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  1. Speaking of WWE Horner is a fantastic heel manager. His press conference with Zack segueing into children being bullied in the school yard is chef kiss work.
  2. I can never drive well with the stratos, Team Delta 4 life!
  3. They seem cheap ish on the bay atm, £40-£150?
  4. 100% this, its best to ask and also figure out how many other people are getting them warhammer - you may end up overwhelming and having a pile of shame.
  5. So do we think Abaddon's ally is going to be a tooled up Perturabo?
  6. I think they’ll be back near or at the top next year, they know what’s wrong with the car but can’t fix it this year due to the budget cap.
  7. And crofty talking about mathematical permutations of how max can win.
  8. God this is an unholy hour to be up. But on the upside my next door neighbour will be joining. Maybe should have not had that second beer last night though.
  9. I bought Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+ yesterday, works really well on the deck and has some banging songs on it. Plays well hooked up to the tv too!
  10. “Knights of house Korvax we ride to war!” Took my knights to the table top for the first time against custodes. Fun match but lost 62-93, it was a 6 objective game against an opponent that had 4+ invulns and fnp’s across the army. So if I can hold my own against that then I think I can do well against other armies!
  11. Grabbed the fear complete pack as it was on sale for £5 never played the series before.
  12. Yup but max without the pressure to win WDC on his birthday would have driven better.
  13. He did well imo, yes Max would have done better but Perez did what was needed to win the race, good on him.
  14. Max entered with his 2021 mindset, took too many risks, elbows out and diving in to corners. Paid the price but the car control he displayed when he did that handbrake turn was epic. He did well to get back to 8th.
  15. Fun race so far. Hoping Ricardo keeps doing well.
  16. Did alpine throw a spanner in Alonso’s engine again?
  17. I think he did a fist bump with him.
  18. One can dream that they get their points docked for last season. I expect it to be a slap on the wrist.
  19. Thanks, It’s a simple colour scheme for the two big boys (I bought the tyrant pre painted). They also lend themselves well to batch painting. The recipe was this: (grey base primer, red primer angled at a distance, lead belcher for legs, red contrast for carapace and armour bits, rekheird flesh wash, liberator gold, stormhost silver & Ghenna gold for trims, that new sewer contrast paint for cables, wild rider red for some recess stuff) There’s loads more I could do but the focus was getting them table too standard so I can play a game with them.
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