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  1. Important question: American fanny or British fanny?
  2. Deeptone

    The Witness

    Guys, this is apparently £17.99 on psn. Deffo going to grab it at that price. Another great game I won't play because Destiny.
  3. Yeah, don't worry guys, you won't get an unsightly sweaty forehead. It's just going to cook your eyeballs. Totally better.
  4. I wish Bungee would go back to making games where you just go around shooting aliens in the face, because this mountaineering simulator they just released is fucking shit
  5. Oryx, the big horny twat, is finally down. Videogames should not make you feel this good. Now, all that stands between me and the moments of Triumph is one stupid calcified fragment.
  6. Just wasn't happening, really. Never got into the rhythm, I guess. Still, never mind. It was worth it for LeChuck jumping onto Oryx's hand and getting twated across the map.
  7. Awww, you guys 10 it is. Group would be: Baring LiM Kit Cap Weavus Me Will chuck out friend requests when I'm at home and phones not being so flakey. Thanks very much.
  8. Just tried it with randoms, and we almost had it. If we can get a group about tomorrow night I'd much appreciate it. Will chuck you an invite, thanks. What time you usually on?
  9. Thanks, every days a school day
  10. My phone seems to want to always quote Gorf, which is...weird. Ignore that, its not relevant. Got a checkpoint for Oryx HM. People about now or tomorrow to finish him off?
  11. Check out my swanky new 336 space wellies
  12. I've got a checkpoint at oryx HM. Anybody able to help tonight or tomorrow?
  13. Thank you guys. Really appreciate you guiding me through. Wasn't as tricky as I thought it was going to be. Sorry for dashing but I really am in a lot of trouble, she's not talking to me...totally worth it.
  14. Might be a few minutes after but will be there. Do you guys all know how to do the challenge?
  15. Just me. Could we do it with 4 or 5, or does it need to be 6?
  16. There will be a lot of tutting from the wife, but I'll try to get on about 7.15, after the kids are in bed. What's your psn ID? Mines same name as here. Anyone feel free to add, btw.
  17. Cool, when are you free? Once the wife finishes with EastEnders, I can probably get control of the TV.
  18. Yeah, sorry. To avoid confusion, it's the last chance to get the fragment from the Golgoroth challenge, as it will finish tomorrow and won't be back until after Rise of Iron drops. Just looking to do it on normal tonight if I can. Still a couple of weeks left for the Moments of Triumph.
  19. Leaving things to the last minute, as usual. I don't suppose there's anyone can help with a quick run through to Golgoroth and do the challenge tonight. Just realised it's the last chance to get the fragment.
  20. Yeah was good fun, thanks. Definitely thought we had blown it when two of us went down just as some new adds spawned in. LiMuBai saved us though. Again! Hopefully Klaark got some good drops to boost him up a bit. Anybody fancy having a crack at hard raid again after the reset?
  21. Could be, what time? 10 again. It may cost me a divorce mind. Probably worth it.
  22. That post does make me sound a bit Hodor.
  23. Well, I'm up for it if you need a sixth. I'm warning you now though, I've never made it across those bloody spaceships...
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