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  1. Just ordered One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, havent read any gulag stuff
  2. Oracle

    Illustration Club

    I've been trying to come up with a new logo for a mobile learning project: they've been fun to do, even if they dont get used.
  3. Right this is what you should do Meal one Roast with all the trimmings: After having your fill Remove all bones and boil them up for stock, put the left over meat to one side. Meal two Chicken Casserole: Take meat and left over vegetables add stock and root vegetables, whack in oven Meal three Chicken and vegetable pie: Get/make some short crust pastry, reduce left over casserole on a low heat till theres just enough liquid, top with pastry whack in oven. Meal four Breakfast Scrambled eggs with Bubble and squeak: Anything left over from the pie and vegetables, mash together, form into patties, fry and have with scrambled eggs Sorted.
  4. going to do turkey for the first time ever, I've got 5 meat eaters and will want some left over so I was thinking of getting a 4-5kg bird ?
  5. Maybe its just me but I never really get art, My bro is artistic so I've spent quite a lot of time at central st martins etc. But going to a gallery etc does zero for me, its not even boredom, its just a null response. The question is, should art evoke an emotional reaction?
  6. yeah I agree with viper, the stratos should not be used for these runs.
  7. just done my second mountain run, pretty shocking tbh >_< 3:34:05 1:10:50
  8. new forest times same spec as always 3 laps: 3.50.50 fastest lap 1.16.22
  9. sorry guys didnt get anytime to play yesterday, the misses is cooking pie tonight so I'm free to have a decent crack at SR
  10. I'm glad to bring back the saturn loving hehe
  11. lol give us a chance, will get some times up for forest and mountain tonight as the board is looking a bit bare atm.
  12. DAMN YOUEEEESS! Back to the desert course for me. To ebay my good friend, a pal saturn would be about £5!
  13. more the merrier chaps but shame on all of you for putting your saturns in the cupboard!
  14. new records: Fastest lap: 0.54.04 3 laps: 2.43.91 On the same run \m/ Think thats the best I can do for tonight, going to try Forest out tommorrow unless you shag my times hehehe
  15. its probably because you need to just shift down to third turn into the corner and slide round, without touching the brakes.
  16. nah I trust ya just impressed, Prob the top speed of the celica helping a bit there. You need to learn stick, will increase your times no end.
  17. AUTOMATIC????!?!? heresy You can prob get away with it on desert but for the tight turns you need to be in manual to get in there fast enough. 54.15 you say, interesting....
  18. new best lap and best 3 lap run both on desert new fastest lap: 0.54 18 new best lap: 2.44 91 get in!
  19. sounds like a mini greek shooter sandwich to me!
  20. The misses just gave me this meal Jacket potatoe avec cheese Carrots Peas AND Chicken nuggets! From aldi as well, After fixing the leaky sink as well Next on my list reading the sun.....
  21. Sounds good guys! My bros got a standing arcade cab so I've been putting in extra time into this to ensure he doesnt kick my ass
  22. Made a pie with left over slow cooked brisket and decided to make my own short crust pastry instead of using the cop out frozen stuff. and It rocked Its a mini adventure.
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