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  1. No, for you see they've been selling PSPs in that time. But no games.
  2. So it's April 11th still? Awesome. I hope Liverpool can get to the Champions League Final.
  3. But I could go into ask the forum and ask somebody to recommend me a TV. People would suggest their favourites, the ones they are fans of. People wouldn't cry if they didn't agree. The Liverpool thread didn't degenerate into name calling even though the passion involved in football is x1000 anything found in a computer game. Why's it SAD to be a fan of a company that delivers top-notch entertainment and has done for years?
  4. What's wrong with FANBOYISM? Why's it got negative connotations?
  5. The figures aren't meaningless, you ignoramus. If the DS was being easily outsold by the PSP it would IMPACT upon you at some stage. You can grasp that, right? THIS ISN'T THAT COMPLEX. I haven't got a DS or any plans to buy one. It looks kinda stupid.
  6. Well your brother is cooler than you, and you can tell him that from me, your internet buddy. He'll be stoked. I liked it when they robbed that shop and they took loads of bananas. Or when Ricky kidnapped the guy from RUSH.
  7. Save it, Dreamcatcher, it's been pointed out by the Kool Kidz that talking about the game making companies as if they were businesses is stupid and wrong and has no impact on us as gamers whatsoever.
  8. If you haven't seen it I'm here to tell you it's far and away the funniest thing on TV and the moment. Paramount show it every evening. And if you have seen it it's the far and away the funniest thing on TV at the moment, isn't it?
  9. Sega selling dick all Dreamcasts and going bankrupt - who cares? NOT TORUBLE GUM! He thinks the games are made by pixies and are magically delivered to his door and play on a kettle or any old appliance with electricity in it.
  10. Yeah, nice one. It's pointless to talk about games and consoles and shit, isn't it? We should just play them, eh? EH? So, you there, you go into every thread on this forum, the forza one for example, and you tell the people in there that they should be playing the game instead of talking about it. Becuase YOU find it pointless.
  11. See, I'm a massive fanboy and I've had to put up with people dissing my beloved NINTENDO for ages now. They laughed at the DS and stated the PSP was going to best it. THEY WERE WRONG. Also, I stole those figures from the Magicbox. According to a JAP-SURVEY the Revolution is the most anticipated new console, which leaves the people who cryed about Nintendo's poor showing at EEE with a tremendous amount of EGG on theirs ugly faces. According to the survey 4 people in Japan are super-pumped about the XBOX360 because, and this is the reason - it stands vertically!
  12. I was only messing, Sony aren't really FUCKED, they'll be glad to hear. The fact is though that PSP games aren't selling that well. I'm not a games maker person but I'd imagine PSP games are more expensive to develop, to take advantage of the extra HORSEPOWER the machine has. And that's got to be risky, seeing as the games don't seem to be selling that well. They must be taking a hit on each console they sell as well. So I retract my retraction. Sony are well and trully FUCKED.
  13. See the DS is still outselling the Psp in Japan. That's awesome news, eh? But what's even better is the software sales. 1 Nintendogs: Shiba & Friends / Dachs & Friends / Dachs & Friends Nintendo NDS B.SLG 37,194 328,261 2 Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Square Enix PS2 RPG 32,126 375,161 3 Front Mission Online Square Enix PS2 A.SLG 24,969 24,969 4 Mobile Suit Gundam: The One Year War Bandai PS2 ACT 15,230 339,233 5 Eternal Aselia: At the End of this Earth Nippon Ichi PS2 SLG 14,037 14,037 6 Baseball Live 2005 Namco PS2 SPT 10,276 90,984 7 Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu 3 for DS Tomy NDS ACT 9,138 140,612 8 Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2 Konami PS2 SPT 7,293 144,404 9 World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 Livewire Evolution Konami PS2 SPT 6,350 432,829 10 Fire Emblem: Souma no Kiseki Nintendo GC S.RPG 5,026 138,713 11 Derby Time Sony PSP SLG 4,896 45,461 12 Jissen Pachislot Shinshouhou HokutonoKen Plus Sega PS2 SLG 4,614 133,650 13 Touch! Kirby's Mahou no Efude Nintendo NDS ACT 4,536 184,520 14 Daito Giken Koushiki Pachislot Simulator Yoshimune Daiko PS2 SLG 3,567 446,879 15 Pokemon Emerald Pokemon GBA RPG 3,562 1,529,844 16 Mercenaries EA PS2 A.AVG 3,541 24,423 17 Beet the Vandel Buster: Darkness Century Bandai PS2 A.RPG 3,486 28,977 18 Magical Tale: Chitchana Mahoutsukai Princess Soft PS2 AVG 3,443 3,443 19 Tengai Makyou III: NAMIDA Hudson PS2 RPG 3,277 124,580 20 Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Koei PS2 ACT 3,214 887,901 21 Forza Motorsport Microsoft XB RAC 3,096 3,096 22 Dora Slot 2: Suyaku wa Zenigata Dorat PSP SLG 3,033 14,284 23 Tekken 5 Namco PS2 FIG 2,994 307,190 24 Sawaru Made in Wario Nintendo NDS ETC 2,892 730,056 25 Ochainu no Yume Bouken MTO GBA ACT 2,823 13,016 26 Rockman Zero 4 Capcom GBA ACT 2,819 54,280 27 Harvest Moon: Corobockle Station Marvelous NDS SLG 2,691 59,208 28 Pokemon FireRed / Leaf Green Pokemon GBA RPG 2,652 2,482,102 29 Rockman EXE 5: Teams of Colonel Capcom GBA A.RPG 2,536 177,802 30 Everybody's Golf 4 (PS2 The Best) Sony PS2 SPT 2,515 171,818 Man, the best selling NDS game in the top 30 has sold 730,000. The best selling PSP title has sold 45,000. Sony are FUCKED!
  14. That article's payback for Pearl Harbour.
  15. The one that stares at his sister while polishing his lighthouse. Ernie or Bernie or whatever the fuck his name was.
  16. Hahahah Street! Sesame Street! What's that other street that's on telly? KNOTS LANDING! no. Coronation Street! POst a picture from that too!
  17. Well, it would and it wouldn't. If you catch my drift.
  18. You look like a peeping tom. You look like you're looking into you sister's bedroom while cranking one off. In a street.
  19. "Y'know?" What's that, some kind of street talk? Are you street, Alex? Are you really?
  20. What? A scale like a fucking WALEXY POINT you fucking hypocritical no-mark.
  21. Actually I think that the fact Edge has actually rediced in price to £3.60 more than validates Crispin's claims. But, you know, ignore the facts if you wish, after all, this is the internet.
  22. Yeah, I think that's what he was getting at.
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