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  1. Just make them watch Crystal Skull directly afterwards. That’ll teach them the real meaning of the word “shit”.
  2. Hubie Halloween (Netflix 2020) I probably shouldn’t have expected anything else, but I barely made it 30 minutes through this latest Adam Sandler abortion. It starts off with a scene involving Ben Stiller and a “joke” about mental illness and goes rapidly downhill from there. An absolute shitfest. 0/5
  3. It may well have been a turd on release but by the time I played it they had both polished it and rolled it in glitter.
  4. Interesting choice. Hasn’t Wheatley also signed up to direct the Tomb Raider sequel? (another piss poor CGI shite-fest)
  5. That episode in particular is up there with the best of any television series.
  6. Just a ridiculous back catalogue when you look at it lined up like that.
  7. The whole ‘Atlanta Monster’ story line was a complete waste of time though. It had nothing to do with the idea of catching a killer through psychological profiling, they just got lucky / possibly stitched up some poor fucker who probably didn’t do it.
  8. I’m with you. I’m not bothered by war films generally but this was fantastic.
  9. Such a disappointing show. Season one was ace, season two absolute bobbins.
  10. I take it you’ve heard his review of Sex and the City 2? Now that is a classic rant.
  11. It’s no Dinnerladies that’s for sure.
  12. Watched the first episode. Fucking garbage. Next.
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