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  1. I'll wait for the reviews but if its half as much fun as the saturn version, its worth it
  2. At least its finally out I've been looking forward to death tank for yonks, I'd imagine that Outrun would be at least 1200 as well.
  3. Oracle


    I'm currently watching Chromed shelled Regios, apart from the truly diabolical techno music, its one of the few series of the new season thats managed to keep my attention.
  4. lol you'll love me, I havent played any zelda games
  5. I havent played RE4 so its going to be all new for me
  6. Right manged to source MP3 for £9.78 \m/ so thats my first game sorted My list is thus: Mp3, Okami, Re4, SMBB, Mario Kart. I'm hoping that I can bide my time and not exceed a £15 price point (after all the Wii is budget gaming )
  7. right the Wii I've got has the homebrew channel installed but I think I need to update my Wii's firmware, how do I do this without bricking my machine?
  8. hmmm maybe, so no love for MP 3 then?
  9. I'm awaiting delivery of an SD card. Is super mario galaxy still fun for someone who is not traditionally a Mario platforming fan?
  10. Thats the best of the best right there lol I am tempted...
  11. Ello all, I've bought a Wii but I havent actually bought a game for it yet (save Wii sports), So What should I get? I'm looking for a decent game that show cases the Wii, I was thinking Metroid Prime 3 but I am open to suggestions!
  12. Oracle


    I got the component cable sorted, doesnt seem to improve the image all that much, although I wasnt expecting miracles. Playing smash bros mellee was fun though. Now, to get some waggle games!
  13. I'm much the same, imported the usa version when I could have done with spending it on food at uni hehe. Sadly my modded xbox is hosed, so I cant actually play it anymore but if I was to source one and a copy of LOC how would one go about playing it online?
  14. Oracle


    Possibly but I'm not going in expecting gaming excellence
  15. Oracle


    I've just bought a wii second hand, I'm not expecting the second coming in any way shape or form. My view point is thus: Its not going to replace any one console, nor in my opinion is it supposed to; I think the Wii will be a console I dip into now again when the mood takes me. That said, I am looking forward to it and it will be nice to go into a shop and look at a whole aisle of games I hadn't taken notice of before
  16. got tickets to go see this in a couple of weeks time for the misses birthday
  17. With stuff like tropic thunder and other action spoofs I feel that Last Action Hero would have been hailed as a classic had it been released today I present the following evidence as to this films' awesomeness: Arnold as Hamlet: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=SCVc5TaPpe8 Kick ass car chase to AC DC: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1p5b0tM4irY One stand out character is Charles Dances' Benedict: Benedicts experiment Combined with the sheer number of cameos and Arnolds self deprecating humor, I urge you to grab a large cigar and a 6 pack of beer and enjoy this great file
  18. Oracle


    Regarding gaigogar MY EYES ARE BLEEDING,. seriously the bits featuring the baddies underground seem to flash/strobe alot. feel like im going to have a fit...
  19. Oracle


    currently watching gaogaigar which is great if you like over the top stuff, chers for the recommendation
  20. Oracle


    ippo newepisode = rock
  21. Pfft thats not Low definition gaming this is: Nes hooked up to a projector at work
  22. Oracle


    my girlfriends' sisters' husband is setting up a station coffee shop thingy, I personally think its madness but what would you guys pay for a medium cup coffee on a london bound commuter line?
  23. that sounds like an awesome recipe, will give it a go this weekend
  24. hmm that would be a thousand island dressing with tartar sauce....
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