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  1. Given that you have about as much empathy as Ted Bundy, that comes as no surprise at all.
  2. It’s not a stealth game. It’s a dressing up and killing people in the most creative way possible game.
  3. Shit, had no idea Deaths Door was coming! That’s a great addition.
  4. Was shitting it for a while on that last go. Wordle 213 6/6
  5. The only thing that’s really made me laugh so far is Des Wigwam.
  6. Loving Junior Bake Off again but it breaks my heart when one of them gets kicked off and they burst into tears.
  7. What’s the deal with those messages you get when you, for example, do one of the speed trap challenges, telling you you’re in the “Top 100%”? OK, great… I guess?
  8. It is just weird that you have two teams within each team who are essentially working in isolation from each other and the PM doesn’t get to see the results of the sub-team’s work until it is too late and then they’re all sat round a table staring glumly at what appears to be a turd on a stick.
  9. I just don’t understand how the men’s team couldn’t see that their toothbrush looked like a turd or that calling the character Whiffy wouldn’t present a problem.
  10. Christ that toothbrush looks like a turd on a stick.
  11. I can’t imagine this has aged well. The level design at the time was awful.
  12. Not as much drama as previous GOTY episodes but still highly enjoyable. Can’t believe Farley fucked it yet again at the end.
  13. Where can you watch this? Also, is it basically Making A Murderer but with rich people?
  14. She was great in In The Heights too (another LMM production - does this guy ever stop working?).
  15. “Colossal twat”, I think you’ll find.
  16. Anyone who actually liked this has the critical faculties of a lobotomised gibbon.
  17. Weirdly, it’s only the most self-obsessed, self-serving bastards that use words like collaborative.
  18. No, but I did think it was funny when the guy Ray goes to placate regarding his mate’s gambling debt refers to him as the magician when talking to the bodyguard. Also, the actor who plays Ray gave up acting/writing etc for a while when his career was floundering… and became a taxi driver!
  19. Pulled it back after a disastrous first attempt. Wordle 202 4/6
  20. The Lost Daughter (Netflix) I really didn’t enjoy this. The two main actors were good, particularly Jessie Buckley, but the character was unlikeable and the premise set off my social anxiety big time. The whole thing was just my idea of hell. 2.5/5
  21. “Six figure” turnover lol
  22. Lord Sugar will see you now.
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