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    Us Psp

    Ohh, mine just cleared processing at Cincinnati. Looks like it will probably be here on Thursday (Then they'll be lengthy arguements with the fucktards at Ipswich who seem to like to horde stuff rather than deliver the bloody thing if it's anyrthing like my DS debacle) Still...it's on the way. can hardly wait to play Gretzky...
  2. Deeptone

    Us Psp

    Gretzky? Who he? Does this mean we won't be getting Spidey 2? I know I can just fiddle with a DVD a bit but I just fancied trying the UMD movie to see what it's like, without having to buy one. Oh well, it's the PSP that's the important thing I guess. Looks like post monday for me...
  3. Deeptone

    Us Psp

    Ordered 10th March 05. If I've checked my mail once this week...
  4. Just checked my e-mail and nothing from VG+ Although apparently I can meet lonely housewifes in Leeds tonight... ...which is nice.
  5. Ridge Racer, Wipeout Pure and Tony Hawks for me (if you don't like Tony games or have it on PS2 I'd go for Lumines). Oh and get on t'internet and get a 1GB card as well. Damn, March is pricey.
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