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  1. I'd say the S in that instance stands for Scratched-To-Fuck.
  2. Yeah, it was tiresome, but I think he gets it now. TOUCH WOOD *knocks on Alex's melon*
  3. Alex, you must have brain damage. Nobody here agrees with you, that must tell you you're wrong. Anyway, I have to go get a replacement phone now because I lost mine. It's going to cost me less than it did originally, because I'm upgrading, but you don't understand that.
  4. And where's that 50p come from if it's not a whim? A free market doesn't mean you're free to charge what you want. It means something else.
  5. Fine! But that means you'll have to tell EDGE to stop putting their prices up! Christ! I'm going around in circles here, it's like arguing with a potato.
  6. That's not the question at all. I think Edge is worth £10. Thaqt doesn't mean they can just up the ante on a whim. Before you know it Edge'll be £11 and then what. Then this question will transcend rudimentary economics.
  7. Save you're breath, this lot are totally dense. Alex W would probably go in and say "You see that DVD player you have for £19.99? Well, I'd like to pay a million pounds for it." I'll tell you, Alex, you should come into my shop. I'll give you a great deal?
  8. Take off your rose tinted glasses for a minute and actually think about what you're saying. You're suggesting that everything should cost more. Well that's fine, but where's the extra money coming from. I don't know about you but I haven't got a magical money tree. In fact I've got the opposite. So where do I sit in your unrealistic view of utopia?
  9. Yes. That's called inflation. A weekly wage would've bought a nice dinette set 10 years ago; now, the wage has gone up*, but that weekly wage still buys the same stuff, because the price has gone up with it. It's the same with other goods and services. If their price didn't go up, manufacturer of said dinette set would watch their profit margins gradually reduce, then disappear. *I'm assuming here that you've not earned a promotion, non-inflation pay raise or other change in the value of your wage in a decade. Unrealistic, perhaps. Maybe better to say that, 10 years ago, Builder John could get a dinette set for a week's wages; now, Builder Jack, doing the same job, can still buy the same stuff, in spite of being paid "more". Jack's wage increase relative to John has merely ensured that he's getting the same value out of his wage as John did. ← Nice edit, trying to make me look stupid. I don't know what a dinette is? Dino's sister from the Flinstones!LOL. Anyway, we could both throw around buzzwords like inflation and depreciation until the cows come home, they don't mean anything. So let's just agree that I'm right and you're confused.
  10. I don't even know what the hell it is you're talking about. Who mentioned a walkman? We're talking about EDGE. The fact is that TM and his monkeys will have an extra 50p x 20,000 - whatever that works out to - rattling about in their pockets. And what do we get out of it? More words? No. More exclusive, behind the scenes interviews with Temco? Probably. WHo does that benefit? The chancellor and who else? DO YOU SEE?
  11. And also it's worth pointing out to you lot that money actually used to be worth less than it is now. So £499 a couple of years ago isn't actually equivilant to £499 at today's prices, it's probably more like £599.
  12. Everything has raised in price. Get real you bespectacled clown! Look at the computer you're typing on? How much would that have cost you ten years ago? How much was the Microsoft Xbox when it first came out? £499. And how much is it now? £99 Dur!!!!!!!! The only way Edge should cost more is if they're sold on ebay and all of them in mint condition from issue zero. This new issue on its own is worth less than the paper it's printed on. This is my last post on the subject.
  13. Now it means nothing but a few minutes ago, before you lost, it was the most important debate ever.
  14. I do live in a pineapple under the sea.
  15. Let's see them argue their way of of that!
  16. I'm not going to debate you, Alex W. I'm not going to sit here and debate. The fact is they've raised the price. Agreed? Well what are you arguing about? If you want to get rid of money send it to me and I'll spend it for you on sympathy cards from Hallmark and then I'll send those cards back to you with the message A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED scrawled inside. It's a wake up call you'll thank me for in your later years when you leave school and realise your student loan wasn't actually free.
  17. I just said the word eighth in my previous reply! Jinx!
  18. Were you weighing hashish? LOL. An eighth!
  19. They should lower the price by 50p if the solutions as simple as you suggest.
  20. I'm with Glover on this one. There's no way that TM and the Edge Crew can justify an extra 50p in the space of one issue. It's taking the piss. It's a stealth tax.
  21. The place where Q is may stock EDGE magazine. I'd try there first.
  22. Why, have you fallen in love with me?
  23. Yeah, the guy's a legend. And he likes wrestling.
  24. Biglime - all one word - is probably posting something about how great he is somewhere around here - and justifably so, he's a super guy
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