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  1. Being playing this for some hours now. Got it on PC and used the ini settings for eliminating pop up (there’s one for NPCs now as well). Man, what difference does it make to see the world solid. A very beautiful game. I am surprised at how nice the world building is and the ideas around it seem well thought out. Huge amounts of banter between characters which makes everything much more immersive. I am going back and forth between Japanese and English VO. I prefer Japanese but there’s so much context banter that I have to read during play that it will be a mess when more characters appear. Any thoughts? Also, it’s buttery smooth at 1440p maxed out and the combat is really great (when you understand what’s going on).
  2. I tried the demo and the world literally pops in into existence all over the place. Rocks, grass, bushes, NPCs… Enemies seem fine.
  3. Only for the environment. NPCs seem to be hardcoded and there’s no ini setting for that. It’s an embarrassment and I was really looking forward to the game, especially considering the improvements in story, characters etc.
  4. Wow. I wonder if there is a chance that they are going to fix this.
  5. The pop in is the main thing keeping me from buying it actually. It is unacceptable. Is it really that bad?
  6. See if anything’s weird with sensitivities in the controls. Put everything on default again. There has been issues with planes pulling left and right too much on a runway since the PC launch. But it also may be the wind.
  7. Does anyone have issues with the autopilot going haywire at random points? For example, everything going ok and then the plane suddenly turns left completely for no reason. I have seen some complaints about it but not sure if it has something to do with the full realism settings in using or control sensitivity etc. I’m flying the Diamond DN40.
  8. I’m having a weird bug (?). When I press LB+Dpad to go at close view of the cockpit and then cursor mode to click on instruments, it also affects the yoke when I move the circle. So I can’t really use cursor mode, unless I use free cam to look closely and interact with the cockpit.
  9. That would be great. Hopefully it will happen at some point. For a game so close to realism it has an embarrassing lack of guides or ways to receive help in game. Having someone as a digital instructor seems such a missed opportunity.
  10. Thanks a bunch :). Will start checking them soon, as there’s so many different ones.
  11. This is one of the things I am having difficulty grasping my head around for some reason and Squirrel's tutorial really doesn't provide information around it. He also goes into a straight flight path so I don't understand how to set up the auto pilot to follow my custom waypoints. Is there any tutorial more specific on how to use CDI heading and auto pilot?
  12. I’m trying to clear something with the auto pilot. Does it fully work on custom waypoints on VFR? I set a flight path but whatever I do it doesn’t follow the line connecting the waypoints and it just seems to go straight from “arrival” to “departure” waypoints.
  13. Yeah, that was incredible. I’m watching now a basic IFR and Auto Pilot on the G1000 GPS by Brady Skye and it’s good, but there are some things he doesn’t explain what they do. I have a couple of other ones lined up that hopefully can explain not only the buttons and such but what do the references and terms mean etc.
  14. Appreciated. I’m checking a variety of auto pilot tutorials as I’m trying to learn the G1000.
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