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  1. Yeah, mine crashes all the time when I quit the game. My HD light flashes for about 10 minutes after closing the game as well, and my PC gets red hot. I'm guessing 2GB of RAM just isn't enough, but I can't put any more in my laptop. I was playing with a 10m draw distance yesterday, on the lowest of low settings, and it was running like a dream!
  2. Damnit. I spent ages last night working out how to change that for myself. Oh well!
  3. I think you need a comma or something in there. I had to read it four times before I realised what you meant. I'm really in the mood for some new HS stuff now. B&GIA was an amazing summer record for me last year. I must have played it nearly every day for a couple of months. Then I got a little bored with it though, and went back to Separation Sunday. You know what's a fun thing to do? Reading posts on this forum in the style of Craig Finn's vocals. It really works. Everything you read can become a new HS song. Especially if the poster uses short and not-quite-rhyming sentences.
  4. I hit level 15 this morning, and it's starting to get more interesting. The first 10 levels at least are really dull and nothing new at all. This is playing as a DPS caster though. I've heard that the healing classes are quite interesting, and having a tank that can kill stuff is a lot of fun. I'm sure all the Bori guys have their own guilds and things, but if anybody's looking for some friendly banter while you level, whisper Revovler, Troy, Scully, Karnos, Pandemonium or anybody else from Barbarian Shop Quartet and we'll gladly have you aboard. Just say you know Revolver and you'll get an invite.
  5. Good plan. Revolver (Tempest of Set) on Bori. Naena (Guardian) on Bori.
  6. Christ that looks good compared to WoW. It's going to run like a dog on my PC, but I'm going to have all the settings on max anyway. For the first few days, at least. My wife has just installed the game on my PC and it's patching now, so it should be ready for when I get home from work. Bori, here I come!
  7. Aye, the first album was better. And Brendan Benson's solo stuff blows it all out of the water. I thought it was funny seeing them on Jools the other week. Whenever the guy from the White Stripes start singing he reminds me of Zed from Police Academy.
  8. Login to your account here. You should then have the option to upgrade your account using the key from your retail version.
  9. If anybody rolls on Bori and wants to join a nice relaxed guild while they're starting out, whisper Karnok or Troy and they'll invite you to... Barbarian Shop Quartet. Tell them Rev sent you.
  10. The end-game is supposed to be quite PVP heavy, yeah. The rest of it's not at all though. PVP is fine when you want to PVP, but can get annoying when you just want to chill out and pick some flowers or something. IMO, of course. That's why I prefer PVE servers as a rule. You can still PVP whenever you want.
  11. It's about 4x real time, as far as I know. From what I've been told. So each day/night cycle lasts about 6 hours.
  12. Come to Bori! The home of PVE and, well, me.
  13. Yeah, come out of the closet, Boyo.
  14. Just had the following email from Funcom... Plus the code and things to use it. Woo!
  15. I thought that outside of the starting zone it was about 4 times faster than real time. So you get 4 days a day, if you know what I mean. I don't have that in writing from anybody who knows what they're talking about, though.
  16. But you got the hear them lament. That is what is best in life, assuming they are women.
  17. I got that as well... it tried to take me to the German English page or something, which wasn't there. This will be my 4th PS3 game when it finally comes out. I can't wait.
  18. It's out this week, so you can't get into the beta or the early access now. Specs are quite high for an MMORPG, but any reasonable gaming PC will run it ok.
  19. That's some cold shit. Well, even if she doesn't want it, it's an amazing piece to have for your portfolio.
  20. For those that don't want RP PVP (it's not for everybody, after all), myself and a bunch of ex-WoW guildies are rolling on Bori, a PVE server. Well, they are. I didn't get into the early access, so need to wait until Friday. Everybody I've spoken to is loving it though. The only gripes I've heard are that the UI is quite clumsy at the moment. The actual game is supposed to be superb.
  21. Everything I wanted to vote for was in the lists.
  22. Any idea if they're going to be releasing "Stop Us..." on CD at some point? I don't do the download thing. Pep Talk seems to be a strange choice for a Descendents track. Still, should be interesting at least. That Earth Vs show will be immense. By far my favourite period of the band. I'll have to look into getting some tickets. I'm somewhere in between on Market Harbour. Some of it's good, but other bits just seem really bland. The stand-out songs are few and far between compared to his previous solo stuff.
  23. And this is why game designers have such a hard time. Me and you couldn't have more different needs from our games, it seems.
  24. Horses for courses. I prefer my games to have as little story as possible. There was still too much talking in AC for my tastes. I just want to be able to get on and play the game, enjoy the environment and have some fun. I loved AC. Loved it to bits. I couldn't tell you what the story was about though. Same with most games. I'm just not interested. Having a poor story has never been a negative aspect of a game in my eyes.
  25. I love the fact that I have no idea who half of these bands are. I never realised I was quite so set in my ways. Anyway, big-ups for the Nick Cave, dEUS, Raconteurs and Supergrass albums from me. Was the Gutter Twins album this year? If it was, that, too.
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