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  1. Somebody very kindly uploaded a video of my track. It's got some issues, particularly towards the end. Oh well, lots to learn for next time.
  2. Bit of a bump, sorry, but I just made a new BMX track. It's called "City of Solaire" by Drake Revolver. It's only short, but was fun to make, so please give it a try the next time you're in the game.
  3. I went with him tonight. Well, he was there. And he was awesome. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. LOADS of CGI, pretty much as expected from Snyder, but Henry Cavill is really good as Supes, and the rest of the cast turn in great performances as well. A couple of things I particularly liked:
  4. Well done everybody! This is lovely.
  5. Ahh, I was doing it via the website. Cheers, just done it through the console.
  6. How do I switch between Pounds and Points? I want Fallout NV, but it's showing as £8.99 with no option of paying with points.
  7. Damnit. What's the cost of importing a copy these days? Do you still get stung for import duty?
  8. I did the same, and have barely played it. I have THE fondest memories of 1 and 2, but as a skateboarding game it's not a patch on Skate these days. But buy it anyway, just to say thanks.
  9. I'm in again. Makes the whole thing a little more interesting.
  10. I hit level 20 last night, but I still haven't made it past the taurus boss on the bridge. I just can't get past him when he's attacking, so only ever get one or two hits on him. Is there another way around?
  11. It's just about 1cm fatter than a regular box. It came through my letterbox no problem.
  12. Quick question about the DLC. Aside from the mini guide, is it any different from the stuff that's packaged with the game? Or just electronic versions of the same?
  13. Quick question about the DLC. Aside from the mini guide, is it any different from the stuff that's packaged with the game? Or just electronic versions of the same? Edit: Wrong topic. D'oh!
  14. Christ I hate this shit. Yet every year I sit through it, week after week, bitching and moaning about what a fucking fix it is, and how stupid the "public" must be for believing any of this nonsense. The obvious highlight tonight was the little Irish girl's red-headed sister/friend looking pretty hot backstage. That, and the obviously set-up cock fight at the end. Jesus wept. What a load of fucking shit. Can't wait for next week. Here's the Irish lass singing. She's got a pretty voice. Sorry, no sign of her friend/sister in the clip...
  15. There's a wicked thread in Trading where I'll be posting all of mine over the next couple of weeks, once I dig it out of the loft. If anybody's got any particular requests before I get around to listing the other formats up, PM away and I'll see what I can find.
  16. I'm going to bed, so will go with the majority. Good luck everybody!
  17. Thanks Dazza. Although I hated picking the films I thought would win, rather than the ones I wanted to win.
  18. I fucking loved the ending up until the last 2 minutes or so. If they'd stopped it before "that" bit, it would have ended pretty well, I thought. I was pleased to see a film where... Other than that, I didn't really mind it.
  19. I went to see it this morning and pretty much loved it. It's by far the best so far, and such an improvement over 6. There's actually some emotion portrayed in this one, which makes a massive difference. A couple of questions for those that have read the book... Other than that, it was easy enough to follow, which is another improvement over the earlier films.
  20. I downloaded it in 1993 and played Doom on it.
  21. Gah... mine froze this morning watching a regular DVD. Now it just goes to the red flashing light when I switch it on. It's a fat one... not sure of the HD size. It's not one of the original PS2 compatible ones, though. On hold with Sony at the moment. This is going to cost me, right?
  22. I wasn't even planning on getting this until I tried the demo. I was really wary of everything I'd seen about it; especially the various difficulty modes. After an hour with the demo on Hardcore mode, it's right at the top of my wants list now. Just lovely. They can keep all of their weird and wacky online posse things. I'm just really looking forward to sinking my teeth into a new Skate game with new areas to play and some real effort required in pulling off decent looking tricks and stringing together some fluid lines. Fucking awesome.
  23. Sorry for ignoring the invites tonight guys. I had to leave at 9, so it wasn't worth joining for 10 minutes. Here's me eating a lamppost as compensation. http://skatereel.ea.com/members/1/186582473/212922.aspx And yeah, sorry for the crappy Tony Hawkness. I was just going for score, not style.
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