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  1. Well, a lot of the people in the cinema I watched it in just groaned at the end, in a kind of 'What the **** was that all about' kind of way. I'm guessing that they were the sort of people who normally enjoy Jerry Bruckheimer films and had just wandered in by mistake.
  2. So you're saying if Kirsten Dunst had ginger pubes you'd be happy?
  3. Can someone help me out with a question here? I'm a bit concerned by the comment in the Edge review that says you can't choose specific friends to race with. But by the comments here it sounds like you fellas have been setting up games together. If you can't choose specific people to race against then it would seriously put me off buying...
  4. Sounds great. Can someone post the recipe?
  5. I was always more a 'The Bold and the Beautiful' man myself.
  6. Is it just me, or are there a lot of people called 'Larry' that work on Seinfeld? It's very confusing for a simple chap like me... Anyway, I've almost finished watching the Seinfeld series 1-3 boxset (which is great and also gets better the more episodes you watch and the more familiar you get with the characters) so I might have to give this a go.
  7. Sorry if this has been mentioned earlier, but just been reading on Teletext that Makosi has been ordered to bugger off back to Zimbabwe by immigration officials, due to her leaving her job as a cardiac nurse...
  8. Gives me something to hang on to!
  9. Wait til you see the outfit she wears when you play the game through for the second time.
  10. I really like some of his eighties stuff - Amandla, Tutu, dare I say it You're Under Arrest (if you can get past the scary picture of Miles on the sleeve - it's worth it for the awesome Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson covers!). Also, Aura is a much-overlooked album that doesn't really sound like any of his other eighties stuff, and We Want Miles is a good live album. I'd avoid Decoy, though. That really is shit. And for people who like the Bitches Brew-era stuff then I can heartily recommend the DVD Miles Electric: A different kind of blue, featuring his amazing performance at the Isle of Wight in 1970.
  11. Only problem is she hasn't been in it nearly enough in the last series or two. Although I do seem to recall cracking one off over a slightly gratuitous bikini-clad scene from the last series.
  12. Didn't Tony find out that Furio had the hots for Carmella, after Furio had gone back to Italy? If so, I'd imagine he's probably pushing up the daisies by now!
  13. Yup, Wesker is definitely the best character on Mercs and has the best weapons - his magnum takes out most enemies with one shot (although you're best off saving it for the Bella sisters), and the rifle is great for taking out the likes of Dr Salvador from long range. His handgun is good too, but you need to concentrate on getting head shots with it. If you can get 5 stars with Krauser, then you should have no problem with Wesker. He is the fucken man!!!
  14. Too fucking true. His big glowing fist of doom power-up makes mincemeat out of the dudes with chainsaws. Although Wesker is still the best, in my book.
  15. Great news, but I hope that the producers really do call it a day after these episodes. All five series so far have been consistently fantastic, but I'd hate for it to be flogged to death like - for example - Buffy.
  16. Hello, I've just got 5 stars for all characters on all levels in The Mercenaries and unlocked the Handcannon. Now, I realise this may not be a big deal to most of you but it was for me because I am usually pretty shit at games and it took me hours! I'm now off to replay the main game - which, incidentally, is the first time I have ever felt compelled to do so. This includes Ocarina of time, which was my favourite game of all time. That's all I wanted to say.
  17. I am open to recommendations for better films... ← Porky's 3.
  18. Maybe, but I just thought the bits were Ricky Gervais was struggling to understand what the CP girl was saying were funny / excruciating in equal measure. Anyway, if you can't laugh at serious disabilities, what the hell can you laugh at?
  19. Definitely the best episode so far. Kate Winslet was great - Ross Kemp, watch and learn! The stuff with the girl with cerebral palsy was toe-curlingly embarrassing but utterly hilarious - like all the best comedy. I almost couldn't bear to watch it. And Stephen Merchant was great. Again.
  20. It's a pine nut sales frenzy!!!!
  21. Did you tell them that it actually was Ham in Coke, or did you pass it off as ham glazed in syrup with extract of vegetable, or some such bollocks?
  22. Fuck me, that sounds absolutely vile! Good luck with the dinner party though!
  23. After last week's promising start, I thought this week's episode was weak. Ross Kemp was just embarrassing - comedy is not his forte, let's face it. I chuckled a couple of times, but that was about it.
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