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  1. Got tickets to see Rog next year on his “farewell tour”. I’ve only seen the Dave version of Floyd live before (at Maine Road for the Momentary Lapse of Reason tour) so I’m really excited for this.
  2. Love the new album. Incredible sound.
  3. Presumably he usually has a band which disguises his shit vocals to a degree. Anyway, he is a conspiracy theorist, antivaxx nob head so who cares?
  4. Looks fab, glad it got a sequel.
  5. I love the fact that the big baddies in this show are going to be the kind of incel man-babies who whinge constantly about female superheroes and black elves/little mermaids.
  6. Interested in Ryan Murphy’s new Jeffrey Dahmer series. Probably will be trashy as hell but Murphy is usually entertaining.
  7. God knows what happened there. The level design was appalling and the frame rate dropped to slide show levels regularly.
  8. Yep, I’m just glad that this seems to be happy being a TV show rather than some grandiose multiverse bullshit that you have to watch in order to understand the latest mediocre movie.
  9. Loved the latest episode, so many funny moments including the Shrek reference. Titania was amazing. And the reveal at the end was cool. Easily the best of the MCU TV shows so far.
  10. Welcome back by the way.
  11. Have they apologised yet for the vile sexual abuse of their female members of staff?
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