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  1. Never really got Sade at the time, but I seem to have developed an appreciation for her craft in recent years. Not sure what that says about me, or Sade for that matter.
  2. I liked the album he released early last year, Sunshine 3. All solid stuff, but as you say it’s impossible to keep up with him, he is ridiculously prolific. The new Rival Consoles is great btw. Getting some Jon Hopkins vibes from a couple of the tracks.
  3. Great idea, and plenty of comedic potential with Hasselhoff uttering lines like “I’m too old for this shit!” as he takes down a bad guy a third of his age.
  4. When you put it like that I would say it’s no great loss.
  5. Really? I might have to start watching again.
  6. Is Stefan Dennis still in it?
  7. It’s clearly Kerraig. He’s not even trying to be subtle about it. I guarantee he’ll be along in a minute with a thread about making statues of homeless people and then berating us all for saying what a shit idea it is.
  8. Just make sure you play Captain Spirit before starting Season 2.
  9. Oh goody will check that out this weekend.
  10. Yes enormous fun, really enjoyed checking out people’s choices. Shame @acidbearboy seems to have given up on his own thread - he’s not posted anything since Day 23!
  11. You shouldn’t. Hucknall may be a bit of a nob but his vocals on that track are pretty awesome.
  12. Absolutely, it’s much more than just a “dating” show, you really feel like you’re getting some insight into their lives. And it’s got a much better name.
  13. Day 31 - Guilty pleasure Final day of the challenge and it’s time to break out the T Swizzle!
  14. I’m currently enjoying Love On The Spectrum, a series about people with autism looking for and having relationships. I’m sometimes a bit uncomfortable watching these sorts of programme as they can feel like they’re exploiting their subjects for entertainment, but this is genuinely very warm and touching.
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