great fucking actor but you're totally shit at acting like THAT box actually contains something. We can see it's empty by the way it and you behaviour. Ah, I better stop now before I smash up this monitor for looking like a TV.
  9. Hey Guys, nice issue! You should DEFINITELY try and get it featured in EDGE. Does Tony Mott still read these boards? Somebody PM him and ask him. They could put it in the QUIT/CONTINUE. Roll on the next ish!
  10. I like the way that girl in it went from talking about the Gestapo to being the World's thickest person! Man, I hope there's a black man in it next week - WITH HILARIOUS CONSEQUENCES!!! Kissed his ring, CLASSIC!
  11. Could a mod lock this thread or at least put it in the correct folder and ban the person who started it?
  12. You'll save even more money by only having a couple of games to buy! In fact, with the money you save due to the lack of software on Nintendo home consoles you can buy a PS3. It's a win win situation!
  13. Yeah, I agrre to some extent. Tenacity in the face of adversity is what pushese forward tschno developments. If we all thought OH NO! everytime we saw something new.
  14. Yeah, the BIG N will doubt have the best looking games and the best looking game mechanics. I think it will also be good for little dev houses. Becuase the machine won't be very powerful so they'll be able to throw a game together in a few days I bet.
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