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  1. I concur. That fat head, the leather jacket and the pink T-shirts. What a fucking mess of a man!
  2. I agree 500%. 99% of Gameboys were surely owned by children with the other one percent being owned by adult nerds.
  3. I don't know, you know the Piano guy from SHINE? Well, he was either a genius or a shitty, dirty boy who shit in the bath, like a dirty dog. What was he?
  4. You're disappointed? I'm fucking livid!
  5. The line between genius and whatever the opposite of genius is is very fine.
  6. I think Edge has really gone downhill his Tony Mott took over at the helm. And no offense to him but I think part of the problem is that he must be 40 odd years old by now. I don't want to read a magazine made by my dad, DO YOU? Time for new blood? Somebody who's more likely to know what WE want? I think so. Rant over.
  7. Where did you hear that, Storker Face? About the difficulty thing? I never heard of that. Why wasn't I told?
  8. The 1980s were the zenith of movie making.
  9. Yes, it is small isn't it? How very clever of you to notice!
  10. Hey, don't get me wrong, I thought it was a great film. The way I saw it he'd done this pretty nasty thing and ended up getting the perfect woman. TOO PERFECT, and he felt guilty! And so he imagined all that crazy stuff. But apparently Easton reckoned all the violence in American Psycho was real. Which, you know, would make that a pretty stupid film/book. Directors say a lot of things, I reckon they make it up afterwards. Apparently Weekend at Bernies was a modern look at how the nameless faces that make up the various cogs in a corperation really can make a difference to the way it's run if only they find their voice. Actually I don't understand what you mean. Real and in his head? How does that work?
  11. Audition, it was all in his head, right? I mean, none of the bad stuff really happened.
  12. The Vanishing, that's pretty creepy. I've got that Ju-on or whatever it's called here, The Grudge, but I'm too scared to watch it.
  13. That Rogue Squadron for the Gamecube was pretty spiffy looking.
  14. He wasn't speaking of French films. Man, there should be a smilie where the little yellow fella is rubbing his fingernails on his chest! IT'S BELGIAN!
  15. Somebody do their head, STAT!
  16. It didn't help Sega. And they were in a House of Pain song.
  17. Hold up, how did the druggie end up in the box? And what was all the blood in the nursery that Zach remembered?
  18. Ages ago, pre digital, in a photography magazine I used to buy because it was practically softcore porn, they had a picture of somebody's head. It had been taken from the sides and the front and then put together so the image, or the head I should say, looked flat. It was well weird. Somebody do that
  19. Okay, I should have said IF IFs and ANDs WERE POTS AND PANS. Anyway, I don't think you read the article properly.
  20. It's amazing the software they dish out these days. I got a Panasonic camcorder and it came with that photostitch thing, which is awesome, but it also has that photomontage thing which makes a picture out of loads of little pictures. That's even awesomer.
  21. How is that trolling? Your thought was stupid. A couple of years ago it was all IF NINTENDO DIDN'T HAVE POKEMON THEY'D BE FUCKED. It's just stupid. If Microsoft didn't have Halo, if Sony didn't have Playstation. I mean, it's just a stupid thing to say.
  22. Not really a jump but when you fell down a hole in Space Station Silicon Valley and the fellas in the space ship would mime that you were a spastic. I LIKED!
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