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  1. have they said what the reasons are? Lack of quali pace has been a standard for merc but seems worse than that.
  2. Merc is really slow atm
  3. Killer Kans arrived today, just waiting on some more Meganobz.& battle wagon!
  4. Necrons are fucking savage in the new war zone. I played against death guard and effectively tabled my opponent at top of turn 4. This was with a a 6 LHDs, 12 Skorps and a doom stalker novok destroyer list. I promised next time I wouldn’t bring that list as it’s deadly and flexible. Which brings me to orks, here’s my pending list https://pastebin.com/TEcuipf8 strength of numbers to account for the combat attrition losses.
  5. Oracle


    that is very good.
  6. Took necrons in the end. The new war zone secondaries are great. Opponent conceded before the end of my turn 4
  7. Up against Nightlords tonight, not sure what to take. I think Orks would struggle against AoC + the likely leadership debuffs NL's will bring. I suppose necrons, or maybe Death Guard demon engines.
  8. That was a great race, I wonder the next few will have that many racers fighting it out for the win.
  9. Love max’s tears.
  10. Yeah. Not a good sign.
  11. I love that juniper networks advert with the slow as dogshit Aston Martin car. Such a misjudged piece.
  12. He doesn't get that luxury - unlike other drivers. As the only POC driver in F1 he gets smashed upon either way, doesn't complain "hes virtue signalling", he does complain "Lewis is whining again". Vs Max's continual complaining & whining everytime he is mildly inconvenienced.
  13. I imagine the pile on to Lewis for not taking it on the chin will be immense, even with a subtweet like that.
  14. Loving the data slate and points changes for necrons. Puts them into the upper mid tier in conjunction with the new war zone changes to secondaries.
  15. I could only get a Screen X (triple projectors) viewing in the morning but took my daughter to watch. Shame the setup is not a patch on IMAX, particularly the weak audio. But amazing to share with her, not something I had the opportunity to do with my dad when he was alive.
  16. well guess what I’m doing tomorrow morning, fathers day just got exciting. I wouldn’t show my kids the original due to sex pest Tom cruise. But the sequel is much better on that front.
  17. You can take a 7 year old to the film?
  18. Made a start on my ork hat that I can use to swap between redemptor dread and deff dread
  19. Oracle

    The Boxing Thread

    Lovely set up by the feint and then punching through with the right. Great form.
  20. doesnt look too bad tbh.
  21. Played against BA - opponent brought 4 primaris grav transports and a bajillion hell blasters, along side a dreadnaught. Brutal game that I luckily squeaked an 8 point win 68-60), thanks to having a painted army and the bonus 10 points. I had 5 models left on the table by turn 5
  22. 100% if you have an imax screen locally, its the best way to see it. LOUD NOISES.
  23. I can't wait to get this on 4k, I wonder when it will be released- July/August? I wouldnt show the original it to my kids, whilst I will always love that film Tom Cruise is way too much of a sex pest, but this one is great and still hits all the right numbers and is LOUD. It took me till about 2am to drop off, brain was way too stimulated.
  24. That was awesome. Great formula tbh it could have gone so wrong but clearly there was real love of the source material.
  25. theres an active multiplayer community on Facebook
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