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    Games. And many more stuff. I particularly enjoy reading long books about story analysis, characterization, etc. Yup. My life is super interesting.

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  1. I have an issue which I can't solve. I live in Norway and no matter what I do I can't seem to be able to buy Splinter Cell: Blacklist. On the console its just reaches a weird screen and stops and on the PC it says I have no valid payment options. It prompts me to change payment options but then my only choice of location is the US. I have three totally valid payment options which work fine on anything else on the store. Can anyone help please?
  2. Jesus.. Have some mercy man, you bring me to my knees...
  3. Exactly. As a player you need the exhaustion, you need to not “care” any more, you need this to be over and see Ellie stop. That is why, for me, the fact that she doesn’t kill Abby is so important. It’s a huge risk to try to align the story to the players’ feelings at that moment but imo they pull it off.
  4. And yet without the Santa Barbara all those risks you say they took in the narrative are incomplete. I won’t deny that it needed stronger editing but not there imo. Santa Barbara is essential to Ellie’s journey and growth and without it we wouldn’t have the best moment in the game, which is the porch scene.
  5. I agree with that completely. The arcs of both characters cancel out each other's and also rebuild them. It is genius. Again.
  6. Oh yes, I had totally missed that. So many details in the storytelling of this game. Unbelievable stuff.
  7. I thought she could see it actually the moment she saw her? I have to revisit that.
  8. Does that matter for anything? Ellie could see she was pregnant, no?
  9. I actually thought the open world with the car was one of the highlights of the game and so different to what we are used to.
  10. The enveloping story has very little to do with revenge for either characters.
  11. I understand There is good stealth in this game for sure and I find it very enjoyable myself. I just wouldn’t put it up there with the best stealth games mainly because the design is so flat compared to them. Just a quick thought on the many ways you can stealth through a level or take down enemies in Conviction for example shows what I’m arguing I think.
  12. Hold your horses there just a tiny bit. I love the game but that is taking it a bit too far.
  13. You should really watch the kinda funny gamecast with Ashley, Neil and Troy.
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