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  1. I I’m tidying up my office atm, I have far too many armies. Anyone interested in about 2ks worth of Ravenwing?
  2. Checo glancing at the cameras and staying quiet was telling.
  3. Danny Ric and Vettel through to Q3!
  4. Let’s see where vettel ends up, glad that he’s out of Q1.
  5. SoundFX lap, and the commentators don’t stop talking over it.
  6. £140k diner bill, expensive night out! Nice that everyone can sit around a table, there's plenty of manufactured drama.
  7. What would ultimately happen if they were guilty? How would it change the championship?
  8. Max’s demeanour is always the same, golden if he’s way out front and no one can touch him. Toys out of the pram as soon as the slightest thing happens.
  9. Max really lacking in class there.
  10. Ah fuck! Danny what are you doing?
  11. That was some great racing! Looking forward to tomorrow!!
  12. God being a tifosi must be so soul destroying.
  13. There’s little doubt max will pass him on lap 1.
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