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    Games. And many more stuff. I particularly enjoy reading long books about story analysis, characterization, etc. Yup. My life is super interesting.

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  1. I have literally no issues waiting for the next gen patch. Not only that but until then some great patches will have fixed, corrected and added plenty of stuff judging by CD’s style. No way I’m experiencing this game first time unless it’s in its best possible condition.
  2. I don't even know what that means. Care to use words like a normal person?
  3. I am not a tech junkie and I don’t even think 60 fps for this kind of game is essential, but the video above shows a game more advanced in graphics than anything I’ve ever seen. There is no way new consoles will be able to recreate that level of RT and frames without compromising. I would hope that SX will be able to offer a full RT experience on 1440p@30fps. That’s the best I can think off.
  4. You can’t have a spectacle anyway when bushes pop up in front of you. All this talk about fps and resolutions mean little when the world pops into existence as you walk by or run. That would be a truly next gen immersion feature.
  5. I think the NPCs are fine for a game of this level and the gameplay will be much more sandbox from what they have said. The atmosphere and detail of the world, events and NPC variety is easy to see and look incredible. Playing this whole and not watching segments will make all the elements click, something not easy to do while showing separate pieces of it.
  6. The world building is incredible. Level of detail in the world, sense of place and scale, it's breathtaking indeed. They seem to have hit this insane mix of GTA and Deus Ex in a complete open world. Hope the story and gameplay are on the same level. I am gutted this won't get a next gen update until next year. Means I have to wait even more.
  7. Yeah, Nintendo has really fucked up with their business model.
  8. They have been releasing decent games and they will release even more. If GP is successful they will be creating their own thing, as Nintendo did with not focusing on the tech race. It is amazing that people think the way to success is only what Sony is doing.
  9. I am still perplexed by people who think that Microsoft really needs to beat Sony -whatever that means- in order to be successful.
  10. "The iconic social stealth gameplay"
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