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  1. Agreed. On the flip side, other arcades don’t really get reliable repeat custom. 

    Southends arcade choice is a shadow of its former glory. It’s only Astro City that has a decent selection, esp now that Neón Knights closed down. 

  2. I saw it yesterday in imax 3d HDR, HFS and enjoyed it. The plot was better than the first and I’m glad I watched it in the cinema. The 3D seems much improved since 2012, great sense of depth and no eye strain! I’m most proud of not needing a wee!

    I’m looking forward to the next one. 


    I found the whaling kill v uncomfortable to watch (as intended. 

    How did they find out that the brain goo stops aging?

    Did bam bam know that the bad guy had killed the brother before saving him? 


    I don’t get why earth is sending piecemeal offensives to clear out the natives, if it’s that important a small unit isn’t going to cut it  


    The seizure storyline kinda went nowhere? I assume 7 hour the directors cut will probably explain more.  


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