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  1. Wow I tried booting horizon zd on my “main” pc. 4 mins loading time so far. Deck 4tw
  2. Docking Station for Steam Deck HB0602 (jsaux.com) Seems nicely built.
  3. Annoyed that this is available on streaming but the 4k blue ray has been delayed from August to November!
  4. Is it that bad? The dialogue is wooden but it seems fine so far. It was well rated at launch? Also external epu for the deck lol
  5. Ah well, I’ve got no other way of playing it so it will have to do.
  6. did you try upping the graphics memory from 1 to 4gig in the bios?
  7. Yes, in so far I can play games I can’t get on Xbox.
  8. If cloud gaming can improve I don’t see the need to put windows on there (for my usage). I wonder when older games (looking at you stronghold HD) will get some form of support, especially as when docked mode improves.
  9. The thing that drew me to a Deck was the ability to play games I’ve missed out on in the 15 years since I’ve had a “gaming pc”. I bought plague inc, vampire survivors and horizon zero dawn (all on sale). That should do me for a while. PlagueInc is great fun. I hope Sony release The Last of us on PC at somepoint soon.
  10. So you may already have it set up but the common run times, and then either standard proton or experimental (I'll check when I have the device to hand)
  11. With a little bit of fiddling, Space Marine runs great! Really impressed with the unit so far - can't wait for more officially supported games to come along (and I still dream of game pass being available too)
  12. I’m going to play space marine tonight. But I think I’ll wait for the next big sale and see what’s decent.
  13. I think I’m going to try painting my big boys in a red scheme. I grabbed a can of red plastic primer from halfrauds on a whim. I’m thinking the legs n arms will be metal but the carapace etc will be red primer and then see what contrast looks over the top.
  14. If Evri are running, I should get my deck tomorrow! Just need to decide what the first game I’ll play on it will be.
  15. Thanks. Won’t actually be redundant till November but not quite what I had planned.
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