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  1. Thanks, I have some tinkering to do. Even though the SX version will be superior to my rig, I can’t wait any longer.
  2. So, it feels nice to be back after many years not playing FSX. It's certainly an achievement. Any recommendations for a GTX 1070? Game defaults to high end on 1080 but I have tried using my monitor's native 1440p and render down to 70, for example. Any tips on what is the best and which graphic settings can give me some more fps?
  3. Thanks, that's the thing, I wasn't getting the second option for some reason. I've restarted a couple of times and I got it.
  4. Hm, my first contact with this is becoming a mess. First, the tutorial is stuck, then when I choose 1080p everything becomes pixelated. I am using a 1440p monitor, could that be the reason? When I'm in windowed mode 1080p works fine.
  5. I have done it three times now, I am using an Elite controller. It shows the dpad directions to press, I do, and then nothing.
  6. I have started the tutorial in this but right from the bat it seems stuck. The instructor says to look right or left to test the cameras and such and after I do it, nothing else happens. Any ideas please?
  7. Yes. Initially it will get a version with better performance but the proper next gen patch is coming later. Buy the game and you will be able to play it’s best version for free no matter the console.
  8. Mainstream consumers don’t care about the details. What they do care is brand awareness and hearsay. If they listen or read on the internet that Microsoft has lied or they need to read an elaborate piece about the stages of ray tracing in order to decide on their purchase, Microsoft would have lost them.
  9. If the settings are different then the graphics will be different as well. It doesn’t matter much to the average consumer but you really don’t need negativity when launching a new product like this and especially when you have claimed as a company that the only difference will be the resolution. This whole things rests on the ability of the S to deliver what the SX delivers but for a non 4K. crowd.
  10. I assume that only means the 4K res, which would made sense since the S is not a 4K machine. The upscaler would work fine though, no?
  11. GamePass doesn't stop you from buying the games you really like. It just gives you the ability to play them for many, many months.
  12. Its fucking amazing. I'm off to selling my One X as we speak. An EA Play in the subscription? What the hell?
  13. I'm not down on it at all. I'm just not used to such amazing deals.
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