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  1. Or just bare rims for less weight.
  2. Does he need to pit at this stage?
  3. Risky play there. Might work though.
  4. Perez yellow flag conspiracy starts now.
  5. Is Linux game compatibility much improved? The main thing I would miss is game pass (downloaded, not cloud)
  6. Last time I checked windows didn’t work all that well (driver issues etc), has that changed?
  7. My preorder is ready for final purchase. Not sure if I’d actually use the thing. Has windows improved on it all?
  8. oh shit I forgot about cursed city. Need to build that. And finish painting the silent king.
  9. Pile of shame wise, I have 2 knights to build & paint, 4 war dogs to finish painting & a truckk to finish painting.
  10. I'm not surprised, when it launched they had crates of the boxes in the main shop area, god know how many they must have had in the warehouse.
  11. I did wonder why Rosberg was suddenly so pro Hamilton during commentary.
  12. Ferrari pit crew beautiful to watch
  13. I think slow pit into Drs train traffic
  14. There has to be damage, quite a shunt
  15. Camera angles seem on point this race
  16. I'm 10th in the list so pickings are slim so far.
  17. I have a fantasy draft in 20 mins and need some recommendations
  18. How many more wins does max need to secure the championship?
  19. Max is on a private track day now.
  20. I drove past Spa on the motorway! Couldn’t stop sadly
  21. I think I’ll be signing up for warhammer plus. The picture that inspired this model is a stone cold classic.
  22. I think if max continues to mature as a driver and individual that would be nice, he’s much more chill with 1 WDC under his belt. Still plenty of time to improve as a person, he’s still young, you can see that from how he makes jokes and then immediately looks to see if people are laughing because there is that innate insecurity. George needs to be less of a robot.
  23. Played a game against drukari today, my opponent hadn’t played since 8th so made some mistakes that I capitalised on. Won 75-45. Goff orks are a lot of fun, the waaagh data slate changes are a good improvement.
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