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  1. I wasn't try to point out that BC is not needed by people though, I was replying to the argument that because we now have huge digital libraries, BC is essential.
  2. None of us will ever play our backlog. Unless we decide to die doing it. BC is a good thing to have, there is no question about it. But it is really not a necessary factor for a console to be successful or not. Although Microsoft is trying to actually make the case.
  3. It won't be. 1080p/60 is being the baseline for two generations now and we still rarely get it.
  4. Probably, because we always say "oh, 60 fps are coming" but they never do. Devs keep 30s for more eye candy.
  5. You got the CORRECT ending.
  6. I guess that is the reason for the warning: they are too important/fun to miss.
  7. Well, all the companion quests become unavailable for starters: Letho, Keira, Triss, Zoltan, Roche, etc. Some of them get blocked and others simply have less options to follow. There may be more but I don't remember specifics.
  8. That is only there to warn you that many NPC quests become unavailable after that, which is true.
  9. You are right there but only when it comes to the sense of continuation. HoS is so strong that it will literally deflate the main story and your sense of urgency if you do it before. It is a risk.
  10. The question marks, random npc quests, bandit camps, lairs, etc are what you find in other games as well: filler content for the player and an effort to make the world feel more alive. The real side quests are the main plot side quests and the contracts. Some of the best quests actually can be found in the contracts.
  11. For those "struggling" with the side content. Here is the recipe for success: For the first time I would suggest to follow the main story as it takes you and only do side quests if you need the money or simply if you are very close to one. Also, the main story is nicely gated behind the war and the Nilfgaard invasion and until you are able to cross into Novigrad, doing side quests fits perfectly with Geralt. He is a monster hunter after all, it's his job and this style also fits the books. Use level scaling so you don't have to worry of out-leveling the main quest. There are specific places where the storytelling is so incredible that you simply can't abandon it and do other things, at least not if you want to play it "properly'. Let the game lead you into those moments. Leave side content for the end. The world of W3 is designed to feel alive wherever you go and, actually, visiting villages for contracts after having finished the main quest gives you an incredible sense of place and nostalgia about...everything. Exploring a specific place actually after the end of the main quest is one of the most powerful moments in gaming history. Don't deny yourself this pleasure. Do not play Hearts of Stone or Blood and Wine before the end of the story. They are designed to be played after it and they work much better as extra 'Geralt chapters'. Don't feel like you have to complete everything in one go. Just play natural, be Geralt.
  12. Don't miss HD Reworked Project, Friendly HUD, Immersive Camera/Motion suite, No Dirty Lens effect and Map Quest Objectives. Feels like a totally different game sometimes with these, especially with the Friendly HUD. Being able to enjoy the glory of this game with a dynamic HUD is simply something that has to be experienced.
  13. What? She definitely does and also does a great little quest for him.
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