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  1. Finally got round to listening to this. It is indeed some seriously dope shit.
  2. I love the Beatles but this was a massive bag of donkey crap.
  3. Calm With Horses Gripping and moving Irish drama with incredible performances from all the cast, including the kid. One of the best films I've seen all year. 5/5
  4. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a great pass the pad game, although fuck all like Until Dawn.
  5. Sounds like my kind of shit brother. Will be sure to give this a listen.
  6. Fierce Poodle

    Billie Eilish

    Many apologies, it wasn't meant to be transphobic, although I can completely see how it came across that way. It was a daft, poorly worded comment and I didn't take time to read it back. I have no issues at all with Sam Smith's gender, or him wishing to be regarded as gender fluid. I do, however, think he is a rubbish singer. No apologies to Nequests, however, who had the temerity to call me a dickhead when he recently received a ban for being abusive to other forum members.
  7. Fierce Poodle

    Billie Eilish

    Rich coming from you.
  8. Fierce Poodle

    Billie Eilish

    Also, Sam Smith is ‘gender fluid’ and does not like to be referred to in gender specific terms such as ‘his’. But fuck that shit. He is a monumentally untalented cunt.
  9. Time To Hunt (Netflix) Tense and slightly bonkers Korean blend of action / heist / Terminator genres. Very enjoyable. 4/5
  10. Enjoyed Time to Hunt, a very tense Korean action thriller. Sort of a cross between a heist movie and Terminator!
  11. Gears 5 Solid game, and looks great on the X, but got to Chapter 3 (the desert area) and just couldn’t be fagged any more. Really tedious section where you were on a moving platform in a giant warehouse killed it off for me.
  12. I’ve been meaning to watch the second series of this after really enjoying the first. Surprised at the lack of buzz around series two, haven’t heard anyone talking about it, but it sounds like they’ve fucked it?
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